Lingualift Review: A Complete Guide (for 2023)

Updated: 07. Mar, 2023

LinguaLift is an excellent language app with a lot of resources to help you begin your language learning journey. It is a helpful platform for language beginners, although not so ideal for intermediate or advanced learners. Nevertheless, LinguaLift is well developed and will help you kickstart reading and listening skills in any language you choose.

In addition, it provides access to language tutors on the app, which improves writing. So it doesn’t matter if you are only brushing up on your Spanish or learning German, the app makes learning easy and fun. We have put together a detailed LinguaLift review to help you decide if the language app is worth it. There are a series of great and exciting features, and this review will walk you through the entire platform.

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What is Lingualift?

Lingualift is a digital, online, and interactive coursebook for language self-learners. This digital coursebook isn’t the usual learning platform; it was written after much research. As a result, the learning style is incredibly accessible, with complicated grammar points written more straightforwardly. Lingualift prepares you for the real world and real conversations. It is an incredible tool that will guide every step of your language journey. Lingualift is more than a language app; it is a complete language learning program for beginners.

A screnshot of the Lingualift learning experience.

The app guides a lot of busy language learners through a well-structured course. With this guide, you will always be in the know on what to do next. Lingualift teaches Japanese, Russian, and other languages with a repetition algorithm to help you remember vocabulary longer. The lessons focus on daily and common language vocabulary to help learners achieve their speaking goals. The app is also rich in cultural information. This ensures that language acquisition is paired with a good understanding of the differences and quirks that makes the language special.

Lingualift is also designed with a built-in accountability system for learners to get automated emails. The user interface is neatly designed with a daily streak widget showing your study level. The language app offers Japanese, Hebrew, and other language lessons. However, your subscription gives you full access to tutors that can help you understand any difficult grammar lesson. With this learning app, you have a better experience of learning languages online. In addition, Lingualift offers several grammar explanations of different languages. Finally, you will have a firm grip on conversational skills with practice.

Free trial
Learning structure
Lessons are based on specially designed hybrid innovative language learning
Oral learning
Avaliable on devices
iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android
Recommended for
People who are looking for personalized language learning, but looking for the freedom to study independently.


Lingualift subscription plans

The Lingualift learning app is intuitive and easy to understand, and its pricing is no different. Language learners on this app can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription cycle. After subscription, you gain access to all available courses and a customized path to the Lingualift app. However, we recommended opting for the yearly billing cycle to get the best price. The annual subscription costs about $17 per month, which is a 43% discount from the monthly plan.

The Lingualift learning app’s cost is based on your subscription length. For example, the billing cycle for a month is $19:99, while the rate for three months is $50.97. On the other hand, the subscription for six months is $89.94, while the yearly subscription is $155.88. Therefore, the longer your subscription, the lesser you pay for each month. You can also try the Lingualift free version and take free lessons before opting for a subscription. In addition, Lingualift offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to opt out if you are unhappy with the outcome.

Free Trial

Before you subscribe to the language app, note that Lingualift offers a free trial of its lessons. The free version consists of an eBook about your target language and free lessons from the official app course. Once you complete the free lessons, you can choose to proceed with the premium Lingualift subscription or not.


Lingualift does not offer any discounts on its language packages currently. The price does not change throughout the year, and there are no referral incentives. However, the amount you pay each month decreases if you decide to pay for three, six, or twelve months at once. Lingualift tries to be fair to everyone by offering the best price possible for every language learner on the app.

Refund Policy

Once you purchase a subscription and decide to opt out, you can request a refund. For example, the Lingualift language app offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its language courses. All you have to do is contact app support to request a refund. However, you must do this within 30 days of your original subscription.

How Lingualift Works

Lingualift, unlike some other language apps, may not offer interactive games, but it is designed with great content and an easy-to-understand explanation. Furthermore, the language lessons on this app were created from scratch in their respective countries. So, the programs are entirely different, with a keen focus on language and cultural features. With this app, learners not only learn the language but also learn interesting facts about the country and culture.

It took quite a long time to build and design each course. So, the language app currently offers courses in five languages. Other languages and courses are already in motion. In addition, Lingualift launches new language programs based on popular demand. The app begins the course by focusing on basic grammar and characters for languages that do not use the Latin alphabet. Explanations on this app are straightforward, informal, and easy to understand. As you move forward, new vocabulary gets gradually added. This method aids a better understanding of lessons learned.

The registration process is quite forward.

All the lessons on the app have one thing in common — exercises at the end of each class. The app also consists of videos with native speakers speaking the language in real-life situations. The concept is to expose learners to the language as quickly as possible. It is an easy and effective way to familiarize yourself with some words while having fun. Lingualift exceeds other language apps when it comes to its tutors.

Lingualift Review – Course Structure

Every course on this app is designed differently and does not follow the same structure. However, the courses all share the same guidelines. Lingualift’s courses are divided into basic, intermediate to advanced levels. Each level contains about 25 lessons for each course. For example, the Russian course offers four levels which are 100 lessons in total. Each lesson takes about 10-15 minutes. Hence, learners are expected to spend approximately 25 hours completing the course. However, it may take a bit longer to complete the training since most of it is done online.

Lingualift has a vast option of lessons. Here you can see screenshot of some of them.

Every lesson on the app follows a similar path. First, you get the topic explained in simpler terms. Next, learners take a quick assessment to ensure they understand what they just read. Also, the assessment evaluates how well they retained the material. The next step is to introduce you to a piece about the cultural characteristics of your target country. This is followed by both alphabet and vocabulary exercises. 

Every learner on the app has a different learning experience. This is because it provides personalized roadmaps for every learner. The personalized roadmap is an effective and exciting way to ensure that language learners learn at their own pace.

Lingualift Features

Lingualift is designed to make the language learning journey more rewarding, immersive, and customized. Therefore, some tools help every learner on the app achieve their goals in their language choice. A customized study plan also includes other learning tools and resources to ensure swift learning. Lingualift is an incredible place to begin learning because it can help you find the best path to achieve language fluency. Here are some of Lingualift’s features.

Screnshots of some og Lingualift’s features.

Language Learning eBook

When you subscribe to Lingualift, you receive a copy of the app eBook. The eBook is known as Language Learning Secrets and is customized for each language. The eBook is a review of how to learn your preferred language. It is an introduction to Lingualift and is definitely worth a grab.

Road Map to Language Fluency

After reading through the eBook, the next thing to do is to complete a questionnaire. These questions are to evaluate your language learning goals, reasons for choosing to learn the language, study habits, and schedule. With this information, Lingualift designs a personalized study plan for you called Road Map to Fluency. The study plan includes a weekly study schedule, resources, recommended learning tools, and a long-term path to fluency. The study plan is a helpful guide, especially for people who love to structure their learning and follow a schedule.

Lessons and Exercise

Once you have your plan and schedule, it’s time to begin the lessons. All the lessons on Lingualift follow a similar format and are relatively easy to understand and navigate. Every lesson teaches you a new vocabulary and grammar and then tests you. Once you pass the test, you proceed to learn about the culture and more words and phrases using your language goal scripts.

Next, you do some language shadowing practices. The shadowing practices contain several videos in your target language to watch, listen and understand. The concept behind this is that the more you listen to your target language, the faster you know it.

The videos are resources from YouTube, so you can also find them on your own. However, including them in the lessons saves you time, especially if you are a beginner. Finally, at the end of the lessons, there are exercises to help you practice the language you are learning. The exercises will help you practice your writing skills, which you can always send to the tutors.


Another exciting Lingualift feature is the app’s tutor support for language learners. Most language programs charge extra for tutor support. However, a subscription on Lingualift includes support at zero additional cost. As you continue with the lessons, you will notice some tips from the tutors that will guide your practice.

Once you complete each lesson’s exercises, you can send them directly to the tutors to make necessary corrections. You can also contact the tutors if you have questions about the target language. Although you can speak with the tutor over the phone, you can also send them text messages.

A screnshot of the Lingualift learning experience.

Lingualift Languages Review

Lingualift does not offer many languages currently but offers Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, and Hebrew courses. Although these languages differ from each other, Lingualift approaches them with the same methodology. The courses are arranged into different levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Let’s dive into each course.

Lingualift Japanese Review

The Japanese language course consists of four levels, each with 25 lessons. The lessons are mainly taught in English and cover various topics. The topics include traveling through Japan, medical emergencies, learning hiragana and kanji, and even talking about your job. This learning program is a great way to begin your Japanese language journey. However, the app will only get you to an intermediate level. You may also not practice speaking with the app, so you will need another learning app to supplement your learning.

In addition, Lingualift gives you the right learning resources and tools to improve your reading and writing skills. Its Japanese course also includes audio and video lessons to help your listening comprehension.

Lingualift French Review

The French course is similar to other Lingual courses and focuses on writing, reading, and listening skills. It covers many topics that you definitely need to get through everyday situations. It is an excellent course to begin learning the French language. However, you may need another alternative once you reach the intermediate or advanced level.

Lingualift Russian Review

The Russian course follows a similar format to the Japanese course. The course begins with the alphabet and then moves to advanced lessons. At the end of the language course, you can go through everyday situations like going to the bank, marker, or work meetings. Even without the speaking practice, the course still helps learners improve their writing, reading, and listening skills.

Lingualift Hebrew Review

The Hebrew course has three levels, with about 24 lessons on each level. Like Russian and Japanese courses, the lessons kickstart from the beginner level, such as alphabet and greetings. Then, you move to intermediate topics such as reflexive and stative verbs. The course is taught in English and includes Hebrew audio, text, and videos. Unfortunately, like the Russian course, there is no speaking practice regarding Lingualift. However, you can still use the course and its recommended tools to improve your writing, reading, and listening skills.

Lingualift Spanish Review

Spanish course on Lingualift follows the same format as other courses, focusing on improving reading skills for beginners and intermediate learners. The course is taught in English and covers various topics in Latin American Spanish. There are Spanish tutors available to help you with your exercise. However, like other courses, there is no speaking practice with this course.

Lingualift Compared to Other Language Apps

Lingualift is an incredible language app and a well-developed learning resource that can help anyone jumpstart reading and listening skills in their preferred language. However, Lingualift is just one of many other languages available with some really great aspects. Based on this review, you will be able to see how Lingualift compares to other language apps. With every app review, you will be able to get some incredible features that make every language app like Lingualift unique. So, if you want to simply seek out apps like Lingualift but with different ratings and prices, you can check out this list.

Lingualift Duolingo Pimsleur Mondly Lingopie
Price $19.99 Free $14.95 – $19.95 $9.99/month $12.00
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learning structure Lessons are based on specially designed hybrid innovative language learning Combination of gamification with learning science Short audio lessons and reading exercises Short and simple lessons with a focus on specific topics Learning through experience – Lessons are taught through video watching for context and reading along with native speakers.
Languages 5 35 50 41 6
Oral learning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avaliable on devices iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android Android, iOS, Windows, Mac iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android
Ranking #16 #1 #6 #11 #17
Recommended for People looking for a personalized language learning but looking for the freedom to study independently People looking for a free language app to supplement other resources People wanting to learn on the go Beginners wanting to achieve low intermediate Intermediate and advanced learners who want to improve their language skills by watching TV and movies


Lingualift is a supportive language resource to kickstart your language learning journey. It is a program that works for many language learners in their target language. This language learning app lets students learn French, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. The courses in this language program will help you improve your reading, writing, and listening skills if you are dedicated. The program is absolutely a solid way to push from beginner to intermediate in any language of your choice. The lessons in this program are fun, practical, and intuitive. So, if you are ready to learn the available languages on the program, start a free trial today.

Lingualift Review – FAQ

What is Lingualift?

Lingualift is an online language learning program that offers language lessons for beginner and intermediate learners. The program offers Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and French and improves your writing, reading, and listening skills.

Is Lingualift free?

Lingualift offers a free trial lesson and a free eBook from its language courses. However, a subscription to Lingualift is not free. The billing cycle depends on the length of your subscription.

How much does Lingualift cost?

Lingualift subscriptions range from $12.99 and $19.99 for each month, depending on the length of your subscription. The subscription options include $19.99 for a month, $50.97 for three months, $89.94 for six months, and $155.88 for twelve months.

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