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10 Best Apps to Learn English Speaking Fluently

Updated: 14. Feb, 2023

English is one of the world’s most frequently taught and spoken languages. It is the predominant language in several nations, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, many of its former colonies, and the United States. It is also the second language in several multilingual nations, such as India, Singapore, and the Philippines. Although it is spoken in more than 100 countries globally, numerous African nations, like Liberia, Nigeria, and South Africa, have adopted it as their official language.

Over 2 billion people, or one-third of the world’s population, speak English as a first or second language. 

English is regarded as an approachable and generally simple language. However, with 750,000 words and spellings that may confuse even the most experienced student, learning English quickly often seems unattainable.

Using language apps is one of the most efficient ways to learn English at home, among the many other methods available.

This article lets you learn more about each of the top 10 English learning apps.

Best Apps to Learn English

English Speaking Apps are apps created to enhance the user’s English-speaking abilities. Installing these applications on a smartphone or tablet allows users to access English-speaking resources. Most of the time, the resources offered by these applications are tailored to the experience and needs of the users.

Below are some of the best apps you should consider using:

1. Babbel
Cover image
Languages available: 14
Oral learning: Yes
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App bassed lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: No

Being able to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening makes Babbel a great tool for learning English. You advance swiftly from a beginner to a conversational level in the Babbel English course.

The courses are broken down into 15-minute sections, making them simple to utilize daily.

You will learn and practice by having actual conversations. To correct your English pronunciation, Babbel can even hear your voice. Furthermore, the app will remind you to revisit crucial lessons so that you do not forget them, ensuring that you will remember what you have learned.

You can practice your English in various life-related subjects, like business and travel. This makes studying English much more enjoyable and inspiring.

This is one of the greatest applications in learning English grammar if you like to learn the language’s structure naturally rather than memorization.

There is also a useful flashcard component to help you recall phrases and terms from earlier sessions. It finds an excellent mix between entertaining, game-like applications and challenging educational programs. Lastly, the app has live speaking practice. It helps pupils put their new abilities together.

Visit babbel to learn more about its features
2. Duolingo
Cover image
Languages available: 38
Oral learning: Yes, speaking exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Completely free
Social learning: No

Duolingo is one of the best software for English beginners. One can regard it as the world’s most well-liked English learning app. This free English study app is entertaining and addicting, with over 500 million registered users.

You can practice the most crucial aspects of English with Duolingo. If you have never studied English before, utilizing Duolingo for roughly 20 minutes a day will probably allow you to speak in simple English, read a lot of English-language content, and hear some basic English phrases in a very short amount of time. It is quite efficient.

Lessons on Duolingo include a variety of exercises, and it adjusts to the user’s preferred method of learning. With its gamified lessons, you can learn new English words, phrases, and grammar. Duolingo teaches you around seven new words depending on a theme in each session, such as education, school, science, and adjectives. Each course includes activities that you must complete. For instance, you can be required to match new words to a picture, translate an English phrase into your original tongue, or repeat an English phrase.

The app keeps you motivated by offering incentives for finishing the classes. Duolingo keeps track of your daily progress and gives you a progress report. Lessons can always be saved for offline viewing on the Duolingo mobile app for Duolingo Plus subscribers. However, progress tracking functions will not be accessible while you are offline.

Visit duolingo to learn more about its features
3. Busuu
Cover image
Languages available: 12
Oral learning: Yes, mock conversation
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes, 30 day free trial
Social learning: No

The Busuu app offers concise, comprehensive English courses with the help of activities where you can obtain immediate feedback from native speakers.

Each Busuu lesson includes a lesson conversation, some essential vocabulary, writing and recording exercises, a lesson review, and a section where you may practice with other English speakers.

Busuu may be an excellent English app for you if you want to converse with people and enhance your spoken English. It provides a free version though paying users to get access to far more functionality. You can try speaking the English sentences back using a voice recognition tool. The allotted time for each lesson is ten minutes.

More perks are available to premium members on Busuu. Advanced grammar classes are available, and the material is customized to your goals for learning English. Create your study schedule and specify when the app should remind you to study. A forum for discovering language exchange partners is also available. You can converse and exchange advice with English-speaking individuals studying your original language.

Visit busuu to learn more about its features
4. Pimsleur
Cover image
Languages available: 50
Oral learning: Yes, conversations
Written learning: No
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, 7 days
Social learning: No

In the 1950s, Pimsleur began as a collection of cassette audio lessons. However, it is now accessible as a cutting-edge app for your phone. The organized curriculum provided by Pimsleur may appeal to you if you are interested in learning English mostly via listening.

You start speaking in the first lesson of the Pimsleur English course. The training focuses on words and phrases that you will use often.

Lessons in Pimsleur are 30 minutes long. You must listen to one lesson daily. Since each session repeats vocabulary from the previous lesson, the tempo is crucial. Think of it as a natural kind of spaced repetition without using flashcards.

English conversations are the basis for the courses, and the narrator explains unfamiliar words and sounds to you. Even though the audio plays on its own, there are several pauses when you are asked to speak out or repeat what the narrator stated. With this approach, the emphasis is on improving one’s ability to communicate verbally and in writing. The student’s vocabulary grows as they go through the curriculum.

There are many individuals who have acquired languages using the Pimsleur technique. It is also utilized by organizations and governments to educate new staff swiftly. In most instances, it’s an adequate foundation for efficient communication.

Visit pimsleur to learn more about its features
5. Rosetta stone
Cover image
Languages available: 25
Oral learning: Yes, speech recognition technology
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes, 3 days
Social learning: No

One of the most well-known names in language study, Rosetta Stone, has existed for a long time. It stands out from other applications since it immerses you in English from the first session.

Your speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities will improve thanks to the classes’ many interactive exercises. The course’s tempo may sometimes be a tad sluggish. But if you are driven, this should not be a major issue.

Rosetta Stone uses the drill-and-kill instruction method. Prepare to interact with a new term as soon as it enters your vocabulary. You hear it, speak it, write it, and choose it from a list of possibilities in multiple choice questions. Although it might be tiresome at times, drill-and-kill instruction can be useful for helping new information stay in the brain.

Visit rosetta stone to learn more about its features
6. Mondly
Cover image
Languages available: 33
Oral learning: Yes, real-life dialogues
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: Yes

Mondly is a well-known app with over 100 million users across 40+ languages. You can easily learn the fundamentals of English using Mondly. Mondly excels at teaching you everyday vocabulary that you can use for anything from grocery shopping to going on dates.

The software has a futuristic design and allows you to navigate over a globe map to choose lectures. Lessons are organized by subject, including travel, public transit, grammar, and pets. You can also use the app’s daily lesson if you do not have a particular subject in mind.

The majority of the exercises in the lessons are interactive quizzes that require you to fill in blanks, rearrange words to construct sentences, and complete other tasks that cover all of the essential language abilities.

Mondly claims to employ neuroscience to improve learning. Furthermore, the app uses pictures to reaffirm spoken information. As long as you use the app often, the exercises’ high repetition rate ensures that you keep new phrases in your memory organically.

Mondly has debuted a VR immersion feature for its premium customers, allowing you to “meet” virtual speakers. A chatbot is another entertaining feature that lets you text an English-speaking robot with unlimited time to respond.

Visit mondly to learn more about its features
7. Drops
Cover image
Languages available: 45
Oral learning: No
Written learning: No
Learning method: Flashcard app
Free trial: Yes, 1 week
Social learning: No

Drops is one of the few language study applications that makes learning vocabulary enjoyable. It includes a variety of games and exercises to educate and aid in the retention of new vocabulary. You require only a few minutes daily to use the app and master the language.

It educates you about everything, including breakfast items, home equipment, and diseases. Additionally, the design is lovely.

Visit drops to learn more about its features
8. Italki
Cover image
Languages available:
Oral learning: Yes, one on one lessons
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: Teachers and app based
Free trial: 12
Social learning: No

italki is an online community that links language instructors and learners worldwide. There are now more than 8,000 online English teachers accessible to assist you in learning. italki’s simplicity and safety are its finest features.

Additionally, you can take your classes online via the app, Zoom or Skype. Most importantly, your money is secured if anything goes wrong with your classes.

Visit italki to learn more about its features
9. Preply
Cover image
Languages available: 50+
Oral learning: Yes, tutors
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: Online tutors
Free trial: No
Social learning: Yes

Preply blends the most beneficial elements of traditional English instruction with the ease of a language app. It matches students with qualified English teachers for private courses through video chat. You may choose your instructor based on various criteria, such as their place of origin, area of expertise, availability, reviews, and fee structure.

Every new registration takes a placement exam, after which they get an estimate of the number of study hours required to advance to a CEFR level. From there, you may choose to either go with Preply Learning plans, ready-to-use, and perfectly prepared English courses or opt to concentrate exclusively on the abilities and vocabulary you specifically need. In the first class, users get introduced to English speaking.

An hour-long initial tutoring session is standard. You can then decide how long you want your lessons to last. In addition, you can book lessons anytime, and they are available in bundles of 6, 12, or 24. You do not have to attend at the same time every week or every two weeks, and you may cancel a class and get a full refund as long as you provide at least four hours’ notice.

You get immediate feedback when you make errors. Students study at their pace, while tutors can wait until their pupil has thoroughly grasped a material before proceeding.

Visit preply to learn more about its features
10. HelloTalk
Cover image
Languages available: 150, audio lessons: 10
Oral learning: Yes, speaking partners
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: No, free version
Social learning: Yes

If you do not already have a language partner, HelloTalk can find one for you at no cost. One of the most well-known language exchange applications, HelloTalk has over 30 million users worldwide.

You will undoubtedly come across a few excellent speaking partners who share your desire to learn the language. You can even choose who you want to communicate with based on where they are from and the languages they speak.

When you’ve found a match, you can communicate with them through text, voice, or video messaging or live audio and video calls. In addition, the app offers a grammar check feature to assist you and can identify errors in your message before you send it.

Visit hellotalk to learn more about its features

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Language Learning Apps

A language app is popular due to various distinctive features. Nevertheless, some are more significant than others. Although you may not find everything on the list below in a single app, the following factors will help you make decisions.

1. Consistency

The best way to properly learn a language is to practice every day and to be consistent with it. Unbelievably, a 10-hour weekend study session is less beneficial than 10 minutes of study daily. When choosing the app, you should include apps that push you to study or are just too entertaining to ignore.

2. Focus

Some applications emphasize flashcards or matching, which might skew your answers and prevent accurate recall. You will not be able to speak a language if you cannot practice what you learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve English using an English-speaking app?

The best and simplest approach to studying English is to use an app to improve your spoken English. Select your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and begin practicing English lessons by downloading some of the top English Speaking apps. 

Am I too old to learn the English language?

Learning a language is essentially the same whether you are 20 or 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70. Thinking that a certain age is better than another for learning a language is similar to thinking that certain individuals are better at it than others.

Can I learn English by myself?

You can use language applications to teach yourself English. You could be able to have conversations with others using these. However, it is preferable to practice with native speakers if you truly want to become proficient. Using an app makes this quite simple. 

Can I Learn English in 3 Months?

You can learn English in three months with the right motivation and a solid grasp of the language. However, you must practice your communication abilities, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, to acquire them in three months of daily study. 


Each English learning app has its strengths and suits a certain audience. Therefore, you can experiment with various applications based on your needs. No doubt picking up a new language has only advantages. The top language learning apps we’ve reviewed have distinct features, methods, and objectives.

The one you choose can help you learn English in a fun and efficient way. They are easy, simple, and most importantly, fun and inspiring. With these applications, you can speak English with confidence in no time.

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