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5 Best Movies to Learn English

Updated: 16. Jan, 2023

When it comes to learning English, you have to guarantee your constant exposure to the language. However, learning a new language is easier when you are more relaxed and enjoying yourself. So, what better way to achieve this than watching movies and updating your vocabulary? In addition to getting familiar with different English accents, you will also get clear insights into the cultures of the language you are learning.

The English language is a global language with high value, and it is possible to learn it by watching movies. A lot of people get exposed to media content on a daily basis, so why not learn a thing or two while doing it? Watching movies is an effective and fun way to improve your English skills. From immersing yourself in 19th Century movies to experiencing modern superheroes movies, English films will definitely give you a chance to experience the language as it is spoken in reality.

In this article, we review five of the best movies to learn English. These movies are effective and entertaining.

Why Should You Use Movies to Learn English?

Watching movies is more entertaining and fun than studying English with a textbook. It can be educational and exciting as well. Below are some advantages of watching English movies to learn and improve your skills.

Auditory Learning from English Speakers

First, while textbooks are excellent for learning grammar and vocabulary, nothing beats listening to real native English speakers. When you watch British and American movies, you get to listen to the actors speaking English naturally. By watching movies, you will learn modern English and learn to sound like a native English speaker in terms of style and vocabulary.

Learn Pronunciation

Not knowing the right pronunciation for English words is challenging. However, when you hear native speakers in movies, you will learn to pronounce these words correctly. In addition, movie dialogues can also provide excellent examples of how English words actually sound. 

Better Retention 

Most times, when we are learning from textbooks, it can be difficult to remember what a word means or how it is used. On the other hand, in movies, these words are used as part of the plot and the story can help you remember the usage effectively.

Learn Different English Accents

There are several English accents across Britain and America. So, when you watch movies, you will hear many accents, which can help you understand English better. Using textbooks alone cannot provide the information you want about English accents. Finally, watching English movies can help you learn the culture behind the global language. The close connection between language and culture underscores the importance of this fact.

Top Five Movies to Learn English

There are different English movies out there, and choosing one to learn English can be challenging. So, you can check out our top five list of English classics for learning the language. We have movies from different genres. Dig in!

Toy Story

Toy Story is an animated movie but an excellent film to improve your English. Since the movie is aimed at children, the vocabulary is quite simple and clear. However, Toy Story is written so that adults find it interesting and fun as well. The movie even includes subtle humor that children might not understand.

Toy Story is one of the most successful animated stories of all time as the movie is action-packed with colorful masterpieces and tells a story about the secret life of toys. These toys come alive when no one is around them and also focus on friends as they paddle through a different adventure together.

One of the many reasons the movie is a good movie to help you learn English is because it is engaging. Also, since the movie is meant for kids, the English words are really basic and easy to understand, even for English beginners.

The King’s Speech

What better way to update your English vocabulary than with the King of England? When the movie was released in 2010, it was one of the biggest movies of the year. It tells the story of King George as he tries to overcome his stuttering condition before his very first wartime radio broadcast.

If you love British English, this is a good movie to help you improve your British pronunciation because the movie focuses on how to speak English properly. However, the language structure in this movie is more complicated than in Toy Story. This means that the movie is for adults and anyone wanting to add more English words to their vocabulary.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one movie everyone loves and one of England’s greatest treasures. The story revolves around Harry Potter, a teenage boy who is also a wizard. The movie is a must-watch for anyone learning English or looking to improve their English skills. The main characters in the movie go to a magical school, and there are a lot of magical adventures to enjoy. Harry Potter’s wizardry world has its own history and animals and uses basic English and magical language, which the author made up.

The first two Harry Potter movies were produced for younger audiences, so the dialogue is quite easy and slow to understand. The movie is interesting to watch and easy to understand. You will also be able to pick new English words relating to family, school, and also non-fiction words. 

Gosford Park

This period genre is another effective way to learn English. The movie was set in the Victorian era, and there wasn’t any modern slang in that era. So, the cast spoke pure and unadulterated English in the movie. 

Gosford Park is a mystery movie written by Julian Fellowes and focuses on a group of wealthy Britons and their servants. Both the Britons and servants became entangled in a murder investigation after an evening party. The movie is regarded as one of the best 21st-century movies and has won the Academy Award for best screenplay.

Love Actually

Love Actually is a romantic comedy that looks at eight different stories about love, all set in London. A lot of people prefer to see this movie in the winter because it is a Christmas movie. Love Actually can help you learn several English accents, as there are lots of characters with different accents. In addition, if you love to watch romantic movies, then this film is a great option to help you learn English.


Textbooks will teach you sentence structures and grammar, but not accents and tone. So, watching movies is a great idea for learning and brushing up on your English while relaxing and having fun. 

When you watch movies with the aim of learning, your learning process won’t be boring anymore. Of course, you can use subtitles if you want. This will prevent you from always looking up translations, as this can prevent you from enjoying the movie.

Finally, do not forget to memorize the new words and ensure that you practice using them. We hope you like our list of the top five amazing movies to help you learn English.

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