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No Icelandic on Duolingo? See These Alternatives

Updated: 23. Feb, 2023

Icelandic is the official language of the Republic of Iceland. It is a member of the Germanic language family and also one of the Nordic languages. Icelandic adheres more closely to its Indo-European linguistic origins than most other Germanic languages do.

Icelandic is closely linked to German, Norwegian, and Faroese. Hence, if you know one of these languages, you can learn Icelandic faster. 

Icelandic is often said to be the purest language in existence. This is because other languages have not had a big impact on it, and the language is yet to see much alteration. Due to Icelandic’s excellent preservation over the past millennium, modern Icelanders don’t have any trouble reading old Icelandic texts.

If you are interested in learning Icelandic, there are many resources you can use. Language-learning apps provide an easy and fun way to learn languages like Icelandic. Duolingo is a very popular language-learning app. It offers numerous language learning courses for various languages.

But can you learn Icelandic on Duolingo? In this article, we will examine if Duolingo offers this language to its users.

Is the Icelandic Course on Duolingo?

Duolingo provides numerous self-paced tasks to assist you in developing a foundational knowledge of dozens of languages or brushing up on one you already know.

It offers courses for 36 languages for English-speaking users, excluding those used in fictional works of literature. From the beginning, Duolingo was advertised as a completely free program. The app makers have kept their word and only transitioned to an advertising model and launching a premium service – Duolingo Plus. But it is not necessary to upgrade to Duolingo Plus to learn languages. You can use the free version, inputting only your email address and password.

Sadly, you cannot learn Icelandic on Duolingo. Do not feel discouraged, though. Many other equally excellent alternatives to Duolingo will make learning Icelandic fun.

The Best Duolingo Alternatives to Learn Icelandic

As you know, Icelandic is not presently one of the languages offered on Duolingo. You can use these fantastic Duolingo alternatives instead of depending only on Duolingo.


There isn’t an official Icelandic course available on Memrise. However, the community-based platform’s vocabulary, grammar, and interaction training collection can get you started. You have a well-rounded approach to learning Icelandic since you can choose from classes, games, and media. There are different fluency levels as well, so you can keep improving. Regardless of your level of proficiency, you will have access to a wider range of educational resources than Duolingo generally provides.


You can increase your knowledge of Icelandic using Clozemaster. It offers a sizable library of texts and phrases that can improve your vocabulary via tasks requiring you to fill in the blanks. For instance, you may choose vocabulary corresponding to your present Icelandic level and practice with the Most Common Words collections. 

Clozemaster adds some flavor by letting you accumulate points for leveling up. You will move on to the next level faster if you get more points. When you arrive, you’ll even get to view a motivating meme.


Pimsleur is an excellent audio program that will teach you Icelandic from day one. Anyone who wishes to concentrate on speaking the language would benefit greatly from taking this course. Pimsleur offers are important if you want to communicate with native speakers. 

Using Pimsleur’s core audio courses, you can learn to read, speak, and comprehend the language in a stress-free and authentic manner. The software promises that you’ll be fluent and speak confidently at the end since it uses a technique backed with scientific support.


Drops is a language-learning software with a unique method of instruction. It is geared toward visual learners. With Drops, you won’t have any problem remembering Icelandic words and phrases since it’s packed with eye-catching visuals, engaging lessons, and simple word games to make learning fun. 

To improve your accent, Drops offers interactions with native speakers and pronunciation aids. This is one of the best free software that teaches you Icelandic vocabulary and word association in a lively, vibrant, and enjoyable manner.

Label Icelandic

Label Icelandic provides a thorough and simple-to-follow tutorial to walk you through the fundamentals. It is suitable for beginners. Furthermore, Label offers exercises on Theory Reinforcement, Vocabulary, and Translation to aid skill mastery. 

You may also improve your pronunciation by utilizing the audio voice-over tool. Overall, this program is a very effective grammatical supplement to your study. Before moving on to the next level, Label Icelandic academic, perceptive, and concentrated approach will ensure you comprehend every lesson.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a relatively new app that simplifies Icelandic learning. Its unique feature is the employment of a color-coding scheme to aid in identifying linguistic patterns. Moreover, it’s a wonderful place to study vocabulary, grammar, and interaction. 

Mango Languages offers a tailored language-learning experience by using algorithms. It has daily customized review sessions to keep you active. So, language learners can participate in daily tests to measure their progress and even have live discussions with native speakers from all around the globe.  

Final Thoughts

Just because Duolingo does not currently offer a course in Icelandic does not mean you should abandon your hopes of learning the language. Instead, you can achieve your goals quicker by using one of the alternatives to Duolingo that are discussed in this post.

Duolingo Icelandic – FAQ

Is Icelandic easy to learn?

Icelandic is challenging for English speakers to learn. Most people would find the language difficult because of its old vocabulary, long words, intricate syntax, and distinctive pronunciation.

It has very lengthy words, complicated conjugations, and distinctive pronunciations. This is probably because it doesn’t employ loanwords and preserves Old Norse’s archaic features. Also, some of the syllables are spoken very differently from how you would normally speak them in English. Nonetheless, this should not discourage you from learning the language. 

How long does it take to learn Icelandic?

The Foreign Service Institute estimates it will take around 1100 study hours (or 44 weeks) to become fluent in Icelandic. That seems like a lot of time to devote to learning a language. However, your required time may change based on your ability to learn new languages and the available tools.

Is learning Icelandic worth it?

Icelandic is undoubtedly a useful language to learn, even though many people do not speak it globally. Only a few people speak Icelandic globally, so there are many opportunities for you if you learn it. Being multilingual has obvious cognitive advantages. Firstly, it helps keep off dementia and Alzheimer’s. You learn more about Icelandic culture and history as you gain greater language proficiency. Icelandic also looks fantastic on a resume. With your expertise, you can make a good impression at a job interview and bargain for a better salary.

Why can’t I learn Icelandic on Duolingo?

There are currently no known plans to create an Icelandic course on Duolingo. This is true even though several Duolingo users have expressed dissatisfaction with absence of Icelandic Duolingo on different language learning forums and to Duolingo directly on social media.

There are several possible reasons. Learning the language is challenging. Even if a native speaker is teaching you, it’s one of the toughest languages for English speakers to master. Also, it could be challenging to truly teach Icelandic using Duolingo’s approach since this format is not ideal for more difficult languages.

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