10 Best Apps to Learn the Russian Language (Fast and Easy)

Updated: 11. Nov, 2022

At its initial stages, learning a language may be difficult. It is no secret that mastering the Russian language is not always an easy task. All of these endeavors need a person’s dedication and concentration, from studying Russian grammar to memorizing Russian vocabulary.

Due to how the words are spoken and the use of the Cyrillic alphabet, Russian is a difficult language to learn. When these two factors come together, learning the language becomes very difficult.

Apps are available for everything, from business trips to romantic dates, to brushing up on your Russian language skills. Compared to writing and speaking, Russian sentence construction is not so tough. Yet, most language learners have a difficult time with the language. Many free and commercial applications available may help you pick up Russian language skills quickly.

You will discover the best Russian applications in this article. Some apps provide entire Russian language lessons, while others concentrate on reading and writing in Russian or boosting your vocabulary.

The Best Russian Learning Apps

There are many apps available to anyone to learn Russian. Amongst these apps, some are of high standard and offer better services to users. Here are the best apps to learn the Russian language. 

1. Babbel

If you are looking for a head start before enrolling in a Russian language course or want to complement what you learn in class, the Babbel app is for you. Beginners and intermediate language learners will like how Babbel makes them feel like they are getting the complete picture.

Students may use the Babbel app to learn Russian via listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Voice-recognition technologies and interactive conversations are included in the program to help students quickly pick up conversational skills.

Spaced repetition and a range of tasks are included in the app to help students progress fast to conversational fluency. Vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills are taught via various engaging activities. Learning begins at the outset with the alphabet and progresses logically from there.

There are intriguing articles about language and culture worldwide on Babbel’s blog, Babbel magazine. Additionally, listening to or watching free podcasts and videos might help you get a different perspective on the language acquisition process. The user interface has a sleek and professional appearance from the get-go. Finding what you are looking for is simple since everything is organized logically.

2. Rosetta Stone

This app is one of the most well-known and often lauded for its effectiveness for studying languages. Rosetta Stone can be used to learn many languages, including Russian. Furthermore, it focuses on helping users improve their vocabulary and conversational skills. The Rosetta Stone app provides students access to one of the most comprehensive Russian language study resources.

The app covers lessons on Russian business, travel, and daily living. Users can pay for a private Russian-speaking instructor. The app’s voice recognition feature ensures that your Russian pronunciation is correct.

In addition to adaptive learning, the app employs spaced repetition to help you retain long-term memory of words and phrases. The simple and fun exercises are geared at helping you think more clearly in Russian than in your mother tongue. They immediately get you conversant in the language. 

When learning a language, youngsters often listen to the words and phrases said aloud and then look at a picture to deduce what the words mean. Instead of just remembering words and translations, this method forces you to actively engage with the content you are studying.

3. Busuu

Busuu is the best language learning app to learn Russian swiftly. With this app, you can pick up the language naturally. This app combines great Russian language study materials with some of the features found in language exchange applications. The app works effectively on its own to help pupils enhance their Russian language skills.

Your language knowledge gets tested via vocabulary, dialogue, quizzes, and conversation practice. Busuu’s greatest strength is its capacity to function without the internet, allowing you to continue your studies even if you do not have access to it. You may connect with other students, receive support from native speakers, and help others learn your native language using this app. Busuu is an excellent tool for learners, from total beginners to intermediates. You can take Busuu’s placement exam to determine your level. 

4. Duolingo

People around the world can learn Russian using Duolingo. Duolingo is one of the most well-known language learning apps. It offers hundreds of short, tailored Russian language courses and interactive activities for free. The nicest part about Duolingo is how simple it is to use. Learning Russian using Duolingo is more like a game than a serious endeavor. Hence, you can easily stay motivated since the activities are enjoyable. In addition to these, you can earn points and compete with your friends.

Launching the app is exciting because of its appealing design, catchy soundtrack, and game-like elements. From reading and writing to listening and speaking, you get a solid foundation in every facet of communication.

Moreover, it is ideal for novices looking for a firm foundation in Russian. Since this service is completely free, there isn’t anything to lose. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning Russian as a second language.

You do not have to start from scratch if you’re a beginner. You may take a placement exam if you are confident in your knowledge of the material. The questions on the Duolingo exam are simple and take just a few minutes to answer.

5. Lingopie

If you’re looking for an app to help you improve your language skills, go no further than Lingopie. The Netflix of language learning is Lingopie. Various programs and podcasts are available in each language to keep you entertained while studying. Learn languages by watching TV and movies with Lingopie, a great app for intermediate and advanced language learners. The app may help you and your family improve your language abilities, whether on the road or when relaxing at home.

With its language study program, you may learn new languages at your pace by viewing worldwide material in its vast collection. Lingopie is an excellent tool for anybody interested in learning a new language outside the classroom, regardless of skill level.

In addition to adjusting the speed of the video, you may also utilize subtitles in either your target language or English (or both) and click on the subtitles for translations. Also, you can construct your own SRS flashcards with context by clicking on unfamiliar words.

6. Mondly

You may master the fundamentals of Italian grammar and vocabulary using Mondly. Language learning with Mondly is a lot of fun, too. It is like playing a game while learning new words and phrases.

Mondly’s premium package includes 1000 courses and dialogues covering 5000 words and phrases. Overall, the application contains a lot of information.

In addition, this app has many sections dedicated to teaching vocabulary, pronunciation, conversational skills, and even grammar in Russian. It is best suited for learners who have had little or no exposure to Russian.

The tasks depend mostly on passive recognition of words and phrases and are not extremely hard. The exercises, however, are diverse enough that even short daily practices would not tire you. 

7. Pimsleur

If you want to study Russian, Pimsleur is a great option. It uses its famed auditory approach to give learners a thorough Russian learning course. Dr. Paul Pimsleur established the Pimsleur language acquisition technique based on how youngsters learn their native languages. 

Students of the Russian language may speed up their progress toward fluent speaking by practicing listening skills. This software offers a unique approach to learning a foreign language. Moreover, you are encouraged to talk immediately instead of being taught grammar and explaining things step by step. In truth, there is very little written guidance.

Also, this resource does an excellent job of instilling self-assurance in the ability to communicate fluently in Russian. In addition, it should help users become used to the natural flow of spoken Russian more quickly than other tools. Due to the high degree of engagement the exercises require, this method also makes it impossible to waste study time. However, visual learners may find the approach tough. Also, those who want to improve their reading and writing abilities should avoid it.

8. LingQ

When it comes to learning Russian and increasing your vocabulary, LingQ is one of the most popular platforms available. Additionally, the app can help you build and review vocabulary lists and learn new terms. You can also import external things to the app. 

LingQ allows you to import Russian podcasts, movies, or books you like and use them to construct your Russian lessons. Using LingQ’s Library section, you can search for Russian treasures on various shelves, depending on your language level. Simply put, it is a virtual library of Russian-language information from the internet. As you read, you can highlight terms you don’t know so that you may subsequently learn the vocabulary.

9. MosaLingua

MosaLingua is the most effective approach to immerse yourself in understanding the Russian language. With its flashcard-based teaching, it employs the spaced repetition approach.

Lessons contain single vocabulary words or more complex phrases. These vocabulary words are categorized into hobbies, tourism, transportation, and shopping. It contains a large collection of Russian films, music, articles, and other materials to help you immerse yourself in and study authentic Russian material. You may also add words and phrases to your vocabulary list from any website you visit.

10. Memrise

Memrise offers a wide variety of language classes, including Russian. This app helps build a foundation for beginners. Still, it can also be used by those who are already fluent in the language and want to brush up on their skills in a fun and engaging way.

Learning the Russian alphabet is the app’s primary goal. This makes it one of the greatest applications for beginners to learn Russian. Furthermore, if you like augmented reality games, you can use this app to explore your surroundings and even capture a picture of what you see!

What to Look for in a Russian App

When you want to choose a Russian app, there are some things you need to take into consideration. If you pick the wrong app, you may not learn any Russian. Some of the things you should look out for include:

  • The first step is to identify the skills you wish to improve. Some applications help you improve your Russian language abilities on numerous levels. Others will concentrate on only one or two levels of Russian proficiency.
  • The app must teach Russian. Then you should see whether the resources are appropriate for your current skill level. An app that provides the bare essentials may be helpful initially. Nevertheless, if there is no growth potential, you may miss out on some of the tool’s most valuable features. Know your learning level while selecting an app. If you are a bit experienced, you do not want to download an app meant for beginners. 
  • Pick a learning app that is right for you. Flashcards aren’t for everyone. Audio clips without text are not either. Each person learns uniquely. If you are a person that learns by hearing and not seeing, a text-only app may not be the best fit for you.
  • You must also decide whether you want a free or a paid app. It’s possible to get some great tools for free, but several paid options are also available. Taking classes with a virtual instructor might be more expensive. Still, you can reduce the cost by changing the frequency of your courses or joining a group learning session.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you may find it motivating to add your stuff to the mix with the assistance of applications that enable you to do just that.

Frequently Asked Questions about 10 Best Apps to Learn the Russian Language

When Should You Use Language Learning Software?

You can start using language learning software whenever you like. Apps can help you learn new words, construct simple phrases, and converse naturally with others who speak the language. Consistent use of these apps may speed up your progress toward fluency.

Can I Learn Russian in a Year?

Becoming fluent in Russian after a year of diligent study is possible. Using an app like any of those mentioned above will help you learn Russian even faster. Regardless of the time sacrificed, it will likely take more than a year to become fluent in the language.

What are the Language Learning Methods Russian Language Apps Use?

The best language learning apps provide several methods for learning and practicing your language skills and vocabulary. The best of these apps provides you with many ways to do it quickly and effectively.

Memorization, in-depth practice and difficulties, and studying alongside native speakers are just some of the ways you might learn a new language effectively. Adults and children may benefit greatly from the many applications and programs available, divided into several age categories.

How Much Does Russian Learning App Cost?

The app you use determines the price you pay for learning Russian. It’s possible to learn a new language for free, or you may pay for more features and upgrades. Some will be free, while others may charge a monthly or one-time fee.


With the help of language learning apps, it is easier than ever to remain dedicated to learning a new language. In addition to the convenience of being able to study whenever and wherever you choose, many of them are free! You can learn or improve your Russian vocabulary by downloading at least one of these apps above.

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