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5 Best Books to Learn German (Super Easy)

Updated: 13. Apr, 2023

German is one of the most widely used languages in Europe. Unfortunately, German grammar is complex, inconsistent, and full of exceptions. However, you can quickly learn it if you have the right resources. Some of these resources include online or in-person German courses, podcasts, videos and audio files, mobile apps, blogs, vlogs, books, etc.

Irrespective of your reason for learning German, learning with books might be the key to taking your German learning to the next level. Therefore, if you want to learn the specifics, getting some books is a good idea. Books guide you on a discovery adventure in addition to teaching vocabulary. Naturally, textbooks will place a strong emphasis on reading and grammar. Also, many books include downloadable audio versions of the conversation.

It is simple to learn German if you set out a few hours each day to work on your grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and other language abilities. Then, as your proficiency level rises, it becomes simpler to carry on proficient discussions in the language.

Furthermore, the best books for learning German are portable for traveling, have great quizzes, and provide study aids for brushing up on your German. In this article, we will look at the best books you should consider using for learning German. 

5 Top Books to Learn German

There are several books for learning German. But we have selected the best for you. The  books below cover various sections to understanding a language. In addition, they are detailed enough to suit your language-learning needs.

501 German Verbs

Every language relies heavily on verbs. In addition, Germans are adamant about grammar accuracy, especially regarding appropriate verb conjugation. So, this book lists 501 verbs in German. These are the essential verbs you need to know in German. You should thus include it in your library of German books. 

German verb conjugation can be challenging due to the many intricate rules one must follow. This book teaches you how to use these important German verbs. You can conjugate additional German verbs by using your memorization of these verb tenses. Additionally, this book is a great resource because it thoroughly explains each conjugation, which helps readers understand how the language employs tenses.

501 German Verbs has updated examples of sentences using popular idioms to show verb use. Additionally, you can practice German conversational interaction, word completion, matching, and sentence completion online.

Hammer’s “German Grammar and Usage”

Since its first 1971 publication, this book has been recognized as one of the complete German grammatical information sources. It is currently in its sixth edition and has been revised to reflect recent developments in the German language.

For advanced pupils, Hammer’s “German Grammar and Usage” thoroughly teaches German grammar. This challenging textbook delves deeply into German grammar. So, you will be learning modern grammar rules since the grammatical examples are from modern German.

This book can help you want to write in German since it discusses spelling reform and contemporary spellings that have changed over time. Thanks to the book’s straightforward structure and explicit explanations, you can picture what you are reading in your head. In addition, it deconstructs frequent usage patterns so that you know the appropriate contexts for using certain phrases in formal and informal forms. 

The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, Write, and Understand Basic German in No Time

This Ed Swick book offers one of the greatest learning resources you can utilize if you are beginning your quest to learn the language. Overall, it encompasses a wider range of languages. However, it does provide you with the knowledge you now need as a beginner.

It has numerous features that make it a great point to start your German learning journey. First, it has audio content. This helps and teaches you how to pronounce words like native German speakers. Additionally, the book covers various principles, a fundamental introduction, and verb dialogue.

The book also exposes users to relevant cultural scenarios. Moreover, teenagers and adults can benefit from the book. It covers grammar basics, spelling, punctuation, and the proper linguistic structure for composing emails.

When using this book to learn German, you do not need to read the chapters in chronological sequence. This is because there are many references made to the previous chapter. This way, you can organize your study pattern on your terms.

Moreover, the book has numerous exercises and follow-up questions. Hence, you will be able to practice what you study. 

Café in Berlin

This is the first in a collection of short tales created specifically for learners of German. The nicest part is that it’s written for adults, so the tales are exciting and engaging.

The series’ protagonist is Dino. Dino is an Italian guy who recently arrived in Berlin. The book dwells on his adventures as he relocates to a new location in each book, makes new acquaintances, does odd jobs, and generally tries to learn the language and experience German culture, which are fascinating and sometimes humorous.

The book’s engaging narrative lines and controversies make the reader ponder how he would manage his language skills and learn to live in a foreign nation without his family, friends, and familiar surroundings.

Each chapter has a dictionary of relevant terms and expressions underlined, along with a few comprehension problems. Additionally, you can take advantage of audiobook work and alternatives. Finally, each book in the series takes up a new layer of complexity. 

German All-in-One for Dummies

The “German All-in-One For Dummies” book is a combination of all the books in the  German For Dummies series. Furthermore, it includes “German For Dummies Audio Set,” “German Phrases For Dummies,” “Intermediate German For Dummies,” and “German Essentials For Dummies.”

It is a 720-page long book with an audio CD. Also, the book’s CD assists you in learning accurate word pronunciation. The CD contains a collection of more than 25 audio files. It offers extra chances for speaking practice and additional grammatical and usage information to help you speak and use German like a native speaker.

You can learn more typical German phrases in addition to the intricacies of German grammar. The grammar segment begins with the fundamentals before progressively introducing parts of speech and sentence structure. The book also discusses how to conjugate German verbs with nouns and pronouns.

The 2-part verbs portion of this book is another intriguing piece. It demonstrates how to utilize them correctly to a novice. Additionally, there are verb tables within that cover a variety of German conjugating verbs.

Finally, the section on short stories is a great resource for helping you learn, understand, and remember the content you are learning. Just like everything else, perfecting anything takes practice. 


There are many ways one can learn German. Books remain one of the most popular ways people choose to learn German. It is pleasant and calming to read text on a page.

So, if you are serious about learning German with a book, you should consider the books on our list above. Then, you can set aside 30 or 60 minutes daily, at your desk or on your sofa, to study the lovely German language.

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