10 Best Apps to Learn The Portuguese Language (Fast and Easy)

Updated: 03. Nov, 2022

Portuguese is one of the most popular languages. There are about 221 million native Portuguese speakers. In addition, 40 million more people speak it as a second language. Countries that speak Portuguese include Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, etc.

Portuguese is an intriguing language. However, learning it with the right resources can be difficult. There are several applications available that can help you get started on learning Portuguese. A language app may help you increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and finally become proficient in Portuguese with its lessons. Also, you can learn with your smartphone or laptop on your own schedule.

This article will look at the best language learning apps for Portuguese. We’ll highlight their key attributes to help you determine if they provide what you’re searching for. At least one of these apps will be very useful in your Portuguese learning journey.

Best Language Learning App for Portuguese

This section will examine the best language learning app you should consider when you want to learn Portuguese. You can get off to a good start with any of these apps. Furthermore, the apps listed below will speed up your learning of either Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese. 


Babbel has been on the market for so many years and is one of the best apps for learning Portuguese. It is beginner-friendly and has comprehensive lessons in that you can practice Portuguese fast and easily.

This app has Portuguese courses that can take you from beginner to intermediate levels within a few months. Additionally, Babbel allows you to learn based on specific topics. For example, you could choose between “Refresher,” “Specials,” “Grammar,” “Countries and Traditions,” and “Words and Sentences” categories. This helps you to become fluent enough to communicate confidently in Portuguese.

Babbel focuses on practical content rather than random topics. So, you spend time learning important things. Babbel has a beautiful interface and incorporates games to make it an engaging experience. You can set weekly objectives to help you accomplish your learning goals.

Furthermore, Babbel is a wonderful choice for anyone that wants to learn grammar. Apart from the lessons and courses you get on the app, there are multiple live virtual lessons presented weekly by Portuguese language professors on Babbel Live. However, it is important to note that Babbel focuses on Brazilian Portuguese.


Another top-rated app that provides a complete Portuguese course that even beginners can pick up is Mondly. The app is perfect for learning vocabulary and basic phrases. Mondly helps you improve your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills.

Mondly is packed with fun interactive lessons. These lessons comprise several course materials and tools such as audio guides, chatbot conversations, quizzes, challenges, Augmented Reality (AR), and so on. Furthermore, Mondly’s Portuguese lessons are brief but elaborate. You can keep track of your progress throughout the course.

Mondly allows you to choose the lessons you want to learn at a particular time. Many learners love the fun educational games that you play as you learn Portuguese. Overall, Mondly’s Portuguese course can be studied for all proficiency levels.


Busuu is the best language app for learning Portuguese writing. It is a mix of independent online learning and a more traditional school setting. Busuu is an interactive way to learn the language. With this app, you will be able to improve every Portuguese communication skill.

One unique thing about Busuu is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with native speakers and other students like yourself. This is a great way to practice having a conversation and also get feedback on your exercises. Busuu also allows you to pick the language you want to learn.

In addition, Busuu allows you to learn Portuguese easily, at your pace. It will teach you some essential aspects of the Portuguese language, such as vocabulary, conjugations, pronunciations, and sentence structure. Furthermore, you can decide how much time your study lasts and set reminders so you don’t skip a day.


Duolingo is one of the most effective and well-known applications for learning Portuguese. With over 300 million worldwide users, it is the most popular language-learning app. The most popular education software in the world is Duolingo.

It functions similarly to a game in that you may advance through stages by collecting virtual coins. The enjoyable classes will improve your reading, speaking, and listening abilities. 

A few exercises include voice recording (listening to a sentence, then reading it out), phrase translation, matching words to pictures, rearranging words into sentences, and responding to multiple-choice questions.

Through Duolingo Stories, you can improve your reading and listening comprehension skills as well.

The app’s happy appearance and condensed parts make it easy to squeeze in a quick session whenever you have a few extra minutes. In addition, its game-like courses allow you to pick up Portuguese in only five minutes daily.


You should also consider Pimsleur whether you want to learn European or Brazilian Portuguese. It is another outstanding app that focuses on improving your conversational skills. Pimsleur focuses on daily conversations between native Portuguese speakers to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Pimsleur uses SRS (Spaced Repetition System) to teach you Portuguese within a short time. This method helps you learn faster even though the exercises are spaced. Additionally, you’ll be able to retain all you’ve learned longer in your memory.

Pimsleur’s courses have five levels that get you from knowing nothing at all to being fluent enough to have conversations. Also, you can take the course anywhere you are because it’s audio-based. Learning Portuguese on Pimsleur can overwhelm you with bulky lessons. However, it teaches you core vocabulary instead of complex aspects.

Lingo Pie

A ground-breaking platform for learning languages, Lingopie makes learning a new language easier than ever. It teaches languages by using the binge-watching method.

You can watch movies, TV shows, telenovelas, and documentaries to learn Portuguese using Lingopie fun.

Portuguese is one of six main European languages available on LingoPie’s extensive collection of high-caliber interactive TV series. Instead of just giving television programs bilingual subtitles, Lingopie goes a bit farther. You may click unfamiliar terms, and an automated saving for the later study will occur. You can speed up or slow the audio depending on your proficiency level. In addition, you can repeat sentences you’ve heard using your microphone, and Lingopie will score how well you pronounce them.

Most Portuguese-language content is in Brazilian Portuguese and consists of various comedy, documentaries, and children’s TV shows. The few episodes available in European Portuguese are mostly animated or indie films. 

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is another top-tier language learning app that’s excellent for Portuguese. It is one of the most comprehensive apps for Portuguese. From the start, Rosetta Stone engages you in the language through images and videos.

This app offers an immersive experience and teaches essential aspects of Portuguese. So, you’ll be practicing and speaking Portuguese with more confidence. Thankfully, Rosetta Stone is ideal for everyone. It uses various innovative teaching methods, which include images, videos, audio, and speech recognition.

Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition tool is called TruAccent. It is designed to improve learners’ pronunciation by comparing their voices with expert and native speakers’ accents. So, if you want to become a master in Portuguese conversations, Rosetta is an excellent choice.


Drops is among the best-rated language learning apps for European and Brazilian Portuguese. It is great for learning fast and easily. Drops is designed with a gamified interface that is quite catchy and easy to navigate. The app allows you to learn and play for up to five minutes daily. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking new Portuguese words and phrases.

Many beautiful illustrations and animations are available to teach you Portuguese words faster. You’ll be exposed to extensive Portuguese vocabulary covering multiple topics, including food, sustainability, politics, etc.

Furthermore, Drops is beginner-friendly. For example, there are interactive animations where learners have to drag and drop words to match graphics. Although this app is quite basic, you’ll learn all you need quickly to be able to brag to your friends, family, or colleagues that you can speak Portuguese.


Memrise is another app that has become quite popular. It provides excellent online courses in Brazilian and European Portuguese.

Although the content is divided into courses and can cover a broad range of topics, its greatest value is helping students expand their vocabulary.

It’s a helpful app for learning vocabulary and phrases. Essentially, it’s a gamified flashcard system that uses spaced repetition and mnemonic devices to help you commit new words to long-term memory. Memrise offers audio and visual content.

The Memrise app gives unique courses depending on predetermined categories. You can start by selecting from any of the topics offered. Some of the topics include arts, business, history, and entertainment. Create a goal for yourself and use their point system to monitor your progress. Memrise offers a free and premium version.


The popular Spaced Repetition System is the foundation of MosaLingua. However, it is used in a unique way that has given “MOSA Learning” its trademark. Brazilian Portuguese takes up much of the attention in this app.

With sections including accommodation, shopping, emergency, and other things, MosaLingua primarily targets travelers. If you’re merely a student with no imminent travel plans, this, however, should in no way deter you.

Besides the apparent advantage of offering a linguistic survival kit, MosaLingua provides several useful and unique supplementary functions.

The MosaLingua app primarily focuses on Portuguese vocabulary and expressions. Still, it also has a wide range of resources to aid your study of Brazilian culture.

MosaLingua is the ultimate definition of excellent value for money. To achieve this, MosaLingua includes a selection of flashcards, grammar courses, audio clips to teach you pronunciation, conversations, and even a certificate.

This app lets you record your voice reading flashcards to hear how you sound compared to native speakers.

Choosing the Best Language App for Learning Portuguese

There are several apps that teach Portuguese. However, you need to choose which one works best for you. When choosing an app, you should consider any of the following:

Type of Portuguese

First, you must choose whether you want to study Brazilian or European Portuguese. Then, if you learn any of these, you can communicate in Portuguese to anyone.

However, there are a few notable variations. Pronunciation is the most significant difference. Brazilian Portuguese contains numerous open vowels, making it sound distinct. Also, many people think it is more aesthetically beautiful.

Additionally, there are various grammatical and spelling variations. And other terms have entirely distinct meanings in the two languages in terms of vocabulary.


An app that looks good and appealing is great. However, this is not just about looking appealing. Any app you choose must be very simple to use.

You won’t spend time figuring out how to use an app if it has a nice design that is both functional and visually beautiful. You’ll also feel inspired to keep studying.

Your level

Using an app that teaches based on your knowledge level is important. An app that gives native-level information may not be the best option if you are a complete newbie. In contrast, a tool that merely offers the bare minimum of features could be helpful at first. Still, if there is no possibility for improvement, you might not benefit as much from it. Once you go beyond the fundamentals, some applications allow you to contribute your content, which can help you adapt it to your interests and boost your drive.

Your goals

You can choose a tool by deciding the specific skill you wish to concentrate on. It’s possible that you need to improve, particularly in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Or maybe all four need to be covered. You may improve the overall development of your language by creating a set of tools

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Apps for Learning Portuguese

Why Should I Use An App To Learn Portuguese?

Language learning apps allow you to study Portuguese more effectively. These apps are far more engaging than other learning techniques, like textbooks. Also, the apps allow you simultaneously enhance all of your communication abilities.

These apps serve as a guide on the important things to learn. This will speed up your fluency development and aid in long-term memory retention.

As long as you choose a good Portuguese language learning app, you will be able to understand and speak Portuguese in no time.

How can I learn Portuguese fast?

By utilizing a language learning app, you can quickly learn Portuguese. Using applications to learn Portuguese speeds up the process and makes studying more effective. Instead of wasting time learning information you don’t need, you’ll focus more on efficient communication.

Is it Hard to Learn Portuguese?

Portuguese is likely to be simpler to learn if you already understand Spanish. Portuguese isn’t too difficult to learn for English speakers after you’ve absorbed some fundamental pronunciation standards. There are many terms in Portuguese that English speakers would recognize since both languages developed from Latin. It’s also advantageous since Portuguese sentence structure is less complex than English.


Learning Portuguese is a wonderful experience and can be done quickly. Portuguese learning apps like Duolingo, Mondly, and Pimsleur will guide you through particular language concepts or hold your hand. But, simultaneously, you learn every single one of them.

Apps are excellent for learning languages since they make the process enjoyable and exciting. It would be easier for you to learn Portuguese quickly if you could find applications that suit your learning preferences.

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