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Can You Get a Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

Updated: 03. Nov, 2022

Babbel is one of the top-grossing language learning apps in the world. The language learning app helps millions of language learners to speak and understand a new language quickly. In addition, it teaches language basics that help learners handle everyday life situations.  

Learning a foreign language comes with many benefits. It helps you communicate with people of different cultures and allows you to experience the world differently. Picking up a new language besides your native language can also help you professionally as you can get ahead of the competition. Thankfully, with a Babbel lifetime subscription, you can brush up on your language skills and learn any language anytime you want.

Can I Get a Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

It’s true that you can’t put a price on knowledge. However, if you could, getting a lifetime of language learning for $199 is not a bad idea. Unlike many other language learning apps, Babbel offers language lovers a lifetime subscription. With this lifetime subscription, you can access all the language courses on the app.

You can also choose any language to begin with, and eventually work your way through all the languages. The lessons on Babbel are straightforward and will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Babbel is designed to fit language learning into your daily activities. With a Babbel lifetime subscription, you are able to have conversational skills taught by actual native speakers in your target choice.

As you keep learning, you will learn words, concepts, and phrases that you will likely use in real life. These real-life situations include asking for directions, chatting about life and family, or shopping. On Babbel, you will work through podcasts, exercises, and podcasts to learn any language of your choice. You will also improve your communication skills with Babbel’s speech recognition technology. Babbel emphasizes pronunciation; that way, you won’t have to embarrass yourself when you decide to use your new skills. Babbel’s lifetime subscription is worth the price with all the features and access to different languages.

How Much is Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

So, are you ready to begin your language learning journey and go international? What if you could get a deal to learn French and other languages for just $199? Babbel is offering new members a deal of a lifetime. You can now access all languages and exciting features Babbel offers for as low as $199. 

The cheapest Babbel subscription option for language lovers is the lifetime subscription. The $199 Babbel lifetime offer includes access to all 14 languages, including Italian, Swedish, and Russian. Usually, you would pay $6.95 for a year, $50.70 for six months, $29.85 for three months, and $13.95 for a month. However, this $199 is the best and cheapest deal on this popular language learning app. New Babbel subscribers are eligible for this lifetime offer.

Babbel is ready to help you get fluent in different languages of your choice, from French to Italian to Spanish. You can take quick advantage of this great offer and snag a lifetime subscription to learn all 14 languages on Babbel.

With this offer, you can access more than 10,000 hours of Babbel’s language courses on your desktop and mobile. Whether you have a low language skills level or are a bit rusty with your target language, the Babbel lifetime subscription includes tools and features for all language skills. A $119 deal is excellent for anyone to expand their language skill sets and enjoy doing it.

However, if you wish to try out Babbel before opting for a lifetime subscription, you can access a few lessons for free. Although, you may not have complete access to all of Babbel’s incredible features, which limits the free trial. However, you can always request your money back if you are unhappy with the services. The language learning app offers a 20-day money-back guarantee.

Benefits of Babbel Lifetime Subscription

Babbel’s 10-15 minutes lessons are the perfect option for anyone with a busy schedule. The inclusion of the speech recognition technology also helps improve your pronunciation skills so you can sound like a native speaker. Also, you are able to learn at your own pace with the assurance that your progress is saved and will be synchronized across all your devices.

Do you feel like going away from the internet? Well, you do not have a problem as you can download all your language courses and review items before doing so. Furthermore, you can use all your downloaded lessons offline.

Babbel’s curriculum teaches language lovers with simple conversational tools. Users can apply lessons learned on the app to common topics such as travel, sightseeing, food, and exercises. This helps learners gain a solid foundation and understanding of their target language before becoming fluent.

In addition, the lessons on Babbel are delivered in the form of a quiz that can be accessed through your smartphone with internet connectivity. The language courses are divided into topics and specific lessons. Each of these lessons focus on specific skills of the target language. For example, the French curriculum offers a vocabulary section with over 20 courses that provide learners with a wide range of materials. These learning materials include lessons on greeting, lifestyles, and other daily activities.

Furthermore, Babbel also has a review feature with additional exercises that learners can try out after learning the language. For example, language lovers can do the written exercises, practice the spoken-response exercise or use a flashcard.

Compared to other subscription plans on Babbel, a Babbel lifetime subscription saves you money while you learn on your own schedule. Plus, with the subsidized amount, you can learn a new language anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if your pace is slower or faster; you definitely make all the rules while learning. You can take your time while practicing the exercises attached to your lifetime subscription.

Finally, being able to learn 14 languages gives you the confidence to experience the world differently. Although Babbel courses focus on the modern tongue of your target language, you can rest assured that native speakers can understand whatever you learn on this app.

What Languages Can I Learn with Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

When you subscribe to a Babbel lifetime subscription, you gain full access to all the 14 languages it offers. However, as a lifetime subscriber, you can select which language you wish to begin with and eventually move to another. After all, you have a lifetime to learn 14 languages.

The 14 languages that Babbel offers include English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Indonesian. While learning any language of your choice, you can fit the 15 minutes class into your schedule. Babbel designed every course for each language in your native language. This is because your native language influences how you learn a new language.

For example, French speakers learn Russian in a different way than English speakers do. However, all language courses are designed to help English speakers more effectively and efficiently. There are over 60,000 language lessons with a variety of topics from the basics to work, travel, living abroad, relationships, and other lessons about culture. There are also designated courses to help improve your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

The courses are available for every skill level, like beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. However, if you are trying to brush up on a language you have learned, you can take Babbel refresher courses. The refresher courses are designed for jogging your latent memory.

Can I Use my Babbel Account on Multiple Devices?

Considering you have a group of friends that are language lovers and aspiring to learn a common language, you can decide to pay for the lifetime subscription and share the account. It’s possible to share your Babbel account on as many devices as you want. You have to ensure that everyone opens a Babbel account with a single email address.

Now, when anyone logs in, they have to log in with the same email address used to create the Babbel account. Furthermore, if you are using Babbel across several devices, your progress is saved, and you can continue from where you left off.

Babbel designs its language lessons for each learner instead of different users. So, every learner chooses their language goals, and then Babbel gives the learner a special curriculum designed for them. The curriculum is also built around a learner’s native language, so the lessons are on grammar and language concepts you already know.

This makes it quite difficult to share an account with someone, except everyone in the group has the same language goal. Babbel can also be used online by simply switching to the offline mode on the app. This automatically downloads your lessons, and you can complete your lessons anywhere after being downloaded.

Is Babbel Lifetime Subscription Worth It?

We live in a digital world, and even learning can be done from the comfort of your home. Learning a new language on the go is now possible as long as you have all the right devices and internet services. If you are among the people who have decided to learn from home, then the Babbel lifetime subscription is definitely for you. A Babbel lifetime subscription is worth every dollar for many reasons. Besides gaining access to 14 languages, you will also enjoy all the features of a lifetime subscription.

Babbel is one of the most effective methods of learning a new language. The comprehensive learning system blends the educational approaches with incredible technology. Learning a foreign language with Babbel ensures you speak and become conversational in no time. Therefore, having a lifetime subscription to this language learning app ensures you keep learning any language of your choice.

If you are determined to learn a new language and comfortable learning online, it is worth paying for a Babbel lifetime subscription. Babbel language app is completely virtual, and you have to be able to hold yourself accountable and remain consistent with learning. Babbel lifetime is one of the most affordable ways to learn a foreign language if you wish to save money.

With Babbel, you can study when it’s convenient. The exercises on Babbel can sometimes be challenging, but you will end up learning language-specific words, concepts, and phrases. The speech recognition system also ensures your pronunciation is appropriate. In addition, there are different levels ranging from beginner to advanced. All these incredible features make choosing the Babbel lifetime subscription completely worth it.

Alternatives to the Babbel Lifetime Subscription

Although Babbel is a well-established and affordable language learning app, other alternatives exist. There are other alternatives to the Babbel language app out there. In addition, there are language learning apps that offer incredible subscription deals that may not offer lifetime subscriptions. Here are alternatives to a Babbel lifetime subscription.


Mondly offers a lifetime subscription to all its languages for $99.99. The language app uses speech recognition to listen to your words and sentences. Then, the app gives feedback only if you speak clearly and correctly. This way, you will know how to speak properly and be understood when you converse in the real world. The app is designed with a list of professional native speakers and conversation-focused lessons. 

Mondly offers about 33 different languages for learners to select and begin learning. A lifetime subscription on Mondly gives you full access to all the 41 languages for life. You also get complete access to all the updates and features of Mondly, and will be saving up money when you subscribe to a Mondly lifetime subscription.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone language learning also offers a lifetime subscription for $189. The lifetime subscription includes unlimited access to 24 languages and a premium micro book library. Rosetta Stone is a language learning app that teaches you to quickly read, speak, and write a new language. The app also includes incredible courses that help you cover important language topics and reading materials. So you are ready to begin your language learning journey with these excellent features.


This is another language learning app that offers a lifetime subscription for $99.99. It uses a three-step and intuitive approach that helps you learn a new language quickly and naturally. The language app offers 22 different language courses for language lovers. The app adapts to your learning style and gives just the right challenge. This way, you remain motivated and make progress faster in your language learning journey.


Babbel caters to many language learners. It is an incredible language learning tool with a fair price, especially its lifetime subscription. Babbel makes picking up a new language less stressful and fun. The app has some downsides but has a good approach to understanding a new language.

If you plan to make a long-term investment in yourself, then the Babbel lifetime subscription is the best option. You will not only save money, but also get the best value for your investment. Likewise, learning a new language is the best way to see the world differently and widen your horizon, and a Babbel lifetime subscription is the best investment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Babbel Lifetime Subscription

Is a Babbel lifetime subscription worth it?

For $199, a Babbel lifetime subscription is totally worth it. Babbel’s lifetime subscription gives you full access to all the languages available on Babbel. You also get to enjoy all the amazing features and extras on Babbel.

Can I use Babbel on different devices?

You can use Babbel on several devices. What you do is log into your Babbel account for the different devices. Then, it automatically syncs all your learning progress. Hence, when you sign in to your account on another device, you pick up from where you left off.

Can Babbel make me fluent?

Babbel is a good language learning app that teaches a solid foundation in your target language. However, you will need to add other resources to become fluent in your target language. Babbel helps improve your conversational skills with lessons that cover writing, listening, speaking, and reading.

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