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How to Learn a Language on Your Android Phone

Updated: 14. Nov, 2022

Your phone is perhaps your most loyal ally. After all, you always have it with you. You can do almost anything with your Android smartphone since technology has made life so simple. So, instead of going to a language-learning school, you can learn a new language on your Android phone. There is an incredible and abundant number of online and offline language learning tools on our phones.

With your phones, you can easily maintain your access to language-learning resources at your fingertips. These language learning resources offer unlimited access to a wide range of free or inexpensive tools, applications, and features

In addition, your phone is one of the most adaptable language learning tools available. This is the case whether you are studying via Android applications or listening to language audiobooks as your commute.

Learning new languages offers numerous benefits. So, in today’s post, you will learn how to use your Android phone to learn a new language

11 Tips to Learn a Language on Your Android Phone

There are efficient ways to maximize learning new languages on your Android phone. These ways include the following: 

1. Choose a Language to Learn

Before you choose any medium to learn new languages on your phone, you must decide what language you want to learn. By selecting a certain language, you can learn it quickly and become proficient in it. It also ensures that you have definite goals as you apply your learning efforts. 

2. Consider Language Learning Apps

Language applications teach numerous languages. Usually, the user interface of language applications is simple and unique. Thus, these apps are usually engaging and fun to use.

There are several language-learning apps for Android smartphones. These apps can help you consistently practice the languages you want to learn, and improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. In addition, some of these apps offer free services to users. Also, with some language learning apps, you can have both online and offline access for free.

But you can choose to subscribe to premium plans. The premium versions cost a lot less money than a professional tutored language course. Furthermore, apps for learning languages sometimes feature messages from native speakers explaining the correct use of words and phrases that are difficult to understand. Moreover, these apps let you study at your speed.

3. Try Multiple Learning Methods

There are various techniques for learning a language on your phone. Combining several techniques is the best approach to building a more diverse set of skills since each method has a different emphasis and can provide you with a distinctive viewpoint on your target language.

Therefore, do not be afraid to try out new things. Using the first app or website you see and avoiding others may be tempting. But if you do this, you risk missing out on some of the best learning techniques. Even if you like your current method of study, there is no assurance that you will not find another technique that you will like better and can hasten your understanding of the language. 

4. Customize your Phone Settings/Features

Your phone already contains several features that you can use to learn a language. Your lock screen is a good example. For instance, you can set your phone’s lock screen to a vocabulary list to help you learn new terms every time you see the screen. In addition, you can change your lock screen to a screenshot of any words you want to learn.

Additionally, you can tweak your background settings. It is possible to alter the background of your phone to a vocabulary list, but do not let it be too text-heavy. You can use the same fundamental steps as when changing the lock screen to do this. 

5. Take Advantage of YouTube

YouTube for Android teaches users new things, including language learning. Language learners can benefit from YouTube in several ways. For example, you can watch movies with or without subtitles in the language that you are learning. Additionally, you can access free classes that certified and experienced instructors put up on YouTube.

6. Fun & Educational Websites

Many entertaining and educational websites provide free language materials. Pinterest is a good example. All languages on Pinterest have infographics that concisely illustrate linguistic concepts using lessons, terminology, visuals, and diagrams. So, you can frequently use these platforms on your Android phone.

7. Listen to Music Lyrics

Listening to your favorite musicians sing is a fantastic language-learning method. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you can learn by listening to Spanish music, reading the lyrics, and following along with the song. This way, you can pick up new vocabulary and pronunciations. While reading the lyrics, you can view music videos on YouTube and other free streaming websites.

8. Join Online Communities and Chat Groups Practice

Speaking as much as possible and engaging in conversation are two of the finest strategies for learning any new language. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and a few others provide users access to native speakers chit-chatting informally. You can practice with other language learners and instructors through Skype or Google Hangouts. Moreover, there are dedicated chat groups for language learners that are free to join.

9. Consider Learning with Friends to Compare and Monitor Progress

Learning a language with your friend is an interesting way to learn a new language. Several apps allow friends to learn together and take exercise together.

You can compare your performance with a friend who is learning the same language as you. Thus, you will be able to monitor what proficiency levels you both are on at different stages. This is a great method to make studying more pleasant, and your competitive nature can encourage you to put in a little more effort in the classroom.

10. Change your Apps Language Settings

You can change the language of your phone as a whole. Thus, you will be operating your Android phone in the language you are learning. However, if you are not ready to make that major change, you can only do it for a few select applications.

Open the “Settings” menu on your phone to change the language settings. From there, choose “System” or “General management” by scrolling down. Note that this varies by device. Select “Language and Input” after that. You can then modify and add languages from there. Changing your language settings can help you learn a ton of new words and phrases by switching languages.

11. Use Google Keep & Evernote for Vocabulary Lists

Learning a language requires retaining new words. So, you can regularly examine and add new terms to the list if you keep an organized list of new words on your phone. With the words you add to the list, you can start building your own mini-dictionary, which will help you quickly amass a useful list of terms you use often and can easily memorize.


An Android phone can transform your life. You can learn new things, including a new language, on your phone. Nonetheless, you need to know how to fully maximize your phone to learn new languages. We discussed the best and most effective ways above. 

Some of these methods include using language-learning apps, websites, YouTube, music, etc. You can learn with any of these techniques on your own schedule. And you can start now!

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