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Babbel Hindi: See These 5 Great Alternatives

Updated: 14. Feb, 2023

Are you watching the latest Hind movie, and there is no subtitle? If you don’t understand any sentence from the movie but are curious to know the meaning, then you should probably sign up to learn Hindi. Hindi is one of the two official languages of nine Indian states and the Indian government. It is also one of the most spoken languages, with over 500 million Hindi speakers globally.

Even though the language is one of the most spoken languages, finding the right app to learn the language can be challenging. One would even think that with so many Hindi speakers, Babbel would have Hindi courses. If you are considering learning Hindi with Babbel, keep reading to learn a few things about the language.

Is Hindi Course Available on Babbel?

Babbel is one of the most popular and leading language learning apps for learning several popular languages. Based on several reviews from past users, Babbel is one of the top language apps to become conversational in your preferred language. Babbel will teach beginners language basics and help you achieve a significant level of fluency.

Babbel offers interactive and engaging language courses targeting core communication skills such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Depending on your preferred language, Babbel can help you build a solid foundation through extensive lessons to help you achieve fluency in no time. In addition, the app uses several exercises such as fill-in-the-blanks, speaking drills, flashcards, and spelling quizzes to improve your skills.

Although the Babbel app has a good reputation, it only has some language courses. Some of the popular languages include Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Unfortunately, if you are looking to add Hindi to your list of languages, then you should know that there are no Hindi courses available at Babbel. Hindi isn’t an option yet on Babbel. 

The Babbel Alternatives to Learn Hindi

Some alternatives to Babbel can help you understand and speak Hindi in no time. These apps will teach the Hindi alphabet, grammar, and pronunciation and improve your communication skills. You can begin by trying any of the following.

1. Pimsleur
Cover image
Languages available: 50
Oral learning: Yes, conversations
Written learning: No
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, 7 days
Social learning: No

If you have been using language apps to learn a new language over the past years, you probably have come across Pimsleur. While Hindi courses may not be available on Babbel, Pimsleur is also an incredible alternative resource for learners. The language courses on Pimsleur are completely audio and will require you to listen carefully so you can repeat them afterward.

One of the advantages of learning Hindi with Pimsleur is that you will receive several listening and speaking practice. So, if you want to focus only on oral language learning instead of the traditional grammar rules, then you will enjoy using Pimsleur’s teaching styles.

Another interesting feature about Pimsleur is that every Hindi lesson is logically built upon the previous lessons. This encourages effective learning, and you will also have Hindi cultural references included in the course.

Visit pimsleur to learn more about its features
2. Duolingo
Cover image
Languages available: 38
Oral learning: Yes, speaking exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Completely free
Social learning: No

Duolingo is another great option for learning Hindi since there is no Babbel Hindi. Most importantly, you can access the Hindi language course for free. However, Hindi content on the app is not as extensive when compared to other language apps.

Another interesting part of Duolingo is that the app excels when it comes to audio content. The pronunciation and grammar are on point and perfect for someone looking to learn how to speak Hindi properly and in a short time.

But you may not become conversational and fluent relying on Duolingo alone. The app offers a basic Hindi understanding and also provides you with some helpful Hindi phrases, though.

Visit duolingo to learn more about its features
3. Mondly
Cover image
Languages available: 33
Oral learning: Yes, real-life dialogues
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: Yes

This is another powerful and popular language app that supports several languages, including Hindi. Mondly’s focus is on words and core phrases. When you use the app, you can build your vocabulary using conversational Hindi. The lesson style is similar to other language apps, but Mondly includes several grammar lessons. You will also have access to native speakers who improve your pronunciation with different daily challenges.

Mondly uses advanced technology to help you learn and understand Hindi. Although the activities are somewhat similar to lessons on Duolingo, the difference is that you are able to track your learning progress easily on Mondly. In addition, Mondly incorporates audio content from native speakers with speech-recognition technology that can help you learn to speak Hindi.

Visit mondly to learn more about its features
4. Rosetta stone
Cover image
Languages available: 25
Oral learning: Yes, speech recognition technology
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes, 3 days
Social learning: No

Rosetta Stone has been around the language learning industry for a while and is also one of the top language learning apps. The Hindi course on Rosetta Stone is top-notch and effective, as you will be able to speak Hindi in no time. Rosetta’s teaching style is total immersion in your preferred language. You are fully immersed in Hindi with no translations from the beginning to the end of the class.

Rosetta Stone is best for beginners as you can learn many Hindi words and phrases without simply translating them into your mind. Finally, the app is ideal if you also want to improve your conversational skills.

Visit rosetta stone to learn more about its features

Rocket Languages

Rocket languages have been trending in the language learning industry and are built around recorded audio. The audio content in the form of dialogues comes with English explanations and will teach Hindi in phrases and chunks. The app also emphasizes the main aspects of the language, including special Hindi lessons.

The Hindi course on Rocket languages also helps you learn gradually and doesn’t overwhelm you with plenty grammar lessons. Rather, you learn Hindi through conversations that progress over time. In addition to the explicit grammar, you get on Rocket languages, the voice recognition and recording software make the app a good alternative for Babbel.

Final Thoughts

Hindi is a famous language, and we wish Babbel has a course for it. Thankfully, there are other incredible alternatives that are more than enough to get you on your way to achieving your language goals. You can begin learning the Hindi alphabet and gradually learn your way to fluency by dedicating time and consistent effort to practicing daily. 

The best language app for you is the one that suits your learning style and helps you achieve your language goals. In the end, remember that in order to make progress, you need to be consistent with your classes regardless of whatever language app you choose.

Babbel Hindi – FAQ

How easily can I learn Hindi?

One of the easiest ways to learn Hindi is by subscribing to a language learning app. There are several effective language apps to choose from that can suit your schedule and learning goals.

Is Hindi easy to learn?

According to the U.S. State Department, Hindi is classified as a Category III language. This means that the language can be challenging to learn, especially for English speakers. This is a result of the major linguistic differences between Hindi and English.

How long do I need to become fluent in Hindi?

The time it takes to learn Hindi depends on your learning style, the time you can dedicate to learning, and your capability to learn languages. However, if you are consistent with the right learning resources, you can achieve a basic level of fluency in a few months to a year.

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