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5 Best Books to Learn Spanish (Super Easy)

Updated: 22. Feb, 2023

If you want to learn Spanish, and you do not have a wealth of time to enroll in a school or even the money to spend, you can still learn the language. Alternative ways of learning Spanish include watching movies, listening to radio stations and podcasts, language-learning apps, etc.

But if you want to go the old-fashioned way, books are the best! Spanish learning books come in the form of textbooks, manuals, novels, etc.

Several books are used all over the globe in classrooms and homes to teach and learn Spanish. However, these books are best suitable for different learners at different levels. Hence, you need to ensure that you get the best if you want to learn Spanish.

The right books provide the theoretical background in grammar and verb conjugations. In addition, such books ought to offer you multiple exercises to practice what you have learned.

5 Top Books to Learn Spanish

So are you ready to begin your journey of learning Spanish with a book? We created a list of the best books you should look out for. These books offer value for your time and resources. So why don’t you check them out?

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish by Margarita Madrigal

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish is a perfect option for beginners. You won’t find a better book for self-studying the Spanish language than this one.

This book was first released in 1953. Since it came out many years ago, some of the themes presented may no longer be relevant. Nonetheless, the book is still helpful for anyone looking to get a foothold in the Spanish language. It’s a fantastic resource that has been invaluable to Spanish language students for decades.

Madrigal’s book places a huge emphasis on bridging the language gap between Spanish and English. So, the book is very clear and easy to understand. The book’s format is straightforward, and there is a lack of fluff. In addition it streamlines the learning process by removing unnecessary steps.

One of its most valuable aspects is the book’s exercises that effortlessly combine vocabulary and develop conversational abilities. Margarita Madrigal created a book that would make learning Spanish enjoyable while still focusing on the essentials of communicating well in the language

However, it takes time to get into verb conjugations. Unlike other Spanish textbooks, the author starts with the past tense rather than the present. 

Practice Makes Perfect: Book Series

This series includes books such as “Beginner Spanish,” “Complete Spanish Grammar,” “Spanish Verb Tenses,” “Spanish Conversation,” “Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions,” and “Complete Spanish All-in-One.”

“Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish” covers the basics of the language, including grammar, verb tenses, common phrases, and more for beginners. In addition to the book’s text, several supplementary materials are available to the reader, such as audio recordings and downloadable flashcards. The exercises also come with a solution manual. And the topics are concise, so you will not get bogged down in unnecessary grammatical details.

You can use the information in “Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Conversation” to practice and perfect your spoken Spanish in everyday situations. At the beginning of each chapter is a conversation, and at the end are activities where you may apply what you have learned. It includes advice on pronouncing words, using them correctly, and naturally expressing yourself.

With “Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Spanish Grammar,” you can quickly advance from intermediate to advanced proficiency. You get to learn grammar, idioms, etc. so, the more sophisticated grammatical structures and idioms you master, the closer you are attaining proficiency. 

Easy Spanish Phrase Book

The “Easy Spanish Phrase Book” is a best-seller since it includes more than 700 useful phrases. Any learner of Spanish would benefit from perusing this book from Pablo Garcia Loaeza and get a feel of how to use the Spanish language.

The Easy Spanish Phrase book was created to serve as a short study aid or reference manual. Travelers will appreciate the compact format of Easy Spanish Phrase Book. However, you don’t have to be a tourist to benefit from a phrasebook like this.

You can easily access commonly used expressions anytime you need them. You can find useful words for all situations, whether you need to make a hotel reservation, rent a vehicle, start a conversation, or ask for aid in a foreign country. Thus, you would not need any other after this one.

Finally, this book is great as a portable reference book, similar to a dictionary you can have on hand and quickly peruse whenever you need it. It also includes a pronunciation guide to help you say the words correctly. 

Barron’s 501 Spanish Verbs

The title of this best-selling reference book accurately describes its contents: it contains the 501 most often used Spanish verbs. In addition, it covers 15 moods and tenses of the Spanish language, so you should be able to carry on almost any discussion after reading this book.

The verbs and their English translations are given alphabetically, with one verb per page. In addition, the book includes common verbs, idiomatic expressions, exercises, and solutions.

Furthermore, the introduction discusses the various tenses and when to apply them. It then smoothly transitions into teaching you a variety of verbs you can use in various contexts and tenses.

Additionally, the book provides some online supplementary content. This includes various activities with solutions, such as listening comprehension, sentence completion, conversation, word completion, word search, and matching exercises.

Moreover, you can download numerous audio contents to enhance your understanding of the Spanish language in a variety of contexts. 

Intermediate Spanish for Dummies

This book is a fantastic option for beginners since it covers various topics in each chapter. “Intermediate Spanish for Dummies” aims to improve your writing abilities, increase your vocabulary, and master new conjugations. In addition, it is perfect for anybody who has previously studied Spanish since it includes a quick refresher on fundamental Spanish to get you back on track.

“Spanish for Dummies” has a simple layout. However, it readily emphasizes certain sections by making them bold or italic. The book creators made learning Spanish less complicated by using tables, symbols, and cartoons. It is filled with real-world examples and knowledge-testing tasks. Furthermore, the book’s exercises provide you with practice as you study.

There are 21 chapters and a few appendices in the Spanish for Dummies book. Although not a traditional language book, the content is organized progressively, with more challenging examples and topics as you advance.

Finally, this book is designed to help you improve your conversational abilities. The printed edition comes with a CD, including listening exercises. Moreover, the book’s appendices provide additional tools, including dictionaries, reference sheets, answer keys, and verb tables. 


If you are a book lover or prefer learning new things with books, then you can learn Spanish with a book. All these aforementioned books will ease your journey in learning Spanish. You just have to choose the one that best suits you. After that, you can build a periodic and continuous study schedule. 

However, it might take a while before you grasp what you are studying and learning. But just keep practicing what you are learning. Reading and studying alone will not increase your Spanish fluency. 

So, you can find a Spanish speaker online or offline, to make practicing easier. Do not forget to attempt the book’s exercises. Then, in no time, you will be a fluent Spanish speaker.

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