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10 Best Apps to Learn the Korean Language (Fast and Easy)

Updated: 04. Jan, 2023

It might be difficult for English speakers to learn Korean. Different letters are used in the Hangul alphabet, and some sounds are not produced in English. However, you can undoubtedly learn to speak Korean and even become proficient with the correct materials, instruction, and practice.

With the advancement of technology, learning a language is now much simpler. There are applications designed to teach anyone from anywhere Korean. In the post, we will examine ten of the best apps specially designed for you to learn and understand Korean.

Best Apps to Learn the Korean Language

There are several apps that teach the Korean language. In addition to teaching you the basics of the language, the majority of Korean language learning apps also teach you how to use Korean numbers and other elements of the language. With a variety of options available, you may choose the app that best suits your learning style and objectives. These apps let you study Korean wherever you are and whenever you want. 

1. Rosetta stone
Cover image
Languages available: 25
Oral learning: Yes, speech recognition technology
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes, 3 days
Social learning: No

Beginners are the intended audience for Rosetta Stone. First-time Korean learners might choose Rosetta Stone.

You can use Rosetta Stone to quickly acquire the basics of Korean grammar and vocabulary. As long as the concepts and phrase patterns aren’t too complicated, it should be able to learn and retain new information.

It includes a variety of language learning situations in which you practice speaking Korean or picking the appropriate words or phrases. You may also play a wide range of games on it.

Rosetta Stone uses a strategy called “immersive instruction.” Immersive learning seeks to emulate a kid’s experience when learning their native language. You learn by doing and practicing what you’re taught.

Visit rosetta stone to learn more about its features
2. Duolingo
Cover image
Languages available: 38
Oral learning: Yes, speaking exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Completely free
Social learning: No

You’ve undoubtedly heard of DuoLingo if you’re studying a language. With over 30 languages, the app is currently the biggest online learning platform.

It works by allowing students to practice vocabulary and Korean phrases via game-like courses and enjoyable activities. Since the program makes learning Korean seem like a game, it motivates users to continuously improve their abilities, which may be a wonderful way to get hooked to the language.

The app’s lessons are based on immersion learning, similar to how toddlers learn a new language, with repetitive content and fast tests to ensure that everything is remembered.

The greatest thing is that the software claims to be able to teach and remember a language in as little as five minutes every day. Those who wish to learn Korean but don’t have time for a class or hefty textbooks would love this. If you’re more serious, you can set your timer to 20 minutes every day, which is still manageable for most students, making this a wonderful tool to use during your commute, lunch break, or before bed.

Visit duolingo to learn more about its features
3. Drops
Cover image
Languages available: 45
Oral learning: No
Written learning: No
Learning method: Flashcard app
Free trial: Yes, 1 week
Social learning: No

Drops is an excellent choice for learners who want to obtain a good dose of Korean without being overwhelmed. The app teaches you the basics of the Korean language in a fun and engaging manner for five minutes a day.

The design is aesthetically pleasing and simple. Drops teaches words using text, visuals, and music to help you remember them. The vocabulary lists include common and significant words and phrases, and the spaced repetition technology aids in efficient memory.

The sessions are game-like, with you dragging and dropping answers and tapping away on your screen. Food, colors, family members, ethnicities, and other themes are all covered in the vocabulary.

Visit drops to learn more about its features
4. Memrise
Cover image
Languages available: 23
Oral learning: Yes, video of native speaker
Written learning: No
Learning method: Flashcard app
Free trial: No, free version
Social learning: No

Memrise is a strong and intelligent language learning flashcard system. It enables users to create their own vocabulary decks and submit them. Learners get access to high-quality information, including Korean vocabulary, grammatical rules, and phrases. Mix-and-match games, auditory tests, spelling difficulties, and explanation prompts are used throughout the program to ensure that the word is implanted in every region of your brain.

As your Korean knowledge increases, you can use the app since it contains seven distinct course levels of flashcards. Images, video, and audio samples of native speakers are included in the app to help you recall each phrase quickly and efficiently. The real-life expressions will help you remember words and phrases by putting them in context. Of course, if you want a fully personalized experience, you may make your own flashcards.

Visit memrise to learn more about its features
5. HelloTalk
Cover image
Languages available: 150, audio lessons: 10
Oral learning: Yes, speaking partners
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: No, free version
Social learning: Yes

HelloTalk is a language exchange app with individuals who speak over 100 languages so that you may improve your Korean. The concept is that you connect with native speakers of the language you’re studying and have a conversation with them about it or anything else you’d want. If you’re proficient in English but want to learn Korean, you’ll be paired with someone who is fluent in Korean but wants to learn English. Since the app is free and run entirely by volunteers, there are no scheduled courses or classes; instead, it just allows you to practice your Korean with actual people.

The app contains voice and video chats and several forms of messaging, and the ability to pick and choose which subjects to discuss. It’s basically a new take on the old-fashioned pen buddy scheme.

The app’s main features include a grammar checker that checks your grammar in Korean before you send a message and a text-to-voice recognition option that lets you improve your pronunciation.

You can also record yourself and ask native speakers for comments or book one-on-one sessions with language specialists through audio or video conferences to answer any issues you may have.

It’s simple and practical, given that most of us carry our phones with us all day. It’s also safe and noncommittal, which millennials like.

Visit hellotalk to learn more about its features
6. Lingodeer
Cover image
Languages available: 11
Oral learning: Yes, some speaking exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, offers an unlimited free trial
Social learning: Yes, cultural facts

It’s one of the greatest apps for learning Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. LingoDeer takes a unique and entertaining method to learn that will have you speaking right away and help you progress toward fluency.

The lessons begin with the basics and progress in a step-by-step manner. The app develops upon the previous courses bringing you from beginner to advanced level. You’ll be able to notice your development and improvement instinctively.

The courses are categorized into several degrees of difficulty. Each level covers a wide range of common topics, each with a few lessons.

The courses are well-organized, including vocabulary lessons, in-depth explanations of grammatical problems, and contextual discussions. You’ll get access to flashcards, tales, phrasebooks, and more as you go through the courses and units, so you’ll never get bored.

All of the audio has been recorded by native Korean speakers. The lessons build on what you’ve previously learned, making it easier for you to remember everything.

Visit lingodeer to learn more about its features
7. Nemo
Cover image
Languages available:
Oral learning: Yes, speech studio
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, 14 days
Social learning: No

Korean by Nemo focuses on correcting non-native speakers’ pronunciation. Users can film themselves uttering Korean words/phrases. Furthermore, the software then plays back the correct pronunciation of the word together with the user’s voice. Food, shopping, vacation, and praise are among the more than 30 categories of words and phrases.

You may skip around to whichever category of vocabulary you wish to drill in Korean by Nemo since it is not arranged around classes. All of the terms are also described in English in the app. Review Mode enables you to review terms you’ve studied before and quiz yourself to ensure you’ve retained the material.

This handy Korean learning tool will provide you with useful terms and phrases for daily communication. The software is meant to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, and conversation abilities quickly by using it a few times each week.

Visit Nemo to learn more about its features
8. KBS Radio
Cover image
Languages available: 1
Oral learning: No
Written learning: No
Learning method: Radio
Free trial: Free
Social learning: No

This incredible software allows you to listen to KBS radio and view famous Korean programs right from your phone.

Choose from a wide range of programs, podcasts, and talk shows that Koreans like and watch, all of which are available for free. The app allows you to see the KBS program schedule immediately on your phone, ensuring that you never miss out on your favorite programming. You have the option of viewing it live or later by going to the archives.

Visit KBS Radio to learn more about its features
9. Italki
Cover image
Languages available:
Oral learning: Yes, one on one lessons
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: Teachers and app based
Free trial: 12
Social learning: No

Italki provides a lot of materials that are extremely good value for money if you want to study any language in a more structured fashion. The app links you with native instructors from across the globe who are willing to share their languages, dialects, and cultures with you. Because you may pick who you want to study from, the cost varies per instructor. You may practice with your Korean teacher anytime you want and as frequently as you want.

The sessions can be customized to your unique goals, so whether you want to learn conversational Korean for vacation, business, or to pass a certain exam, you can get the support you need. They also feature Language Challenges to keep you motivated and learning suggestions to keep you engaged, making your studies seem more relevant and helpful.

Visit italki to learn more about its features
10. Pimsleur
Cover image
Languages available: 50
Oral learning: Yes, conversations
Written learning: No
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, 7 days
Social learning: No

Pimsleur is a language learning app that focuses on speaking and listening abilities. The classes are entirely audio, and you’ll be astonished at how fast you’ll be able to have a Korean conversation.

The course uses the conventional listen-and-repeat method to teach basic vocabulary, syntax, and sentence structure. Pimsleur takes things slowly at first to ensure that you have correct pronunciation and intonation.

There’s also a driving mode if you want to learn while driving. The app helps you advance fast and effectively. Because each session takes just 30 minutes each day, it’s also convenient to utilize the app on the move.

Visit pimsleur to learn more about its features

Reasons for Learning Korean Language

There are several reasons you should consider learning Korean. Some of these reasons are:

1. Understand Korean Culture and History

Korea’s history, culture, and customs have ancient origins, which is fascinating to learn about. Learning Korean will help you better understand Koreans and individuals from Korean-speaking nations. Knowing Korean will allow you to understand better how Koreans think, live, and work.

Respect is at the core of the Korean cultural worldview. Furthermore, concepts like honor, face, and pride are prevalent in Korean society. The impact of this legacy on modern-day Korea, on the other hand, is a fascinating topic to research. And the only way to find out is to learn the language. You cannot learn about this until you improve your Korean language skills.

2. Accelerate Mental Development

Learning Korean can help you expand your mind faster and progress intellectually. Learning this language aids memory development, resulting in a more active and healthier brain. One of the finest possibilities for self-improvement is learning the Korean language. It also enables you to raise your level of thinking.

3.  Excellent Career Opportunities

Some Korean multinational firms have large branches in various countries across the world. Furthermore, most of them, such as Hanwha, Hyundai Motor, POSCO, Samsung Electronics, Kia, Lotte, and LG Electronics, are continually growing. As a result, learning Korean might provide you with a modest edge if you’re considering working for a Korean firm.

Korean Dialects

More than 70 million people speak Korean throughout the globe. There are several dialects in Korean. The mainstream dialect is Seoul, while the most peculiar dialect is Jeju.

It would be best to focus on learning the Seoul dialect while studying Korean. Once you’ve mastered it, you may expand your vocabulary by studying other colloquial terms.

Tips for Remembering Korean Words

It might not be easy to learn Korean if your first language is English since there isn’t a lot of word overlap.

There are several excellent ways to learn new words swiftly. For vocabulary terms, one technique is to employ associations, mnemonics, and anecdotes.

You can also employ the repetition approach by reading, writing, and pronouncing the same words repeatedly. Finally, connect words to drawings, photos, and amusing scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Learn Korean with a free app?

Yes, it is possible. There are several free apps that allow one to learn, speak and understand the Korean language. With these apps, you will be able to learn for free at your own time and pace.

Is Korean Worth Learning?

Learning the Korean language is unquestionably beneficial. It has the potential to help you make your job or company more relevant in the future. Korea has already established itself as one of Asia’s most powerful economies, and if current trends continue, learning Korean may become just as important as learning Mandarin in terms of business and career opportunities.

Can I learn Korean by myself?

Even if English is your sole language, you’ll discover that learning Korean on your own is possible. Begin by selecting an appropriate app for your interests, skill level, and learning style. 

Is Korean Hard to Learn?

Most of the time, learning Korean isn’t that tough. There is nothing too difficult if you put your heart, effort, and energy into studying. This is also true with learning Korean.

As long as you have the correct tools and resources at your disposal, you will succeed in learning Korean. You can use any of the language apps discussed above.

How many Hours a Day Should I Study Korean?

This is a very subjective decision. Your specific goals and time heavily influence the number of hours you should commit. One hour each day is a decent starting point for those who are studying part-time or for fun. 

It is possible that you will be more excited to learn at the beginning. When you don’t feel like studying, that’s when you’re put to the test. In situations like this, You should adjust your study schedule. Even if it’s only five minutes a day, you may want to set a daily minimum. You need at least 4-7 hours of study each day if you’re studying full-time.

In what order should I learn Korean?

Although the Korean letter is significantly simpler than the Japanese alphabet, the many Korean speech and address levels make it more difficult.

Can I learn Korean by listening to K-pop Songs?

Understanding K-Pop or Korean dramas is a powerful motivator to learn Korean. That is undeniable since it is what motivates many individuals to begin studying and continue learning.

However, you should not learn Korean via K-Pop (or by breaking down K-Pop songs). Songs (in all languages) are full of poetry and secret meanings, and they seldom represent actual discourse.

Rather than concentrating on K-Pop songs, you should focus on Korean grammar and vocabulary. Once you’ve mastered them, it could be a good idea (and a lot of fun) to start analyzing the meaning of K-Pop songs.


Learning how to speak Korean is very easy now. With several apps on the internet, you can add Korean to the languages you speak. When you are ready to learn, you can choose from any of the apps mentioned in this post.

These apps are easy to use and fun to learn with. If you stay committed to learning Korean, you might become proficient within a short time. 

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