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10 Best Apps to Learn the Danish Language (Fast and Easy)

Updated: 05. Jan, 2023

Learning a new language from the beginning is never an easy process. To be successful it takes drive, direction, and a rigid schedule. Danish is a tricky language compared to other Scandinavian languages like Norwegian and Swedish. In addition, Danes speak things quite differently from how they are written, which may sometimes be perplexing.

The advantages of studying Danish are endless. You must know at least a few Danish words to visit, reside, or work in Denmark.

This post has compiled a selection of the top Danish learning applications for your smartphone or tablet. With your classes in your pocket for little to no money, you may not have to take private courses.

Best Apps to Learn the Danish Language

Several applications may help you learn Danish in a short period while also saving you money and allowing you to learn more about Danish culture and society. The following is a list of the best language-learning apps out there:

1. Babbel
Cover image
Languages available: 14
Oral learning: Yes
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App bassed lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: No

One of the most popular language-learning applications on your smartphone is Babbel. More than 10 million people use Babbel. Its tried-and-true techniques will help you learn Danish quickly.

It’s a good starting point for newbies. It’s an excellent place to start, particularly if you’re traveling. Getting about in Denmark has never been easier because of the app’s extensive vocabulary. In addition, the integrated voice recognition technology aids in improving pronunciation.

Interactive lessons are available for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, to help you reach the A2 proficiency standard while improving your oral and writing fluency.

There are three levels in the Babbel app at which you may work on expanding your vocabulary and understanding of the Danish language.

Getting about in Denmark has never been easier because of the app’s extensive vocabulary. Babbel is a well-balanced mix of material that focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, much like all the best language learning tools.

Visit babbel to learn more about its features
2. Duolingo
Cover image
Languages available: 38
Oral learning: Yes, speaking exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Completely free
Social learning: No

150 million people use Duolingo, making it the most popular language-learning software for tourists and expatriates. It provides instruction in more than two dozen languages, among them Danish. Aside from the platform’s user-friendliness and amazing content, it is popular because it is free for beginners, intermediates, and expert students.

A key feature of the program is that it promotes the daily practice of Danish so that you don’t simply cram in 10 sessions and forget everything the next day. Checking your knowledge after learning a few terms is usually a good idea.

Students can take an entry exam to determine their level of language proficiency and, depending on the findings, enroll in the most appropriate course. It’s completely free to use the software. You can avoid adverts and being locked out of the app when you make errors by subscribing to the premium plan.

Visit duolingo to learn more about its features
3. Pimsleur
Cover image
Languages available: 50
Oral learning: Yes, conversations
Written learning: No
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, 7 days
Social learning: No

Apps like Pimsleur, which uses a podcasting-style teaching technique, are popular for learning foreign languages. Known for its 30-minute audio sessions, this system’s strategy teaches a small number of new vocabulary at once. With this method, you may focus on each unit’s content and not be distracted.

You will get more comfortable speaking and comprehending the language. As a result, you’ll be able to learn a new language in a matter of weeks.

Pimsleur offers more than just audio lessons. It also provides reading lessons, flashcards, and quizzes.

The app encourages “active memory” by interspersing short periods with longer gaps between them. In other words, the same words and phrases will be repeated until you’ve remembered them.

It’s hands-free. So, you can listen to recordings while commuting or doing other things.

Visit pimsleur to learn more about its features
4. Mondly
Cover image
Languages available: 33
Oral learning: Yes, real-life dialogues
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: Yes

Mondly is an excellent tool for learning a new language. Danish is one of the 33 available languages in the app. Mondly is a great resource for learning Danish grammar, phrases, and vocabulary.

It’s easy to keep track of your progress using Mondly’s many tracking options. As a result, if you’re just getting started with Danish, Mondly is an excellent resource for you.

Mondly makes learning Danish fun by including various interactive elements and activities. Mondly focuses on essential vocabulary that all students should practice improving their fluency. In addition, a review after each course will help you retain the new terms you learned earlier.

It’s also worth noting that Mondly has a “Voice Chatbot” capability. You may converse with a computer-controlled “native speaker” with this software. With the ‘Voice Chatbot,’ users may speak with a real person using their app’s voice chat feature.

Visit mondly to learn more about its features
5. Memrise
Cover image
Languages available: 23
Oral learning: Yes, video of native speaker
Written learning: No
Learning method: Flashcard app
Free trial: No, free version
Social learning: No

The program employs memory methods that have been scientifically shown to help you learn vocabulary and grammar. It employs spaced repetition of flashcards to help you get the most out of your time learning a new language. They are repeated regularly in accordance with your brain’s forgetting curve to help you remember words and phrases for a long time. Additionally, you can download card lists that other users have made.

Memrise’s teaching strategy focuses on three things: helping you get the meaning of a key phrase, using it in a practical setting, and communicating with other students so you can support one another.

Native Danish speakers are featured in audio and video recordings. In addition, since users may make and share their flashcard decks, new information is always accessible.

You can learn everything from proverbs and taboo terms to distinct meals and travel phrases. It also uses game-like elements like leaderboards and points to keep you motivated. It generally works well if you’re beginning to learn a new language.

Visit memrise to learn more about its features
6. HelloTalk
Cover image
Languages available: 150, audio lessons: 10
Oral learning: Yes, speaking partners
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: No, free version
Social learning: Yes

The social media platform for language enthusiasts of all stripes is called HelloTalk. With HelloTalk, users can interact with a Danish speaker, eliminating the need to rehearse their accent or speculate about how they might respond. With this app’s help, you may chat with Danes in real life to improve your pronunciation and speaking abilities. You, in turn, teach local Danes English. Everybody benefits from this. If you’re concerned that your new Danish acquaintance won’t be easy to comprehend, HelloTalk also offers a translation service.

You’ll be able to upload your material, engage with other users, and communicate with Danish speakers through text, audio, or video conversations. With HelloTalk, users can quickly learn Danish, gain insider travel advice for Denmark, and maybe even make friends. To further aid in learning, HelloTalk offers a variety of podcasts, games, and even teacher-led sessions.

Visit hellotalk to learn more about its features
7. Preply
Cover image
Languages available: 50+
Oral learning: Yes, tutors
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: Online tutors
Free trial: No
Social learning: Yes

Preply is the greatest approach to using knowledgeable teachers to learn a new language. They thoroughly screen and examine their teachers to ensure they are of the highest caliber. Preply can assist you if you wish to speak more fluently for business or travel or to communicate with friends and relatives from various nations. They provide courses in various languages to help you choose the ideal instructor for your requirements and objectives. To ensure you reach your language learning objectives, their top-notch teachers will work with you at your speed. They are informed and patient.

Visit preply to learn more about its features
8. Drops
Cover image
Languages available: 45
Oral learning: No
Written learning: No
Learning method: Flashcard app
Free trial: Yes, 1 week
Social learning: No

The Drops app is the best option for learning Danish vocabulary. The app has a lovely design, with engaging and enjoyable games and activities. The app’s design, alongside the games and activities, is distinctive. They keep you interested in what you’re learning, something other apps fall short of doing.

Drops tries to help you recall words fast by using repetition and mnemonic devices. The vocabulary lists include widely used and significant words and phrases, while the technique of spaced repetition aids with word retention. Additionally, it includes vocabulary lists for every subject you’ll need to speak Danish informally, including meals, greetings, and introductions. You may also decide to study more focused lists, such as those for sports, home things, and emergencies.

You can learn enough vocabulary to be considered intermediate in roughly a year if you use the Drops language app to study for 15 minutes daily.

Drops is available for free download and continued usage. However, there are certain anticipated restrictions in the free edition, such as the daily limit of five-minute learning sessions and necessary advertisements. Furthermore, you cannot go on to a new word category until you have completed the one you are presently on. There is also a reasonably priced premium edition of Drops.

Visit drops to learn more about its features
9. Danish Class 101
Cover image
Languages available: 1
Oral learning: Yes, speech recognition technology
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Free version
Social learning: Yes, cultural norm are discussed

This software is ideal for those who are just getting started with the game. A wide range of themes, vocabulary lists, grammar courses, phrases, and idioms are available.

This language can be learned in a few minutes a day with the help of games and quizzes. Moreover, with its speech recognition technology, you may learn the right accent in no time.

Hundreds of hours of free Danish podcasts and videos are available to help you learn the language. In addition to the courses, there are detailed lesson notes, word banks, phrase lists, and other study aids.

A few nuggets of Danish vernacular and appropriate use of certain phrases will be taught as well, so keep an eye out for them. Additionally, cultural norms are discussed in practically every class.

Visit Danish Class 101 to learn more about its features
10. Italki
Cover image
Languages available:
Oral learning: Yes, one on one lessons
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: Teachers and app based
Free trial: 12
Social learning: No

If you’re looking for a novel way to learn a new language, italki is the ideal app for the job. With italki, you have the opportunity to connect with a large community of language learners and a native speaker who can tailor courses to your individual requirements.

Additionally, you can search for instructors to locate the one that’s right for you. Tutors and instructors set their own fees. This allows you to select an instructor that is within your price range.

As soon as you meet with your teachers, you can tell them exactly what you want to learn and see whether they offer official courses. Italki tutors’ education and experience vary greatly from one another. They choose their own schedules and prices and come from all over the globe. Moreover, this app allows language learners and language teachers to connect and learn from one another’s languages.

Italki provides a distinct set of resources and subjects for each lesson. Depending on your personality and the teacher’s preferences, some may be more suited to you than others. So, you should look for a teacher that uses a way of teaching that works best for you.

Visit italki to learn more about its features

Choosing the Best Apps for Learning Danish

The following are things to consider when choosing a Danish language-learning app:

1. Cost

Budget is the most important consideration when selecting a language learning program. Some tools are free, while others have premium add-ons available if you’re willing to spend the extra cash. For example, taking classes with a virtual instructor might be more expensive. Still, you can reduce the cost by changing the frequency of your courses or joining a group class.

2. An app that offers Danish

If you’re studying a foreign language for the first time, you’ll want to be sure your tool of choice includes the language you want to study. Then you should see whether the resources are appropriate for the student’s current skill level. Using a technology that only provides material at the native level may not be the best option if you are a beginner. 

3. The level you are

A tool that provides the bare essentials can be helpful in the beginning. Still, if there is no growth opportunity, you may miss out on some of the tool’s most valuable benefits. Some applications allow you to contribute your material, which might let you adapt the training to your interests and may provide further incentive after mastering the fundamentals.

4. What you intend to learn

You may need to work on your reading or listening comprehension or writing or speaking abilities. You may also need to cover all four. Creating a set of resources to aid with your language learning may be beneficial.

Also, consider the situation in which you wish to study. For example, in the comfort of your home, apps that require you to speak aloud may be ideal. Nonetheless, a bite-sized vocabulary trainer may be more suited if you’re learning a language on the move. A pre-booked virtual class or language exchange, on the other hand, may be a terrific approach to improve your speaking and listening skills if time permits. However, if you’re short on time, you may want to start with a more manageable app. Then there’s the option of a service that allows you to watch movies, read blogs, or listen to music in your target language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn Danish?

More than 5.6 million individuals throughout the globe can communicate in Danish. In addition, people speak Danish outside of Denmark in places like Germany, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden.

Learning the language will open up more employment opportunities for individuals who want to live and work in Denmark. You should start studying the language well in advance if you intend on attending school or just living in Denmark so that you don’t have restricted options.

Why should you use apps to learn Danish?

It’s simple to pick up a new language with the help of an app. Then, you can study whenever and wherever you choose. Most applications provide both a web version and a mobile app to pick the best option for you.

Learning Danish using an app saves you time and money since you don’t have to search for a Danish tutor. Apps are available for a variety of learning preferences. Others concentrate on particular abilities like vocabulary, listening, or grammar, while others are entertaining and engaging.

Is Danish hard or easy to learn?

The U.S. Department of State defines Danish as a level 1 language, which means that English speakers may easily acquire the language. Like Swedish and Norwegian, it has much in common.

How can I learn Danish for free?

The majority of the applications on our list feature an ad-supported, completely free version. For instance, this is true of HelloTalk and Duolingo. While Babbel and Mondly only provide a small amount of free content. You can only enjoy more content when you pay for the premium plan. The premium plans are worth it. 

How do I speak Danish quickly?

If you’re pressed for time, you should either concentrate on using applications like italki to study with a native instructor or choose a tried-and-true approach like Pimsleur. Additionally, practice your Danish using a few beginner’s Danish textbooks. Though quiz-focused applications are fantastic, they are often designed for learners who are less serious about being fluent early.


No matter why you want to learn Danish, using one or more of these applications can help you get there fast. In a little time, you’ll be conversing with your buddy in Denmark, watching a Danish movie or reading a book written in Danish.

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