10 Best Apps to Learn the Swedish Language (Fast and Easy)

Updated: 03. Nov, 2022

Swedish is a fairly simple language to learn quickly, especially as an English speaker. With just a couple of consistent learning and practice, you’ll get familiar with the vocabulary, grammar, and other aspects well enough to converse with native speakers and discuss everyday topics.

Using an app can help you learn Swedish faster than many other methods. However, it’s important that you only stick to the best apps available. To help you find the perfect one, we’ve created a list of the best apps to learn the Swedish language so you can begin your journey with ease.

Top 10 Apps to Learn the Swedish Language

If you’re looking for an app that would help you get fluent in Swedish within a short time, chances are you’ll discover many options that it could be hard to pick the right one. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed the available apps to the best available. These Swedish language apps have wonderful courses and the best teaching methods. Our recommended best apps to learn Swedish are:


Babbel is the overall best app to learn Swedish. It has several courses designed to assist you in learning all you need in practical situations. More importantly, Babbel allows you to customize your experience. So, you get to decide what level you start from and what you learn. This gives you the ability to ensure that your learning is in line with your goals.

This app teaches you Swedish vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and other topics that improve your fluency effectively and fast. Babbel’s lessons are straightforward and ideal for beginners and experts. Additionally, it provides flashcards, listening, writing, speaking, and writing exercises. Babbel also has podcasts and live sessions hosted by professors.

Rosetta Stone

Another outstanding app for Swedish is Rosetta. It is one of the best apps that provides an immersive learning experience. When you create an account with Rosetta Stone, your Swedish lesson begins almost immediately. It might feel like too much for beginners, but you quickly get used to the learning method.

Rosetta Stone is an award-winning app. You can become fluent in speaking and writing Swedish with its rich resources and acquisition teaching model. Rosetta Stone will teach you the basics of the Swedish language and help you build your vocabulary. Furthermore, not only will you be able to learn the language, but you’ll remember all you learn as long as you stay consistent with the lessons.

With Rosetta Stone, you can create a lesson plan that helps you achieve your learning goals easily. For example, each lesson could last for 10 minutes. This way, you’re not overwhelmed by too much information in a single session. Lastly, Rosetta supports offline lessons as well.


This is one of the best beginner-friendly apps for learning Swedish. Mondly helps beginners understand basic Swedish quickly with tons of fun course materials and immersive exercises. Its Swedish lessons are brief and straightforward. Also, the app allows you to choose interesting topics that you can focus on.

Swedish happens to be one of the 40+ languages you can learn on Mondly. The app is quite gamified, so learning Swedish would be a fun experience for you. Furthermore, Mondly’s daily Swedish lessons are brief and simple. As you get through one level, you progress to the next. You can track your progress to know how well you’re doing.

Mondly will teach you important vocabulary and grammar through engaging tools like challenges, Augmented Reality (AR), and chatbot conversations. However, it is worthy to note that Mondly is more suitable for beginners because it doesn’t offer lessons or courses that are very helpful for intermediate and advanced speakers.


If you’re more interested in becoming more fluent in Swedish conversations, you should consider Pimsleur. Its Swedish course is audio-only, an excellent way to learn pronunciations quickly. In addition, Pimsleur is packed with audio conversations of Swedish speakers, which are simplified and analyzed. So, this helps you improve your speaking and listening skills.

Pimsleur is renowned for its SRS (Spaced Repetition System) audio-based method. This method teaches you Swedish words gradually and repeats them, so they stick to your memory. The Swedish audio lessons are 30-minutes long. Also, they are usually supported by flashcards, quizzes, and other helpful resources. Based on Pimsleur’s design, you can also improve your pronunciation of Swedish words and your accent.


Duolingo is an excellent app to learn Swedish for free. Although other apps on this list offer free lessons, Duolingo has a full course that won’t cost you anything. It is a popular app that teaches Swedish in a fun and engaging manner.

Additionally, Duolingo’s lessons are more suitable for beginners even though you could choose what level to start from. The app’s interface is intuitive, and most of its lessons are gamified. In addition, Duolingo has several written and audio practices you’ll work through as you learn.

Furthermore, there’s always instant feedback whenever you finish a lesson. Duolingo also has a reward system that keeps you motivated and focused on your goals. Its lessons and exercises are designed to improve your  Swedish vocabulary and grammar. However, you will need to use Duolingo with other tools to become more proficient.


Learning Swedish can be easier and faster if you have a professional tutor. However, it may not always be easy to find one, and that’s why italki comes highly recommended. This app offers a customized learning experience. You can choose from more than 15,000 tutors to select the best one for personal lessons based on your interests and goals.

In addition, italki is a great way to improve your conversation skills. A Swedish tutor will provide helpful tips and correct you where necessary to improve your fluency. More so, you can connect with other learners like you on italki to share ideas and experiences.

When you find a tutor that meets your requirements on italki, you can check out their introductory video and read other learners’ reviews. Additionally, you get to decide on what exactly you want to learn about the Swedish language. Furthermore, you only pay per lesson, and at budget-friendly prices. Lastly, italki allows you to take online lessons anytime and anywhere, based on what works for you.


Drops is another top-tier app that is ideal for learning Swedish vocabulary. Although this could be exhausting to do on your own, this app makes it much easier. Drops is designed with many elaborate animations and games that teach you words and phrases. It also uses spaced repetition for the best results.

This app uses a bunch of flashcards to help you build your Swedish vocabulary. Drops can expose you to more than 2000 Swedish words, and you can learn for just five minutes daily. The words on the app are categorized into topics, and they are some of the common words spoken by native speakers.

Drops is an excellent app for visual learners because it uses animations and pictures to teach words and phrases. Once you’ve learned something new, there are exciting games and activities you could use to practice your skills.


If you want more control and independence over how you learn Swedish, LingQ is perfect for you. It is one of the best apps to read and listen to Swedish. So, instead of you going out to find interesting and useful content to practice with, LingQ helps you out.

LingQ is designed with a large collection of native Swedish content, including videos, podcasts, and articles. So, if you come across a word you are unfamiliar with while studying, all you need to do is click on it. This displays its definition, use in several contexts, and so on. In addition, you can upload your content on LingQ and create your lessons from it.

LingQ’s library includes content from YouTube, Netflix, ebooks, and articles. This means that your lessons don’t have to be boring at all!


Sometimes, you may want more freedom when trying to learn a foreign language, and with an app like SwedishPod101, you get just that. This app has a broad library of thousands of lessons that you can practice at your own pace whenever you want. SwedishPod101 has no structured teaching system like other apps on our list.

In addition, the lessons cover multiple topics which help you improve different language skills such as writing and speaking. However, SwedishPod101 is a very flexible app to use. Whenever you’re ready to start learning Swedish, you can select what exactly you’re interested in learning and choose the skills you want to practice at the time.

SwedishPod101 may not be ideal for anyone who would feel comfortable with structured courses. Also, if you usually have a tough time being consistent with your language lessons, this app might not help you so much.

Learning Swedish

Learning Swedish is another outstanding app to learn the language with ease. It is a perfect choice for beginners and other people that are entirely new to Swedish because it focuses on the basics. It has a simple interface but is just as effective as other top language apps that offer Swedish courses.

This app provides a lot of resources and materials that come in handy for self-studying. Learning Swedish focuses on improving basic spoken and written skills of the Swedish language. Additionally, it exposes you to several aspects of Swedish culture and society.

Learning Swedish is a reliable app. It was designed and developed by the Swedish Institute alongside Swedish professional teachers. The app has structured lessons with a consistent progression. Lastly, Learning Swedish is completely free.

What to Consider Before Choosing  Swedish Language App

Now that you’re aware of all the outstanding Swedish language apps available, there are still some things you need to consider before signing up with any of them. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

Ensure There’s a Complete Swedish Course

First off, you must choose an app that offers Swedish courses. If not, you will not be able to learn any Swedish. Also, some of these have lessons for different levels of proficiency. So, as a beginner or intermediate speaker, it is important that you take lessons that are within your level.

Additionally, an app with basic lessons may come in handy initially, but you will need more intensive lessons to improve as you progress. If you learn Swedish on an app that isn’t progressive, you will waste more time at a specific level, missing out on valuable lessons. 

Set Goals and Identify the Skills You Want to Improve

Before you start, it is important to take note of all the skills you hope to learn and the set goals you are comfortable with. Swedish language apps can help you develop different skills, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

Additionally, these apps teach at different proficiency levels. So, identifying what you want from the app helps you know what to get started. Also, it is important to set goals. That way, you’re not just studying aimlessly, and you can easily review your progress along the line.

Study Resources and Tools

The best apps to learn Swedish provide tons of various resources and tools to help you learn the language within a short time. So, you can choose what resources you are comfortable learning with, such as flashcards, games, quizzes, audio files, videos, chatbots, and so on. Everyone has a unique way of learning, so as long as you choose an app that gives you the options you prefer, you can learn Swedish fast and easily.

Paid or Free Apps

Another thing you must consider before getting started with any Swedish language app is how much money you’re willing to commit to your education. There are amazing apps that require you to pay a subscription fee. Many apps, like those on this list, are worth the price. However, not everyone is willing to pay for Swedish lessons.

Thankfully, there are also free options that you can use to learn the language. Although they can be limited in terms of lessons and resources, they can come in handy for beginners. However, you can also take advantage of paid language apps that offer free trials and refund policies.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Apps to Learn Swedish

What is the overall best app to learn Swedish?

Hands down, the best app to learn Swedish is Babbel. This is because the app immerses you in the language from the very start, and you can start having conversations in a short time. Also, Babbel helps you learn to speak Swedish like native speakers without rushing your lessons or overloading you with too much information at once.

Is Swedish an easy language to learn?

Yes, it is. The US State Department classifies Swedish as one of the easy languages English speakers can learn. The main reason is that Swedish shares linguistic and cultural similarities with English. You can become fluent in Swedish within 24 to 30 weeks of consistent study and practice.

Can you learn Swedish for free?

Yes, you can. With free applications like Duolingo, you can sign up for free Swedish courses. Although they cover basic information like vocabulary and grammar, you might not get enough to become as fluent as native speakers. That’s why we recommend paid services like Babbel. Apart from its extensive lessons, it also allows you to try a lesson for free and provides a 20-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.


So, we’ve highlighted the ten best apps to learn Swedish and become fluent. These apps cover all the Swedish language’s important aspects and provide all the tools you need to get started. All you need to do now is to select which you prefer the most. If you’re still finding it hard to decide, the good news is that you can go ahead to combine two apps or incorporate other sources into your learning experience.

The most important thing is to start learning Swedish today and commit to studying until you achieve your goals.

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