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No Lithuanian on Duolingo: Here Are 5 Great Alternatives

Updated: 23. Feb, 2023

Lithuanian is a member of the family of Baltic languages. There are now only two Baltic languages in use – Lithuanian and Latvian. Although before, Baltic languages included Galindian, Old Prussian, Yotvingian, Skalvian, Selonian, and Semigallian. All these languages have become extinct. There are millions of Lithuanian speakers in Lithuania and the wider world.  

As one of the oldest surviving Indo-European languages, Lithuanian is of considerable interest to linguists. Learning Lithuanian can be great. The language sounds incredibly soothing. It also has a melodic quality that intrigues non-native speakers. This is why so many linguistics students are interested in learning Icelandic. The language’s archaic characteristics make it a valuable subject of research in the discipline of linguistics. Also, when you learn the language, you learn more about the Lithuanian people, their culture, and their history.

It might be difficult for people who want to study this language to locate the right resources. Fortunately, if you want to learn how to speak and write Icelandic, you can use language-learning apps. Duolingo is a common pick. Nonetheless, it can be disappointing to learn that Duolingo does not offer Lithuanian.

Below, we will look at some of the alternatives you can use to learn Lithuanian.

Is Lithuanian Course on Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the top online resources for language learning. It contains a number of methods and tools that make it easier for you to repeat and review what you practice on a regular basis. It also serves as a daily reminder to do brief tests and assess your progress. Many people worldwide now consider it a reliable language-learning tool.

Duolingo constantly reminds you to practice by sending you reminders. It also assists users by providing them with various pronunciations and phrases to make comprehending languages simpler. 

You can monitor your progress on Duolingo. Also, you can check out the leaderboard to see how you’re doing compared to your friends. Duolingo is unquestionably a great app that makes learning difficult languages entertaining and simple.

There are 37 courses available on the Duolingo language learning app for English speakers. For speakers of other languages, the Duolingo app also offers language programs. These include  French for Portuguese speakers, Chinese for Japanese speakers, and English for Czech speakers. Unfortunately, there are a lot more languages that you cannot learn on Duolingo. You cannot learn Lithuanian, Latvian, Georgian, Albanian, etc., on Duolingo.

Students used to the game-like learning on Duolingo may find this frustrating. Fortunately, there are apps that are similar to Duolingo where you can learn Lithuanian. 

The Best Duolingo Alternatives to Learn Lithuanian

The options below are interactive and can help you learn Lithuanian instead of Duolingo. However, each app takes a somewhat different approach, making learning Lithuanian all the more fruitful and fun.


If you want to develop your communication abilities, this app is ideal. After learning Lithuanian with Mondly for some time, you’ll lose your shyness about interacting with locals and be ready to start some fantastic discussions. The app adjusts your daily lessons based on your current proficiency level to hasten the acquisition of your Lithuanian language skills and aid in key memorization. It even has a scoreboard of competitors for times when you need a little push. In addition, you can practice communication skills using its hands-free structure.

Ling App

Ling App is ideal if you want to master grammatical principles, sentence structure, and verbs and enhance your language skills. You’ll feel like you’re playing a fun game while using the Ling App to learn a language. With Ling, you can study Lithuanian at your pace. You can monitor your progress and record the vocabulary and grammar you are learning as you complete each session. The chatbot is another fantastic feature of the Ling App that you can use to practice your Lithuanian language abilities as if you were conversing with a local speaker.

Simply Learn

If you want to learn a language using a phrasebook, Simply Learn is an excellent option for learning Lithuanian. This app can be a quick and effective way to brush up on your language skills before a vacation. You can learn all the most frequent words and phrases in Simply Learn. You will learn common terminologies for every circumstance as native speakers create it. Additionally, to help you develop your listening abilities, this app provides crisp, high-quality audio for all the words and phrases used by Lithuanian native speakers.


Memrise is an online tool for learning languages that employs entertaining games to aid users in learning their chosen languages. You can learn vocabulary, grammar, and phrases in Lithuanian by taking one of the many free courses available. Memrise is incredibly engaging and gradually teaches new terms, so you have time to learn them. 

Additionally, you can put what you’ve learned into practice. Both beginners and advanced learners will find very useful and engaging courses on Memrise. If you’ve ever used Memrise, you know that the app includes a motivating feature that forces you to open the lesson each day so that you can continue practicing as usual.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to put your plans to learn Lithuanian on hold, because there is no  Duolingo Lithuanian. Even the expectation that Duolingo intends to update its courses should not make you do this. Instead, using the Duolingo alternatives above will make learning Lithuanian fast and simple.

Duolingo Lithuanian – FAQ

Why is Lithuanian not on Duolingo?

The absence of Lithuanian on Duolingo is difficult to explain. However, it could be due to the Duolingo focus on languages with high demand. Lithuanian is the oldest existing Indo-European language. As a result, teaching it may be difficult since many fundamental resources are outdated and weren’t necessarily designed for students who aren’t native English speakers. When badly taught, its intricate grammatical rules—including those about grammatical gender, declension, and dual-form nouns, can be difficult to comprehend.

Also, Duolingo’s volunteer contributor program was discontinued as a result of internal developments. In other words, the company aimed to depend more on its staff which could be limiting.

What language is closest to Lithuanian?

Latvian is the closest language to Lithuanian. However, the two languages are incomparable. But both are believed to have descended from the hypothetical Proto-Balto-Slavic ancestor.

Why is the Lithuanian language so special?

The Lithuanian language is like a workout for the brain. Its archaic letters and unusual-sounding words exercise our brains. The language is truly old and is similar to the classical Indian language Sanskrit, as well as ancient Latin and Greek to some extent.

The differences between Lithuanian and Latvian can be summarized broadly by saying that Lithuanian is far more archaic than Latvian. They do share a great deal of vocabulary and grammar features. Still, they are not mutually intelligible enough to make conversation possible.

Is Lithuanian hard to learn?

Many think of Lithuanian as an extremely difficult language to learn because of its complexity. The situation is different, however. You can start speaking Lithuanian quickly if you put in the effort, and you will also discover that it’s an easy language to learn. You can learn Lithuanian in a year if you study hard. For a quicker language learning process, you may also read Lithuanian literature aloud each day.

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