Lingopie Review: A Complete Guide (for 2023)

Updated: 05. Mar, 2023

Lingopie is similar to Netflix; the only difference is that you learn a new language while watching TV. The language learning app has a wide selection of shows and podcasts in all the available languages. Movies are sure to provide memorable contexts for people to remember easily. They bring you closer to creating a lasting memory of important language content. Besides movies being fun to watch, they can also make your learning experience more effective. When you learn a new language by watching shows, you are likelier to succeed even when it seems difficult.

With these many benefits, why not combine your love for watching videos with the desire to learn a new language? With Lingopie, you can watch content in any language of your choice. It could also be podcasts, books, and shows that allow you to immerse yourself in your target native content. Lingopie is a language learning app that allows you to do all this. This Lingopie review explains all you need to know about the learning platform, its features, and its cost.

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What is Lingopie?

Lingopie is a language learning platform ideal for intermediate and advanced language learners. This platform will help improve your language reading, writing, and listening skills. The learning app is designed with an excellent interface for watching video content, mostly entertainment. These videos come with or without subtitles and closed captions.

The language app is sort of similar to Netflix. How is that? Once you log in to the app, you can browse through a wide variety of shows in any language of your choice. Some content categories include documentaries, beginner-friendly shows, new releases, and many more. Again, the app layout is similar to that of Netflix, which makes it easier to navigate.

Screenshots of Lingopie learning experience

The platform can help you improve your language skills irrespective of your level. As a beginner or advanced learner, there is always something you’ll like or add to your language journey. Several features on this app make the platform accessible to learners of different levels.

Free trial
Learning structure
Learning through experience – Lessons are taught through video watching for context and reading along with native speakers.
Oral learning
Avaliable on devices
iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android
Recommended for
Intermediate and advanced learners who want to improve their language skills by watching TV and movies

Lingopie Price

Lingopie subscription plans

Lingopie subscription cost varies depending on the type you want. Lingopie’s monthly subscription costs about $12.00, while the yearly subscription costs about $67.00. If you choose the annual subscription, the monthly cost will be $5.60, which is a discount of 55%. However, if you decide to share an account with multiple persons, you can get Lingopie’s family plan. Lingopie’s family plan costs about $99.00 per year, which is $8.25 per month, and allows four persons to use the same account.

However, some people like to think that the monthly price is relatively on the high side, though the yearly cost is fair. Most language learning apps will charge similar fees for the services offered. Some more expensive language learning apps with more advanced features. Compared to other competitors, Lingopie’s price is quite far and offers a lot of value for its subscription.

Free Trial

If you wish to try out the Lingopie app before subscribing, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. The platform offers a free trial and gives full access to all of its content for every language available. So, you can take advantage of all Lingopie’s features as this will give you a clear view of the learning platform. After the free trial, you should be able to decide whether or not the platform is the right choice for you.

Getting Started

Lingopie is different from other language learning platforms that put you on a placement test before fixing you on a particular level. There is no placement test or guidance on where to begin your language journey. You can decide to watch any videos you want in any order you choose. You can also choose to change languages at any time, stop a video anytime and resume when you log in again.

The video content on this platform is simply entertainment such as TV shows or movies rather than lessons. Lingopie also has documentary-style content and instructional content like yoga classes. The app’s design makes it very easy and enjoyable to use.

Screenshots of some of Lingopie features.

Learning with Lingopie

Lingopie has much to offer anyone desiring to pick up a new language. There are short videos from different animated series, international film festivals, full-length videos, and many more. When watching a video on this app, you can choose to show closed captions in your target language. You can also choose whether to add subtitles or not. All you have to do is click on any unfamiliar word, and a pop-up card displays the word’s translation. The translation automatically gets saved on a personalized flashcard you go through later for practice.  

Alternatively, a dialogue script appears on the right side of the screen. It automatically scrolls down as you watch the video. You can also click any line on the script to jump to any part of the video. Finally, when you maximize the video player, the script disappears.

What are the Features?

When you subscribe to the Lingopie platform, you get to watch different video content and practice what you have learned. A few features are pretty cool and make the language learning app exceptional. Lingopie may not be the best language learning app, but it offers some exciting features for learners. Let’s quickly have a closer look at the features of this learning platform.

Screenshots of some of Lingopie features.

Discovering Content

Once you decide which of the eight Languages you would like to learn, you can search for that language’s content. Lingopie has organized multimedia content that is divided into different groups and categorized based on genre, level, theme, duration, and video type. You can also swipe and scroll in the app’s easy carousel-style layout.

The videos are not academic lectures. Instead, they are TV shows and films people love to watch. There is plenty of video in every category, so you can search for the type, country of origin, runtime, and genre. This is the main feature that Lingopie offers. You can also search for podcasts in popular languages such as Spanish.

When you are on the app, you have the option to keep watching the show you started the last time. However, if you want to watch something new, you can also scroll through other categories. These other categories include New Releases, Viewers’ Choice, and Popular Now. The platform also shows you the country while you are scrolling. This option is helpful, especially if your language has different accents and dialects.

Built-In Playback

After choosing something you want to watch, you just need to click on it and enjoy your content. This language app differs from other learning apps as you can customize your viewing experience. For example, you get to choose which subtitles you want to be displayed by toggling English and your language choice on and off. You can always rewind or fast forward to any captions if you hear something and want to practice more.

A practice comprehension feature also puts captions on repeat to allow you to practice the captions. The “learn to pronounce” feature allows users to practice pronouncing the captions. The best part of the feature is the level setting. It doesn’t matter what you are watching; you can constantly adjust it to your level by speeding up or slowing down. This feature is helpful for both beginners and intermediate language learners.

Scripts and Subtitles

The subtitles on this app are pretty standard and solid. In addition to the subtitles available, you can also choose to go along with the script of the video you are watching. You can also use two subtitles simultaneously to understand the meaning of the words you hear. The subtitles can either be original language, target language, or both.  

There is also a mashup segment that mixes native and English subtitles while highlighting the word for you to learn. This mashup helps you know the correct pronunciation and improve your reading and listening skills. The scripts and subtitles feature are also suitable for remembering what the characters in the videos already said.


When you are on the app learning, and there’s a word or phrase you do not understand while watching a video, you can click on it in the subtitles. Then, Lingopie will show the word’s translation and audio pronunciation. In addition, for any word you click, Lingopie automatically creates a flashcard for the words. So, when you are done watching the videos, you can study the words again using flashcards.

Flashcards are essential because they can help you remember everything you have learned. With this flashcard feature, you can learn, revise and practice every word or phrase you have learned earlier. There are word lists and games to gamifying your learning. You can also track your progress to see how far you have gone. Knowing your current skills and where you are lagging boosts your confidence and also assists you in focusing on your weaknesses.

One-on-One Tutor

Since the pandemic, many opportunities for online language tutoring have opened for many people. So, Lingopie has taken advantage of this opportunity and introduced one-on-one online teaching in different languages. You can learn any language based on your schedule and pick a teacher you are comfortable with on the app.

The language tutors on the app make their profiles and choose their rates. The tutors also set the time that suits them to have the language lessons. While some tutors give free first class, others offer discounts for their students.

Lingopie offers 1-on-1 private tutoring.

What are The Languages Available?

Lingopie learning platform offers incredible English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and Japanese content. Another outstanding feature of this platform is that you gain full access to all languages when you sign up. This means that you get more value for your subscription. However, the content for each language differs from the other. So, let’s quickly take a closer look at each language and what Lingopie offers.


Spanish is one of the most sought-for languages after French to learn. Lingopie has much Spanish content for learners. Besides the TV shows and videos in Spanish, you can also listen to Spanish-language podcasts. Lingopie also offers short films, documentaries, and kids’ shows. Another exciting part of Lingopie Spanish content is that it comes from all over the world. This means you can find content from Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries.


Lingopie offers a lot of French content, ranging from short dramas and shows to sci-fi videos and cartoons. However, all of the French content comes from France. So, if your language goal is to learn a different variation, such as Belgian or Canadian French, Lingopie might not be the right option. Still, it is one the best learning platform to completely immerse yourself in French and practice while listening to native French speakers.


The German content on this platform includes historical moments, nature, and adventure animation. However, there are not many shows and movies in other languages like French and Spanish. Still, Lingopie will help you improve your German comprehension skills (reading, writing, and listening).


Unlike German content on Lingopie, there is Italian content for everyone. Lingopie has Italian content ranging from food and nature to series and comedies. There are a few Italian TV shows for language beginners as well. Using Lingopie to learn German is an excellent way to learn how Italians speak. This is because the shows and movies on the platform are recent collections. In addition, Lingopie offers more Italian content compared to other language learning platforms.


Like other languages on this platform, there’s also an impressive amount of Portuguese content. The Portuguese content is suitable for both European and Brazilian Portuguese learners. Most of the video content is from Portugal, but there is also a good selection of content from Brazil. When it comes to learning Portuguese, Lingopie stands out from other competitors. This is because the platform has a whole section dedicated to Brazilian culture content. Most learning platforms would not include this, but you can get this easily and definitely for a reasonable price. So, if you are a Portuguese language beginner, the app can help you improve your conversational skill really fast.


Although there might not be enough Russian content on Lingopie, it is definitely worth trying out. Most of the Russian content on the app is in the war, drama, and crime genres. However, you should already be familiar with the Russian alphabet before using the Lingopie app. This is because the scripts and subtitles on the app use the alphabet.  

Lingopie Compared to Other Language Apps

Lingopie is an excellent way to learn how native speakers of your preferred language actually speak. This is because the movies and shows keep you engaged while you learn. One of the best features of this language app is the flashcards that are automatically created from each movie or show subtitles. However, there are other great alternatives to this language app that also offers unique features. Based on this review, you will discover how Lingopie stacks up to the competition. The review will give you a similar or different rating to help you compare better. So, let’s get on with it. 

Lingopie Mondly LinguaLift Duolingo Pimsleur
Price $12.00 $9.99 $19.99 Free $14.95 – $19.95/month
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learning structure Learning through experience – Lessons are taught through video watching for context and reading along with native speakers. Short and simple lessons with a focus on specific topics Lessons are based on specially designed hybrid innovative language learning Combination of gamification with learning science Short audio lessons and reading exercises
Languages 6 41 5 35 50
Oral learning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avaliable on devices iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android Android, iOS, Windows, Mac iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Ranking #17 #11 #16 #1 #19
Recommended for Intermediate and advanced learners who want to improve their language skills by watching TV and movies Beginners wanting to achieve low intermediate People looking for a personalized language learning but looking for the freedom to study independently People looking for a free language app to supplement other resources People wanting to learn on the go


Learning a new language can sometimes be challenging. Lingopie stands out from the crowd by teaching these languages in a fun way and using interactive videos on its platform. With the videos, you can learn new things about your target language while getting entertained. Besides the easy-to-use interface on the app, there is a lot of content for various languages. In addition, there are many features that language learners can explore as they go through their language learning journey. Lingopie is designed to help you practice and improve your language skills rather than learn from scratch. 

Lingopie Review – FAQ

Is Lingopie available on Smartphones?

Lingopie is available on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. There is also a web version of Lingopie.

What languages are available on Lingopie?

Lingopie offers content in about seven languages. These languages include French, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, German, Italian, and Spanish.

What methods does Lingopie use to teach languages?

Lingopie uses TV shows, Movies, documentaries, and short films with scripts and subtitles.

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