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No Chinese on Babbel: Here Are 5 Great Alternatives

Updated: 23. Feb, 2023

Are you a lover of Chinese movies and want to understand what you are watching without subtitles? Are you planning to visit China? Then, learning Chinese will be a great idea. If you have learned a few languages, you probably have heard of Babbel.

Babbel is a top language learning app with several language courses for its users. Although Babbel contains several learning materials for different languages, some languages in high demand are still not available on the platform. But is the Chinese course on Babbel? Keep reading to find out.

Is There a Chinese Course on Babbel?

Babbel is a top language app that is popular for learning languages of your choice. The language app is designed around a holistic learning experience, with long-term interactive lessons, cultural insights, and real-life conversations.

Based on different reviews from users, Babbel will have you conversing in no time. The language app teaches language beginners all the basics and helps them achieve fluency in that language.

Babbel offers engaging and interactive language courses that target communication skills such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Babbel can help you build a solid foundation through their extensive lessons depending on your preferred language. Furthermore, the language app uses practice exercises such as flashcards, spelling quizzes, and speaking drills to build communication skills.

Although Babbel is a great language app, it still lacks some language courses. Unfortunately for Chinese enthusiasts, Babbel Chinese is currently not included in the list of languages available on the app. Even though over a billion people speak Chinese worldwide, you cannot learn it on Babbel. However, this does not mean there are no other options for you. There are other incredible alternatives to Babbel that can do a great job too.

The Best Babbel Alternatives to Learn Chinese

Since we have established the fact that there is no Chinese course on Babbel, you will want to know what alternatives are available. The good thing is that these language apps are as incredible and educative as Babbel. All you have to do is try them out and begin your Chinese learning journey.

Among Babbel’s alternatives to learning Chinese, here are some of your best options.


Mondly is a top-rated language app and is among the best for learning Chinese. The app’s teaching approach is interesting and converts learning into an entering game. This makes the whole learning process easier and more fun for its users.

It is a great app for beginners because the Mondly Chinese lessons are focused on helping you become conversational even from the first class. The lessons on Mondly last for a few minutes and focus only on the essential words, vocabulary, and common Chinese phrases. 

This ensures that you remain engaged and the whole learning process doesn’t become too repetitive or stressful. The topics are quite useful and concise to give you the best learning experience. Mondly is an incredible, well-designed app with an easy-to-use interface; you can also learn Chinese using Mondly’s AR and VR features.


Want to get conversational in Chinese? Pimsleur is your best option. The app offers 30-minute audio lessons on Chinese that enables language lovers to learn basic Chinese vocabulary, nuances, pronunciation, and conversation techniques. This way, you learn Chinese basics without bothering with long sessions and a lot of studying.

The Pimsleur app is user-friendly, with appealing visuals and good content for language lovers. Furthermore, the lessons are curated to get you participating and thinking like a native Chinese speaker. You will have a lot of practice exercises, such as repeating dialogues and answering questions.


This is another language learning resource that is designed with plenty of Chinese content. Memrise uses spaced repetition (SRS) flashcards which means super-efficient practice and features several user-created Chinese courses.

Memrise Chinese courses have the added bonus of quality pictures, audio, and video content. In addition, the app is well-designed, easy, and fun to use. The short activities also make it one of the most convenient and easy practice options compared to other language apps. Finally, Memrise is a wonderful option for Chinese vocabulary practice.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is an incredible alternative to Babbel Chinese. So, if you are looking for a language app that takes you straight from the basics to advanced-level Chinese content, you will definitely enjoy Rocket Languages.

One distinctive feature of Rocket Languages is that it includes nuances and Chinese cultural insights in their lessons. This helps learners to have a better understanding of Chinese and how Chinese characters are formed which makes the lessons more fun and educative at the same time.

The language app offers several audio and video Chinese lessons, writing practice, and vocabulary practice. Another great feature is that its lessons are based on real-life conversations, which makes the learning process entertaining and provides you with real-life applications.


Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps for Chinese as it offers free courses on any language of your choice. The language courses are perfect for learners and beginners who wish to learn Chinese in a structured way. Duolingo also tops the list among other free Chinese apps as it helps improve your communication skills, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

When you choose to learn Chinese on Duolingo, you will go through several learning activities to help you absorb new Chinese vocabulary and grammar. As you progress, you will continue to build on the lessons you previously learned. This is helpful for Chinese learners who prefer more guidance as they begin their learning journey.

Final Thoughts

Chinese is a popular language like Spanish and French, and we wish Babble has a course for it. Thankfully, there are plenty of Babbel alternatives that are more than enough to get you to speak Chinese in no time. Although learning Chinese is hard, especially for English speakers getting the right learning resources can make the journey easier. You can begin learning the Chinese alphabet and grammar by being committed and practicing daily.

The best Babbel alternative for you is the one that suits your learning style and helps you get closer to your language goals. No matter the type of learner you are, the apps listed above can help you get fluent in Chinese in no time. Keep in mind that in order to achieve your language goal, you need to be consistent with your language lessons regardless of the language app you choose.

Babbel Chinese – FAQ

Can I learn Chinese with Duolingo?

Duolingo is a great app for learning Chinese. It is good to learn basic Chinese concepts and vocabulary. However, Duolingo does not teach you to write in Chinese, so it shouldn’t be the only learning resource you should use.

What is the fastest way to become fluent in Chinese?

The quickest way to learn Chinese is to remain consistent with your lessons and focus on improving your communication skills. The apps above can help you read, speak, understand and write Chinese quickly. Leverage these apps, and you will be surprised at how much Chinese you will learn in a few months.

Can I learn Chinese on my own?

Yes! You can learn Chinese on your own. Many learning resources, such as language learning apps, are available to begin your journey. Complete immersion in Chinese is the best way to learn the language, and plenty of apps can help you achieve that.

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