10 Best Apps to Learn Norwegian Language (Fast and Easy)

Updated: 22. Oct, 2022

Are you planning a trip to Norway or trying to pick another language? Are you planning to relocate to Norway? Whether the plan is to stay for a while or longer, learning Norwegian language is definitely a welcome idea. There are a thousand reasons to learn the Norwegian language but finding the proper app to begin learning is quite challenging. This is why we have compiled a list of the 10 best apps to learn the Norwegian language.

We understand that we have irreversibly migrated certain parts of our lives to the online space. So, getting a good learning app is probably the easiest and the most affordable way of learning a new language. Therefore, get ready to be wowed as we dig through the best learning apps to learn the Norwegian language.

What are the Best Learning Apps to Learn Norwegian Language?

We have narrowed down our top choices to help you make the right decision on choosing a learning app. These apps are designed to give you the best learning experience and help you speak like a native in no time. So, stay tuned as we take a look at these learning apps.


Duolingo is a popular app as it is one of the best learning apps for complete beginners who find it difficult to choose where to begin. There are many language app options, and it can be easy to spend a lot of money to learn Norwegian that you won’t use. However, if you are searching for an effective language learning app that is free, then Duolingo is the best option for you. It is an excellent place to begin and will help you start the learning journey.

This app is usually regarded as the king of all gamified language learning platforms. One of the reasons why Duolingo is always found on the list of language apps is that you can learn for free. Plus, these free language classes come with top-notch materials. You are expected to set your learning goals at the beginning of every course. These lessons are part of courses that are theme-based and will unlock as you complete the previous lessons. 

Every lesson on the learning app comprises small tasks, including various exercises and illustrated flashcards. Duolingo is designed to be fun and motivating to make language learning effortless. This language app is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web.


This is yet another learning app for Norwegian that helps improve all of your communication skills. These communication skills include writing, reading, speaking, and listening. The app also teaches you the common vocabulary and grammar to ensure you become conversational quickly. If your goal is to navigate everyday situations easily, the Babbel learning app is the right option for you.

On Babble, the lessons are short and easy to comprehend. You quickly learn Norwegian grammar and know how Norwegians actually speak. As you continue with the lessons, you also get to practice everything you have learned. Although you might not become fluent using the app, you will definitely learn to speak comfortably. The learning app is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Web.


If you wish to learn conversational Norwegian language quickly, then Pimsleur should be on your top list. The courses in Pimsleur improve your listening and speaking skills. The lessons break down everyday conversations between Norwegians and teach you to speak the language comfortably and confidently. The learning app teaches the language from scratch till you begin to speak like a native Norwegian. The app is flexible and audio-only, which you can take anywhere.

The course on the app features 30-minute audio lessons that teach core vocabulary to contextual conversations. The lessons on Pimsleur are designed to build conversational skills and maximize retention. The app also includes interactive learning materials as a bonus. So, if your goal is to begin speaking Norwegian, be sure to spare half an hour a day to learn. Pimsleur is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web.


Are you searching for a language learning app that with simplified language lessons? Mondly is the right app to learn Norwegian if you want a more simplified leaning interface. This is because the lessons are simple, and you will be able to track your learning progress. With this app, you are able to focus on the topics that you actually want to learn. The app is designed to help you achieve fluency through conversation-focused courses and lessons.

Mondly has an intuitive interface, and the design is user-friendly. The learning app is easy to navigate and will help you build a solid foundation while learning the language. The app uses gamification strategies to support learning Norwegian quickly, efficiently, and effectively. On the app, you will learn grammar and core vocabulary quickly through quizzes and games.

With the app speech recognition, you will be able to recognize accents, learn pronunciations and eventually speak Norwegian confidently. However, this app will not be super helpful for intermediate or advanced speakers. Mondly is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web.


If your goal is to develop your Norwegian vocabulary, then drops is the learning app for you. If your goal is to build your Norwegian vocabulary, this app is the best option. The app has various animations to help you learn and remember new words and phrases. In addition, you complete different games and quizzes on the app to practice your vocabulary.

Drops has a beautiful illustration with a fascinating gamified interface for visual learners who wish to learn Norwegian. The app teaches over 3,000 Norwegian words using visual associations. Learning on Drops is simple and fun. All you have to do is match the correct words to the images, and you can also listen to the pronunciation of the words. Matching words to images for five minutes daily is enough to build your Norwegian vocabulary.

The app may not be the best for studying grammar, but you will upgrade your vocabulary. However, it is important that you understand that Drops only focuses on language vocabulary. This app doesn’t teach communication skills or grammar. So, we recommend you use the app along with other apps to enjoy a complete learning experience. The drops app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Learning any language of your choice on your phone is great, but having a dash of human interaction is better. Want to learn from Norwegian native speakers? Italki is the best learning app for finding Norwegian tutors. If you wish to speak Norwegian fluently, then you need to practice more with native Norwegians. However, this may not be easy, especially if you don’t know any. This is where this learning can help you.

Italki is a platform that helps connect learners and language teachers around the world. This app is one of the safest platforms to use since you can filter tutors to find the right match for you. In addition, it is a handy app that can work in different ways to find you a tutor. For example, aside from taking a simple language lesson, you can also learn the language by conversing with a native Norwegian. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Web.


LingQ is another exciting learning app for reading and listening to the Norwegian language. If you do not find yourself a tutor or practicing with an app, there are other ways to learn the language. One of the best ways to practice is to read and listen to Norwegian native content. Searching for exciting podcasts, books, and videos can be challenging, especially if you do not know how to find them.

These features make LingQ the best way to practice listening and reading Norwegian. The app has a library of high-quality, interesting Norwegian content to help you practice. The best part of the app is that if you find something outside the app, you can always import it to the app to make your lessons.

There are thousands of Norwegian audio materials with matching scripts to help you get fired up and ready to practice the language. In addition, the app offers many Norwegian lessons with the freedom to learn at your own pace and time. The app is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web and will automatically create flashcards with the latest vocabulary.


If you would like to begin your learning journey at this moment and explore the Norwegian language, then this is for you. On OkyDoky, there are about 50 lessons; the first 20 do not require any form of registration or subscription. On this app, you’ll learn using different methods such as listening, spelling, building sentences, and translation. 

This learning app has a gamified interface that makes learning Norwegian fun and motivating. The app teaches common and everyday phrases with an extremely friendly and visually pleasing interface. It is easy to navigate and will follow the progress of your language schedule. The app also has a phrasebook-like flashcard that focuses on specific language skills.


Memrise is a learning app that will help you learn new words and phrases and also help you practice these words. One exciting aspect of Memrise is that you can create and share your own flashcard set and share with the community. Essentially, this ensures that the Memrise library continually grows with new Norwegian words and phrases.

This language learning app focuses on making learning the Norwegian language enjoyable. The spaced repetition technique and localized audio and written material ensure you master the language faster. The app offers three levels of expertise which are intermediate, advanced, and highly advanced levels. There are also varieties of entertaining quizzes to ensure you practice and review your lessons.

The app is designed with video clips of Norwegian natives pronouncing the phrases and language lessons that will only take a few minutes to complete. In addition, Memrise has a three-step approach: learning, absorbing, and giving your best shot. These and other features make the learning app perfect for learning the Norwegian language. It is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, and the Web.

Ling App

This is another solid and effective gamified language app. This is an excellent option if you are in the market for language apps that won’t bore you. Ling App makes learning the Norwegian language easy, fun, and accessible. This learning app uses a variety of puzzles, games, and several challenges to teaching Norwegian grammar and vocabulary.

There are also recordings of Norwegian native speakers to help to get the proper pronunciations and accents. The key here is language immersion. With its exciting teaching methods, you will get a better grasp of the Norwegian language in no time. You will also be able to build a stronger recall of common words and conversational phrases.

This learning app has many features that make learning the Norwegian language easy and fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced speaker, Ling app always has something for you. You will get to learn at your own pace with tins of a vocabulary list, quizzes, and lessons. You can also practice your conversation skills with the app’s chatbot. Ling App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web.

What are the Best Ways to Learn the Norwegian Language?

Choosing the right language learning app is not enough to learn the language. You cannot become a Norwegian native speaker in one night. Learning a new language takes time, commitment, and using the right app to learn. Here are a few ways to learn the Norwegian language.

Set your mind to it

After deciding to take up the challenge of learning the Norwegian language, nothing should stop you from your goal. Private tuitions and expensive language courses are no longer excuses since plenty of learning apps exist. Furthermore, you don’t have to break the bank or change your schedule to learn the language. So, if you are ready, buckle up and give this learning your best shot.

Take Risks

It doesn’t matter what learning method you choose; do not forget to experiment with your knowledge. You don’t have to bite your tongue just because you are taking a language course. However, you can begin practicing using some of the Norwegian words and phrases. This will build your confidence and eventually get the hang of the language.  

Mix and Match the Language Apps

You don’t have to choose between human interaction with a tutor with a gamified approach or chatting with a friend. There’s no need to draw the line between these methods when you can combine different methods of learning. You can test the language apps on our list and select the ones that best match your needs and goals.

Exposing yourself to this Norwegian language using different methods will help you absorb the language well. However, you should be careful not to mix too many of the apps. You can combine two to three of the language apps.

Final Thought

You can now immerse yourself in your language choice without leaving your home or paying so much. Whether you want a language tutor, language exchange partner, or voice, there is always an app for you. Here you have the list of the best apps to learn Norwegian to help you achieve your language goals.

These apps will help you build your Norwegian listening and speaking skills while making language learning more enjoyable. So, take the opportunity now and begin your Norwegian learning journey.

10 Best Apps to Learn Norwegian Language – FAQ

Can I learn Norwegian language by myself?

There are private language schools where you can take the Norwegian language as a course and study it. However, there are several language learning apps that are dedicated to learning Norwegian. You can explore these apps and learn Norwegian all by yourself.

Can I become fluent with Language Learning Apps?

Yes, you can become fluent in Norwegian. The trick is choosing the right app to teach you to speak the language properly.

Is the Norwegian Language Easy to Learn?

Norwegian is the easiest language to learn, especially for an English speaker. There are several learning apps that are designed to make learning the language easy to comprehend.

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