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5 Best Movies to Learn Spanish (While Having Fun)

Updated: 30. Jan, 2023

Are you just learning Spanish and want to practice hearing and understanding the language more? Sometimes, it can be challenging when you are learning a new language and don’t have opportunities for daily immersion. Thankfully, there are solutions. One of the best ways to help with your Spanish learning is to convert your movie time into Spanish practice.

Everyone enjoys watching a good movie. So, why not combine your love for movies with Spanish learning? Watching Spanish films will improve your language skills. There is a whole collection of quality Spanish movies for your viewing pleasure. In addition, your knowledge of Spanish will fully open up a new world of Spanish shows that you can enjoy. 

You will also get to enjoy the exemplary and incredible works of Penelope Cruz, Maribel Verdu, Darin Javier, Luis Tosar, and many more. So, in this article, you will learn the best Spanish movies for language lovers to learn Spanish.

Why Watch Movies to Learn Spanish?

Learning a language should not be a boring process. Unfortunately, a lot of people focus on using only textbooks to learn a language. However, textbooks and exercises alone are a boring means of improving your conversational skills and your Spanish language learning process. But watching movies in Spanish is very effective, relaxing, and a fun way to enhance your reading and listening skills.

Relaxed Learning 

Watching a movie, especially drama or comedy, is relaxing. In such an atmosphere, your brain is relaxed enough to capture any information and memorize new words and phrases. However, it is important you listen carefully as you watch the movie and not simply enjoy the story. In addition, watching movies in Spanish will help you increase your knowledge about the Spanish’s societal and traditional life, customs, and cultural aspects.

Learn Direct Pronunciation 

Watching Spanish movies is fun and gives you the opportunity to learn pronunciation, grammar, new expressions, and vocabulary. You will also learn emotion, humor, dialects, and even local slang. In addition, TV shows and movies stimulate brain functions to enhance your memory capacity and improve your ability to focus and attention span.

So, why don’t you grab the opportunity and use these movies to your advantage in learning Spanish? We are sharing our top five best movies to learn Spanish, with summaries explaining each film.

5 Top Movies to Learn Spanish

Here are our top picks for the five best movies to learn Spanish.  


Arrugas is a Spanish animated movie by Ferreras, released in 2011. Spanish films are perfect for beginners, especially those at level A2. The movie is based on an award-winning novel by Paco Roca. It tells the story of two older men, one with an early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, who live in a nursing home. 

The characters in the movie speak Spanish clearly and slowly, which is perfect for anyone just starting to learn the language. In addition, the plot is easy to understand, and the vocabulary revolves around family, hobbies, and food. Arrugas is available to rent on different streaming platforms.

Como agua para chocolate

This movie revolves around strong family ties and ancestral traditions in Mexico. It was nominated for a Golden Globe in the best foreign film category and has received about 10 Ariel Awards. In 1992, the movie was among the most profitable Spanish movies ever released in the United States. So, the Spanish film is definitely one you should watch.

This pick has some benefits to Spanish learners from the different Spanish movies to improve your skills. It contains tons of high-frequency natural Spanish words and phrases, which makes it great for beginner and intermediate learners. Furthermore, Como agua is perfect for intermediate Spanish learners as they learn vocabulary about family and how to express opinions about certain topics. As far as movies for learning Spanish are concerned, this one is a must-watch. 

No Se Aceptan Devoluciones

Do you love good comedy? Then, this movie is the best way to enjoy a good evening relaxing while learning Spanish. The movie is filmed in Mexican Spanish and is absolutely easy to understand for anyone who wants to learn Spanish. However, the movie was filmed in the United States and had many dialogues in English.

This Spanish movie was co-written and directed by Eugenio Derbez. Eugenio Derbez was a famous comedian in Mexico. Notably, this is a story of a Mexican playboy who suddenly finds himself in a position where he has to care for his daughter alone. So, he sets off to Los Angeles to find her mother and give back the baby. 

No Se Aceptan is suitable for basic and intermediate learners. It can help improve and refresh previously learned vocabulary about basic Spanish words and phrases. In addition, you will have the chance to practice your vocabulary and ask and give information, including how to express different emotions. 

Furthermore, the movie portrays everyday Spanish life, which is an excellent way to learn more about Spanish culture. The informal mode of communication in the movie will also help you learn conversational Spanish.

El laberinto del fauno

El laberinto del fauno is one of the best Spanish movies for people who don’t speak Spanish. The movie has won several awards and also gained significance for its director, Guillermo del Toro. El laberinto del Fauno’s story is about life during the bloody Spanish Civil War. It weaves different aspects of the oppressive Francoist regime into an incredible storyline.

Viewers can pick up much of Spanish vocabulary about revolution, war, fantasy, and rebellion. The movie was narrated from a young girl’s point of view and also mixes history with a dark yet fairytale world. If you know some of the Spanish historical backgrounds, you will understand the movie faster. So, El laberinto is ideal for intermediate learners. Finally, it is also available to rent on several streaming platforms.

Tambien la Lluvia

This is another award-winning movie that can help you learn Spanish. Tambien la Lluvia is a movie directed by Iciar Bollain and released in 2011. It takes place against the backdrop of the 2000 Cochabamba Water War that took place in Bolivia, where tens of thousands of Bolivians protested. 

The story revolves around a director, a producer, and a group of actors who travels to Bolivia to shoot a movie at the time of the Cochabamba Water War protests. However, the crew unexpectedly finds themselves involved in the movement.

This movie was shot in Bolivia and was internationally co-produced by companies from France, Mexico, and Spain. However, having some knowledge of the 2000 crisis and the protest can help you understand the movie more. Out of the many Spanish movies available to learn the language, this movie has added benefits for Spanish learners. 

Tambien la Lluvia features different types of Spanish accents to help you adjust your pronunciation skills. The Spanish accents in the movie include Spanish, Mexican and Bolivian. In addition, the film also features some movie-making vocabulary, making it the perfect aid to help talk about the movies we have listed. The movie is available on Netflix and other streaming platforms.


There you have it! Our top pick for the five best movies to learn Spanish. Before you settle down to enjoy these movies, make sure you have paper, a pencil, or a writing pad to jot down words you can look up later. Learning and improving your Spanish skills through movies is relaxing, fun, and educational. So, go!

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