Mondly vs. Babbel

Updated: 03. Nov, 2022

Learning another way to communicate with people doesn’t have to be stressful. However, not everyone wants to sit in class for live classes to learn a new language. Most people with other commitments have a few minutes to spare and dedicate to learning a new language. Therefore, language learning apps are useful tools to make things easier. However, there are many language learning apps in the world today. Mondly and Babbel are two of the best language learning apps available. Still, choosing these two apps could be challenging as they are unique in several ways. 

It doesn’t matter if you are learning a new language for travel or work or want to sharpen your language skills. Both apps have useful features to take your language skills to the next level. Choosing a language learning app that fits your learning goal and gives you the best value for your money is a must. However, keep reading the article to know how these apps compare to each other and which of them is right for you.

Babbel Overview

If you are a beginner will little or zero knowledge about a particular language you wish to learn, then Babbel is the right app for you. Babbel’s main purpose is to improve your vocabulary and sentence structure in your target language. After your time on Babbel, you should be able to make better use of the language of your choice.

Babbel’s language learning app is the shortest way to learn real conversation and handle real-life scenarios. Unlike other language apps that focus on teaching learners many words, Babbel focuses on getting learners to have conversations quickly. Although vocabulary is important, Babbel values learning to converse with native speakers quickly.

The language learning app is affordable and suitable for employees, stay-at-home parents, and students. The content on Babbel is pre-recorded, and you can skip levels while learning. Other language learning apps will insist that you begin from the basic till you reach the skill level for your language skills. However, for Babbel, you can begin at any point of your choice if you feel your current level is too basic or advanced.

Many Babbel users will say they can achieve their initial goal when setting their accounts. Babbel is customized based on your registered native language to enable you to build on skills you already know. It doesn’t end here, though. Babbel’s lesson structure is designed to substitute English or your registered native language explanation to your target language. This gives room for an immersive experience and forces you to think in the language you are learning. This learning method also gives quicker results, and Babbel also provides ways to keep you engaged. These include podcasts, reading materials, and videos.

Mondly Overview

Mondly hit the language learning world in 2014 with many exciting methods to learn a new language. The language app aims to make learners play their way to a new language. The lessons are short and make it easy to comprehend quickly. The lessons don’t seem like a game but definitely have some incredible graphics that make it easier for the brain to retain newly learned words.

The language program is a fun app that provides a free version of some of its services. Although Mondly’s free version only offers a few exercises daily, it is still a good option for people who can’t afford the paid version or are tired of using flashcards. Besides the free version, getting a premium account on Mondly is extremely valuable for your money. When you subscribe to the premium version, you gain full access to all the language courses and the AR mobile app.

Mondly is one of the most engaging and exciting language learning apps. With Mondly, you can learn new vocabulary while seeing the objects in your room through the AR app. The app is relatively easy to understand, with many options for users to explore learning possibilities. 

The teaching method Mondly uses helps you to begin speaking the language quickly through its effective teaching method. Mondly also has the hands-free feature to help you learn while doing other things such as cooking, driving, etc.

How are Mondly and Babbel Similar?

Mondly and Babbel offer various language courses for all language lovers. Both platforms are inexpensive and provide multiple learning options to help you get started. When you sign up on Babbel or Mondly, you will gain access to different lessons in multiple languages. These languages include French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and many more. Both platforms also offer courses in rarer languages.

What are the Differences between Mondly and Babbel?

Besides the similarities between Mondly and Babbel, there are some key differences between them. These differences highlight all the excellent features that make each app unique.

Teaching Method

All language apps have different ways of teaching learners any language of their choice. Although there are some similarities in these teaching methods, each app puts its own spin on things to make its teaching method unique and impactful.

Babbel teaches languages through conversations and ensures learners get conversational quickly. Its teaching method is a complete immersion into your target language. You will learn your target language like you did when you learned your native language. This learning method works for most learners as it is based on the learner’s interests and native language. Babbel also uses cognitive techniques to transfer your target language into your long-term memory.

Babbel also uses speech and real voice recognition software to help you quickly learn to speak your target language. Although the speech recognition feature isn’t perfect on Mondly, it does the job. In addition, the language learning app teaches using real-life dialogues instead of repeating strange sentences. Many language learners love this teaching approach since it allows for quick immersion into the target language.

On the other hand, Mondly allows you to take lessons at any time of the day. Moreover, the lessons on Mondly are short and relatively easy to understand. The short lessons are a big plus for the language app, among other positive features. Mondly has a special learning reminder function for the teaching method that allows learners to keep themselves on track with their lessons. There is also an unlimited language option. You can always switch between languages of your choice.

There are also more than 1,000 language combinations, making learning their language easier for language learners. Mondly also has a special teaching method for parents who want their kids to learn a new language.

How Expensive are Mondly and Babbel?

Mondly has a free version which is more like a trial with limited features. However, the content on Mondly paid version is more unlimited than the free version. A paid subscription on Mondly costs $9.99 per month if you are subscribing for three months. However, a six-month subscription costs $8.45 per month. In addition, if you plan to subscribe for at least a year, the one-year plan is the best option. You get to pay $6.95 per month, which sums up to $83.40 for a one-year subscription. However, this yearly subscription gives you full access to content in one language.

However, Mondly’s free trial is a good fit if you are unsure whether the app is a good fit for you. You can try Mondly for seven days, where you can access all the premium features for the time. In addition, as a premium subscriber, you can also gain access to incredible discounts. You can also add one additional account on Mondly and pay $15.99 monthly if you have multiple Mondly users in your family or friends. Also, three additional accounts will cost you $27.99 per month, which is about 37% off the main price.

Babbel pricing plans differ from Mondly as the subscription rates begin at $12.95 per month. However, the monthly rate decreases when you subscribe for several months in advance. For example, you can subscribe for three months at $26.85, six months at $44.70, and a year subscription costs $83.40. However, a paid subscription on Mondly gives you full access to the language course you choose.

What Lesson Structures are Available on Mondly and Babbel?

Mondly’s home screen looks like a side-scrolling landscape. The app allows you to jump to any module you want at any time, which is perfect for self-directed learners. The exercises you find in the app are not different from what you see on other apps. Mondly lessons are short and take about 5 to 15 minutes to complete depending on the language and topic.

Each Mondly lesson comprises many interactive drills and exercises. These lessons focus on reading, listening, writing, and speaking language skills. These exercises include matching phrases to images, listening to different words and phrases in your target language, and then repeating afterward. It also includes learning to spell words, translating sentences, listening to languages, and choosing the correct answer. These are some basic exercises you will complete in different variations.

Babbel’s lessons follow the same teaching structure throughout the course. As a learner, you will learn a few words and phrases and move ahead to complete different activities to practice using them. The activities on Babbel are engaging and will help you learn new vocabulary.

With Babbel, you will learn to read and write words and listen to native speakers. Then, you will use the app’s speech-recognition technology to pronounce the words you hear. For Babbel, speech recognition is crucial. However, the lessons become repetitive after a while, especially when there are multiple parts.

Eventually, Babbel will remind you to review the new words and phrases you learn from previous lessons. This technology, which most language apps use nowadays, is called spaced repetition. This technology is an important aspect of language learning and is quite effective.

Overall Learning Experience in Babbel and Mondly

Mondly has a great learning experience designed to help you quickly learn the target language. There are exercises on Mondly that gets you to read, listen, speak and write. One of the exercises is designed to teach you to speak your target language quickly and is called Conversations. In Conversations, a statement or question is displayed and read out. Now, you have to record yourself saying it. This method is meant to improve your pronunciation.

The other exercise, called Chatbot, is meant to persuade you to generate language. With Chatbot, you hear a comment or question and must respond. The app displays a collection of correct responses, and you have to choose what to say.

On the other hand, Babbel language courses are pretty solid. The app helps you build a solid foundation in your target language and can help you begin speaking. With Babbel, you can also learn more about your target language’s culture. Babbel teaches all language skills such as listening, speaking, writing, and listening. You must practice some exercises by filling in any missing words from the displayed sentences. You will also learn to spell words, repeat words aloud, and translate words.

What Extra Features are Available on Mondly and Babbel?

Several extra features are available on Mondly, making it pretty unique. For example, the Mondly virtual reality app gives users an immersive experience by using Mondly speech recognition and chatbots. As a learner using Mondly, you can download the Mondly VR app and begin using it to complement what you have learned on the app.

The Mondly Augmented reality also uses your phone’s camera and overlays digital animations on it. With the Mondly AR app, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use as it is completely user-friendly and easy to set up. The Mondly AR has ten different lessons and three conversation activities for learners. The lessons on this AR app are pretty simple and fun to play with while learning.

However, in addition to Babbel language courses, there are other additional features for learners to use to learn their target language. Babbel language app offers podcasts to help language lovers improve their language skills. These podcasts are a good option for beginner to advanced learners. You can find podcasts for languages such as German, Italian, and Spanish.

There are also culture bites designed to help you learn more about the cultural aspect of the language of your choice. These cultural bites are quick descriptions of your target language’s characteristics, such as celebrations, historical figures, and others. Finally, the Babbel live is one of Babbel’s most exciting and valuable parts, besides the usual courses. You can take 60-minute live classes with professional language tutors. These live classes include varieties of topics that are available for all levels.

Another extra feature is the 2-minute story shot to teach you useful phrases. This feature is available in some languages. The phrases are bolded, while the rest of the stories are in English. These extra features combined make Babbel an excellent language learning app.


There are different language learning apps with incredible features available. Mondly and Babbel may work for you, depending on your interests and language goals. If you are searching for a good interface and structured lessons, Babbel is absolutely the best option for you. However, if you would like to go with the flow and enjoy the AR and VR features, then you should try Mondly. Both apps offer useful and effective learning tools that will take your language journey to the next level.

Babbel offers fewer languages than Mondly, but the content is quite advanced. The language lessons combine grammar and vocabulary to improve your language skills better. However, if you are a beginner, you will need Mondly because it is easy to use and very engaging.

Mondly vs. Babbel – FAQ

Are Mondly and Babbel as effective as live lessons?

Different people choose to learn differently, but live lessons are likely to be more effective than language apps.

Which Language app is best to learn Spanish – Babbel or Mondly?

Depending on your learning style, both Mondly and Babbel have the right features to teach you Spanish.

What is the primary difference between Mondly and Babbel?

Besides the price, the main difference between Mondly and Babbel is the emphasis on speaking skills. Babbel seems to lay more emphasis on building language speak skills.


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