Mondly Review: A Complete Guide (for 2023)

Updated: 05. Mar, 2023

Instead of the traditional approach to learning a new language with classes and textbooks, Mondly launched a better idea. Mondly makes learning a new language fun and engaging by gamifying the learning experience. Learning new things, especially a foreign language, can sometimes be frustrating with zero fun. Therefore, playing a game as a form of learning and competing with friends drives engagement.

Mondly’s language learning app helps learners learn a new language by improving their writing, reading, listening, and reading skills. Mondly uses technology such as chatbots, VR, and AR to teach languages. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Mondly.

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What is Mondly?

Before deciding on a good language learning app, ensure it meets the essential criteria. First, it must have the language they wish to study. Secondly, the language app must give you a satisfactory learning experience. Mondly is a language learning app that offers many languages for anyone hoping to grab a new language. It is also an ideal study aid to help reinforce basic words and concepts you picked up in your language learning journey.

Mondly has different levels like beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular language learning apps available. Mondly has over 80 million users with over one million reviews. The learning app has different products to cater to people irrespective of their age group. Mondly has learning options for kids, adults, schools, and even businesses.

Rosetta Stone has a vast option of lessons. Here you can see screenshot of some of them.

As a beginner using the app for the first time, you would notice the huge focus on technology. Mondly looks and works innovatively. Mondly apps also incorporate virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into language learning. It is the ideal language app for beginners because it focuses on basic vocabulary. It also builds up learners’ language skills in a natural progression.

However, the app is ineffective for advanced learners as the vocabulary and language structures are similar for all levels. On the other hand, there are many exciting features included in its premium version.

Free trial
Learning structure
Short and simple lessons with a focus on specific topics
Oral learning
Avaliable on devices
iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android
Recommended for
Beginners wanting to achieve intermediate knowledge of languages

Mondly Price

Subscription plans on Mondly

There are different subscriptions you can choose from on the Mondly app. However, the longer the subscription, the cheaper the price. For example, on Mondly, a monthly subscription costs about $9.99, and you gain access to one language. On the other hand, a 12-months subscription costs about $47.99, and you gain access to one language as well. In addition, you can opt for a lifetime subscription that costs about $89.99. A lifetime subscription gives you full access to all 41 languages on Mondly.

The prices set are absolutely fair based on the benefits and the lessons you get at the end of the course. However, if you plan to use the app for only a few months, then the monthly subscription is ideal for you. But if you plan to use the language app for a long time, then the yearly or lifetime subscription is your best option.

Mondly Free Trial

If you are not convinced enough about the app being your best option, you can use it for free for seven days. You will have full access to all the features during the free trial. The trial lasts about seven days, and you can choose if you want to enter your credit card information. However, if you choose not to type in your credit card information, there are still free daily lessons to try out.

Mondly Discount

As a premium subscriber on Mondly, you can enjoy some pretty cool discounts. These discounts apply to users whose friends or families are Mondly users as well. in addition, if you add an extra account, you will pay $15.99 per month, which is 27% off. However, when you add three additional accounts, you will pay $27.99 monthly, which is a 37% discount. Finally, when you add about five or more accounts, you pay $35.99 per month, which is 48% off the actual price. There are also several Mondly discounts that run throughout the year.

Getting Started on Mondly

Beginning your language learning journey on Mondly is relatively straightforward. First, you can download it for free; creating an account will only take a few minutes. Then, once you choose your target language, you can begin your language learning journey. Mondly offers learners over 33 languages and includes even less-common languages such as Thai, Urdu, and Polish.

When you sign up on Mondly, you can begin doing exercises immediately in your target language. Before you start your lessons, you can indicate your learning level, such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Unlike other language learning apps, you do not have to go through a placement test. Once you begin your classes, stick with the app, and you will be able to track your progress.

Screenshots of Mondly learning experience

Learning Structure

Mondly’s home screen looks like a side-scrolling landscape and a map with landmarks set along paths. These landmarks indicate the different sets of exercises that you can do on various themes. Mondly allows users to jump to whichever module they want at any time. Each landmark has lessons and consists of six to eight classes. However, you can choose to skip tasks or do them in order.

There is a module on the left side of the map labeled Daily lesson. Inside this module, you are introduced to a new lesson daily. Completing this lesson takes about eight hours, and you have a calendar view to keep track of your progress. However, if you miss a day, you can always go back and practice the exercise you missed. However, you can not skip ahead of any lesson.

Learning Experience

Mondly has many exercises that help you improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. For example, sometimes, you must listen to a sentence in your target language and write the sentences with words from a word bank. Other times, you only need to type or translate what you hear in English.

There is also a voice recognition tool on Mondly for speaking. However, you have to hold down the microphone icon while you talk. The app also has exercises designed to get you to speak. The first is Conversations, and the second is Chatbot. In Conversations, a statement or question is displayed and then read out as well. Now, you must record yourself using voice recognition, saying the words on the screen. This exercise is meant to help you improve on pronunciation.

A screnshot of the Mondly learning experience.

The second exercise is the Chatbot, designed to coax you into generating language. You hear a comment or a question, and you have to respond immediately. The app shows you a collection of correct responses, and you can choose what you want to say. Since all the suggested responses are correct, you are not really generating language. For example. If the question is “What would you like for dinner?” you can choose to answer with, “I’d like pasta with cheese,” or “I’d like some snacks.” The app displays all the answers and plays them for you.

Free Version vs Premium

If you are a fresh Mondly user, you will notice the huge difference between its free and premium features. If you use Mondly free version, you can only complete one daily lesson and one Chatbot conversation. You will also have access to the first language unit of your choice and one vocabulary section. However, you will not be able to select the topics or the level of the words you wish to learn.

In addition, the exercises in the free daily lessons are also similar to the ones in the Mondly premium version. However, it is always good to try out the free version first to get a feel of the premium version.

Premium features

When you subscribe to Mondly, you enjoy the remarkable premium features. There are many reasons to choose a premium subscription, especially if you wish to learn for a long time. These benefits include different topics such as grammar, banking, entertainment, romance, and pets. In addition, a premium subscription also offers an offline mode and a hands-free option to keep learning on the go.

For premium subscribers, there are some courses for some professions like restaurant staff, healthcare professionals, shop assistants, flight attendants, and hotel receptionists. In essence, a Mondly subscription has the following features:

  • Over 250m lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.
  • Over 30 vocabulary-building lessons.
  • Access to Mondly AR, VR apps, and Mondly kids.
  • 33 chatbot conversations to improve listening skills.
  • Speech recognition feature to improve your pronunciation.
  • Grammar and conjugation tables for improving fluent speaking.


When you subscribe to Mondly Premium, you gain access to various activities to learn about different topics. Although the lessons can be slow and repetitive sometimes, they are short and straightforward to complete. You can also move from topic to topic quickly, which encourages engagement. Mondly lessons are standard as any language learning app lesson should be. They are best for beginners and intermediate language learners.

Chatbot Conversations

Another exciting premium feature is the chatbot conversation that Mondly offers. Once you finish lessons on each topic, you can move ahead to complete a chatbot conversation. This helps you practice using your newly-learned vocabulary in full conversations. The conversations are quite interesting, with a lot of help and guidance. In addition, you can choose your responses from a list of multiple choices displayed on the screen.

In addition, after listening to the audio, you voice out the response using Mondly’s speech recognition feature. Like the lessons, the chatbot conversations are constructive for beginners and intermediate users. The conversations usually have exciting topics such as learning to make new friends or making an appointment at the doctor’s office.

Mondly offers chatbot conversations.

VR App

Mondly is the first among other popular language apps to offer its users virtual reality (VR). The app provides an immersive learning experience by using chatbots and speech recognition. You can download the VR through Steam or Oculus. However, you will need a VR headset to access the content. In addition, only 30 of the 41 languages are available on the VR app.

The VR app is designed to complement all you have learned on the app and not replace it. Therefore, the topics on the VR app are similar to the ones on the Mondly app, such as making an order or making an appointment with a doctor.

AR App

The AR app is another premium feature on the Mondly premium version. However, the augmented reality on Mondly is the first that really incorporates augmented technology. This seems to be a new technological trend in the digital world and is also used in learning languages.

How does AR work on Mondly? The app uses your phone camera and overlays digital animations on top of it. Another exciting thing about Mondly AR is that you don’t have to be super tech-savvy to use it. It is very easy to use and absolutely user-friendly. The Mondly AR app has about ten different lessons that you can complete currently. Like the regular Mondly lessons, they are easy to understand.

Kids App

The Kids’ app is another addition that premium subscribers enjoy on Mondly. There are a lot of kids’ language apps available to download. Creating a kid’s account on Mondly is similar to the regular Mondly app. Once you sign up, you can choose your native language and any other language of your choice. The Mondly kids’ app is ideal for preschool and school-aged children.

The language options on the Mondly kids’ app are quite similar to other Mondly apps. You also have similar topics and activities on the Mondly kids’ app. However, the design is the only difference between the kids’ app and the usual Mondly app.

Conjugation and Grammar Tables

Another helpful feature on Mondly Premium is grammar and conjugation tables. Learning verb conjugation in another language can be challenging. However, Mondly’s grammar and conjugation tables make it easier. The tables display the conjugation in your native language and any language of your choice.

Furthermore, you can also listen to the words’ pronunciation and scroll through the different tenses to familiarize yourself with the conjugations. You can also access the conjugation tables by clicking on the lessons’ verbs. This helps you practice the tenses with different conjugations.


A monthly subscription on Mondly gets you to access only one language. However, you can access all 41 languages with a lifetime subscription. Every language course has the same topics. The topics for each language are also taught similarly, though grammar varies with languages. Let’s take a quick look into some of the languages.


Arabic courses on Mondly teach helpful phrases and are ideal for beginners. However, the course is more effective for learners already familiar with the Arabic alphabet. The Arabic course also includes a switch that you can toggle back and forth between the phonetic pronunciation and Arabic alphabets. As a result, Mondly is one of the best apps for learning Arabic.


The Spanish course on Mondly is a solid and good choice for beginners and intermediate learners. The app highlights the importance of accents, making it a good fit for beginners.


Like the Arabic course on Mondly, the toggle switch allows learners to go back and forth between phonetic spellings and Japanese alphabets. As a result, the app is helpful for learning important Japanese phrases, especially for beginners.

Mondly Compared to Other Language Apps

Mondly is a well-developed language app that helps you learn a new language by improving your speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. What makes Mondly unique is the use of advanced technology like AR, VR and chatbots. However, like every other language app, Mondly’s price is competitive with other apps but it definitely worth it especially if you are a beginner. This review will help you discover how Mondly compares to other language apps. You will get to compare the features, rating and ranking that makes Mondly’s alternatives unique. So, if you are ready to discover other alternatives, you should check out this list. 

Mondly Duolingo Lingualift Pimsleur Lingopie
Price $9.99 Free $19.99 $19.95 – $20.95/monthly $12.00
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learning structure Short and simple lessons with a focus on specific topics Combination of gamification with learning science Lessons are based on specially designed hybrid innovative language learning Short audio lessons and reading exercises Learning through experience –
Languages 41 35 5 50 6
Oral learning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avaliable on devices iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android Android, iOS, Windows, Mac iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Ranking #1 #19
Recommended for Beginners wanting to achieve low intermediate People looking for a free language app to supplement other resources People looking for a personalized language learning but looking for the freedom to study independently People who prefer audio-based content Intermediate and advanced learners prefer watching TV and movies


With a premium subscription, Mondly is definitely a great language learning app for beginners and intermediate learners. The Mondly kids’ app, VR, AR, and other features make it worth a try. The lessons on Mondly range from basic vocabulary to job-specific courses. The courses are short, engaging, and straightforward. Combining the gamified learning experience and affordable premium version, Mondly is definitely a fun and interesting app. The app’s learning experience keeps you coming back for more each day.

Mondly Review – FAQ

Can I become fluent with Mondly?

Mondly offers a lot of topics with a wide range of vocabulary. Therefore, it is not great for mastering a language but is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners.

Is Mondly free?

Mondly has a free and paid version. However, the free version has limited features.

Is Mondly an effective language app?

Mondly app is designed with many exciting features that make it a good language learning app. Hence, it is a good, fun, and engaging language learning app.

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