The Best Language Learning Apps

Updated: 02. Nov, 2022

We are always learning, and we keep our eyes open to new platforms or apps for learning new languages. However, finding the right language learning app to learn a new language can sometimes be challenging. This is why we have made the search easier by compiling a list of the best language learning apps. You are probably familiar with some of these apps, but you might also find a new favorite.

While some people are readers, some prefer games and drills, and others prefer audio lessons. However, these language learning apps are designed to accommodate your personal learning style. Therefore, no matter your learning style or what resonates with you, there’s definitely an app for you. So, please keep reading to see our top language apps to help you become fluent as you begin your language learning journey.

What are the best Language Learning Apps?

Learning a new language for work, travel, or just fun can be an exciting project. Therefore, it is important you find just the right tools for easy learning. However, finding the right language learning app can feel overwhelming due to the many available apps. So, here are our best language apps to help you get started on your language learning adventure.


We live in a golden era for language learning with many language learning apps to choose from and begin learning. But Babbel is still one of the best choices for a lot of people when it comes to language apps. On Babbel, the lessons are short and easily digestible, with interactive quizzes to keep you on your toes.

Babbel offers customized lessons for the language’s specifics rather than lessons that teach the same vocabulary and phrases regardless of the language. In addition, you have an option to select among the 13 languages available on the app. This learning app helps to improve all your communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You will also learn basic language vocabulary that will help you become conversational quickly.

Babbel is the right app for you if your goal is to be able to navigate everyday situations effortlessly. The lessons on this app are short, insightful, and easy to understand. The free version of the app comprises about 40 classes, so you can still learn a new language without investing so much money. The Babbel courses teach from step-by-step language vocabulary and then include phrases and short dialogues.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one the oldest and best language learning apps that have been around for years and still making impacts. The longevity of the app indicates how efficiently and effectively the app works. No list of top and best language learning apps would be complete without mentioning Rosetta Stone. Now, the mobile app has been fully modernized with different modes and features.

Rosetta Stone has a lesson style that mimics how you would learn a foreign language without access to English. This lesson style includes associating spoken words with images without any direct connective tissue. Now, when you are able to achieve this level, you will be able to sign up for live-streamed classes with a language tutor.

Rosetta Stone is different from other language learning apps. While others teach languages through English, this app teaches languages from scratch as a native speaker would. You can also schedule with a live language tutor on this platform and shift your language learning to the next level. So, if your plan is to learn a new language, you can take advantage of connecting to live native speakers on this app. The speech recognition program is one of the exciting features of this language learning app. The speech recognition system can recognize the pronunciation and diction of non-native speakers.


This is yet another language app best for intermediate and advanced learners who wish to improve their language skills. The app has a great and friendly interface for watching videos with or without subtitles. 

On Lingopie, there is no guidance or placement exercise on where to start. You can begin and watch any videos you want in any order. You can also stop a video or change languages whenever you want. The user-friendly app’s interface makes it pleasant to use in taking your language lessons. There are so many exciting features on this app that make it a great choice of language app to try out. One of the features is the loop button that allows you to replay whatever line of dialogue is on the screen. You can play any dialogue over and over until you can pronounce the words perfectly.

Another feature is the speak sentence option, which allows you to hear the current line of dialogue in an automated computer voice. Finally, the mashup feature is limited to only selecting videos and showing English subtitles of a video. This feature is handy for language beginners not to feel overwhelmed with so many new words.


Mondly is another language learning app that takes a different and innovative approach to language learning. Mondly’s lessons focus on phrases rather than words, which is a practical tool for having better conversations quickly. You will appreciate this language learning app if you are also about learning the proper pronunciation. On Mondly, you will hear native speakers and practice having real conversations with AI chatbots. This AI chatbot uses speech recognition to access and coach your speeches.

Secondly, if English isn’t your first language, this app is handy for you. Many language apps teach languages from English alone and maybe a handful of other languages. However, Mondly allows you to learn any language of your choice from any of the 33 languages in the app’s list. This feature is pretty empowering. 

You will gain access to simple and basic lessons, and you will also be able to track your learning progress. This learning app has a friendly and intuitive interface with a user-friendly design. The app is pretty easy to navigate and will help you build a solid foundation while learning any language of your choice.


This is another old language learning platform that dates back to the days of tapes and CDs. Pimsleur is basically an audio learning platform like listening to a podcast. However, the learning experience has been upgraded, and you can take language lessons on the Pimsleur app. It is the best app for learning any language effectively and quickly. The courses on the learning app help improve your speaking and listening skills.

The courses on Pimsleur break down everyday conversations and teach you to speak any language comfortably and confidently. The app is flexible and strictly audio that you can take anywhere with you. Courses on this app feature only 30-minute audio lessons that teach core language vocabulary. The lessons on the app are designed to develop conversational skills and maximize retention. There are also enough printed learning materials as a learning bonus.


Busuu is another language learning app with a big speaking component that focuses on a lot of oral practice. The app divides its language courses into levels with many educative materials in a well-placed sequence. On Busuu, you will learn some basic language vocabulary that prepares you ahead of lesson dialog. After the lesson dialog stage, you can join the speaking practice with native speakers in the community.

Another exciting feature of Busuu is the mock conversation between two learners at the end of every lesson. It’s simple. All you have to do is record your part, the other person records their part, and then both parts are combined. Busuu offers complete courses in 12 languages and takes you through learning basic words to simple dialogues and questions. These lessons and dialogues include audio to listen to native pronunciation.

On Busuu, the courses are organized into different themes to learn expressions and skills connected to various tasks. In addition, every task comes with a mini travel course for those who need to get the basics. Busuu also has a feature that allows you to engage native speakers during your learning process.


This is one of the best language learning apps for everyone, irrespective of their skills and levels. If your language needs are beyond the core set, then Duolingo is the right app for you to try out. In addition, within these languages, there are lessons and courses with built-in mechanics that encourage you to return older content for practice.

However, the availability of great and exciting content is not Duolingo’s best feature. Duolingo is completely free, which is surprising because of the volume of languages and courses. The app has successfully captured a lot of people with its merged gamification and learning methods. The app is a real definition of mobile language learning with over 100 million users.

Another unique feature of Duolingo is that it is doesn’t serve only English native speakers. For every language on the app’s catalog, there are specific courses for those with different first languages. Although the app is not a complete language program, it will help you develop your vocabulary. It is an excellent and effective learning app for learning a new language. Every lesson and course on the app comprises practice questions and flashcards. The app is designed to be motivational and fun to ensure you have the best learning experience.


Memrise is the best language learning app for vocabulary practice. Although this app will help you become fluent in real-world scenarios, it doesn’t limit you to flashcards and quizzes. Instead, the lessons immerse you in several videos that feature real-life scenarios with native speakers. This learning method will help you understand words, phrases, and sentences spoken by native speakers. In addition, you will be able to evaluate your speaking skills with the pronunciation mode feature.

On Memrise, there is no shortage of lessons on almost every possible language. There are also several courses devoted entirely to constructed languages. So, you can find courses based on vocabulary frequency lists and popular language textbooks. The language learning app follows a learning method that creates a bizarre association with words. The courses and funny memes on the app are designed to help you remember the vocabulary. In addition, the community creates these memes so that everyone can add theirs.

The fun of the app lies in memes and gamification, while the power lies in spaced repetition and mnemonics. In addition, you can also follow and compete with fellow learners for points and see how you are doing. We all know how motivating it is to outscore others. There are about 23 languages to choose from with the free version or paid plan.


Preply is another excellent language learning app for anyone who wishes to become fluent in any language of their choice. One of this app’s most exciting features is connecting to professional language tutors and native speakers. Furthermore, you can have a one-on-one video lesson with these tutors and native speakers on this platform. The search feature on Preply enables you to choose your language tutors based on different factors. These factors include their availability, cost, popularity, and if they’re native speakers.

You can also go through these courses with your tutors on different subjects like grammar, speaking practice, and many more. On Preply, there are courses for all levels and skills – beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. In addition, Preply enables you to get personalized instruction and immediate feedback from your language tutor. You can also book a trial lesson with a new tutor, and if you are not satisfied with the lessons, you can get a refund. You may also want to get a replacement tutor for zero charges. So, with all these exciting features, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Factors to consider when choosing a language learning app

Learning a new language can be fun and a new way to exercise your brain. However, whether you are learning for fun or for curiosity, you should always invest your time and money in the right apps. There are many language apps, but how do you decide the best for you? Here is a list of things to consider when choosing a language app.


First, is the language you wish to learn widely spoken or obscure? If your goal is learning an uncommon language, it might be hard to find language apps for that. However, finding an app that will help you acquire language skills is not impossible. In essence, you shouldn’t rush to learn a lesser-known language. Keep in mind that the more obscure, the lesser resources you might be able to find.


In this digital era, we are all living busy lives. So, if you have decided to learn a new language as a hobby or in preparation for a trip abroad, you need as little pressure and encouragement as possible. Therefore, when investigating language learning apps, you have also to decide how much time you are willing to spend on the app.


Yes, you have found that language app that checks all your criteria. Now, you are set to download and begin learning. You can start with enough free lessons to get a feel of the app or until it is time to subscribe. Now, you can decide if the language app is worth your money or if you are taking two steps backward. Just remember that if you decide to purchase the app, be sure to determine if you’ll have access to the app via subscription or a one-time payment.


You cannot expect to become fluent in any language by using a language learning app alone. Language learning apps are helpful and handy for beginners or just brushing up on lessons and skills you already have. However, the best way to become fluent in any language is to get first-hand experience in the language and culture.

Final Thought

Regardless of what language you want to learn, there is always a language learning app for you. Each app has its different specialties and serves a different purpose. First, decide which language you wish to learn or develop, then you can use the list to find the best option. So, head to the app store on your iPhone or Android devices, download, and begin your language journey.


Can I become fluent with language learning apps?

It all depends on the app you are using. There are different language apps that specialize in different areas, such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

Which language app is the best free language learning app?

The best free language app is Duolingo. The app offers the most language content for free.

Do Language apps really work?

Yes, these language apps provide a solid starting point for anyone who wishes to learn a new language.

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