Pimsleur Review: A Complete Guide (for 2023)

Updated: 05. Mar, 2023

If your goal is to learn to understand and speak a new language, then Pimsleur is one of your best options. It is a high-quality app that focuses more on making you conversational with your target language. In addition, the language app teaches language pronunciation and listening that some language apps lack. There are 50 languages for learners to pick from and English courses as well.

The language courses teach learners how to communicate effectively with native speakers. Pimsleur is an awesome and effective app for beginners and intermediate learners.

This Pimsleur review will discuss everything you need to know about the language app. You will learn the features, prices, how it works, and other information. Keep reading as we dive quickly into the Pimsleur review.

Pimsleur Review
Overall rank
$14.95 – 19.95 per month
Number of languages

What is Pimsleur?

Pimsleur is a language learning app that is an efficient and convenient method to become conversational in any language. The app has become one of the most popular language resources out there for anyone wanting to learn a new language. The Pimsleur courses emphasize verbal communication, reading, and writing skills and pay less attention to grammar explanations. The language app offers about 50 different languages, while the courses are taught with audio lessons.

Screenshots of Pimsleur learning experience

Since the lessons are mostly audio-based, Pimsleur language courses are usually advertised as the best option to study a language. You can learn a new language with Pimsleur while cooking, driving, completing chores, or doing anything at all. Each course on the app consists of deep audio lessons with some extra exercises that touch on different skills. However, there is more emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

The audio courses on Pimsleur are designed to improve your speaking and listening skills. Pimsleur is a solid option for both beginner and intermediate language learners.

$14.95 – $19.95 per month
Free trial
Learning structure
Short audio lessons and reading exercises
Oral learning
Avaliable on devices
iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android
Recommended for
People who prefer audio-based content

Is Pimsleur Expensive?

A monthly subscription to Pimsleur costs between $14.95 and $20.95. However, you can choose to pay for lifetime access to the language courses. The lifetime price ranges from $21.95 for five language courses and $575.00 for a complete 5-level course. You can choose whichever subscription works with your budget.

The lower monthly subscription includes audio courses for one language course alone. On the other hand, the higher monthly subscription price includes all audio lessons for one language as well. However, you can also access additional features such as practice games and flashcards. Finally, the lifetime subscription gives you access to all language courses and features. Therefore, a lifetime subscription is the best value if you plan on learning multiple languages.

In addition, if you plan to use the language app long-term, then lifetime access is the best option for you. However, a monthly subscription will be better if you only wish to study for a few months. You can also use the Pimsleur free 7-day trial for any language course before deciding to subscribe to the app. The language app also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are unhappy with the result you get after using the app for 30 days, you can ask for a refund.

Pimsleur Pricing – Subscription vs. Purchase

Pimsleur pricing plans

After using the 7-day free trial, you will need to decide between getting a monthly subscription or purchasing lifetime access. Nevertheless, a monthly subscription to the app would be cheaper if you plan to study for just a few months. While this may be true, a lifetime subscription would be a better option if you want to take your time and learn slowly. A lifetime subscription lets you complete any language course at your own pace. You can also listen to the lessons and complete the exercise anytime you need to refresh your memories.

Do I get to Enjoy Coupons and Great Deals on Pimsleur?

Throughout the year, Pimsleur offers different coupons and discounts on its subscription prices. For example, when you sign up for a free trial, you automatically get a coupon for 20% off. That means you save $115.00 when you purchase a complete course.

What is Pimsleur Method?

Pimsleur’s main language lessons are audio files. However, if you sign for Pimsleur premium, you gain access to interactive exercises. The language platform also includes access to easily downloadable PDFs and booklets with a printout of all the words in each lesson. However, the program is audio based, so you basically learn by listening and speaking the words out loud.

Pimsleur uses pace repetition, a learning process that exposes learners to ideas and waits until they receive the idea again. The concept is to find the ideal series of intervals for maximum retention. Pimsleur programs have clear instructions, and learners are supposed to work through one lesson in consecutive order. With Pimsleur, there are clear rules about repeating a lesson, which tell learners what to do and how long it’ll take.

In each Pimsleur program, the instructor gives instructions while native speakers provide information in your target language. Pimsleur’s secret ingredient is in the intervals. First, you hear a word for the first time and have to recall it and say it again. Now, when you constantly recall words and phrases you picked up earlier in your previous classes, you become familiar with them.

Pimsleur Learning Experience

Pimsleur uses both listen-and-repeat and call-and-response patterns. These patterns challenge language learners to think about what they need to say so they are not speechless the entire time. Every lesson on Pimsleur opens with a short dialogue, with the dialogue repeated by the end of the class. This ensures that you understand the dialogue because you spend more time learning the words and phrases that make it up.

At the end of the dialogue, you hear the instructor speak. All you have to do is listen. The language instructor goes through every syllable of the phrase and says the whole thing repeatedly. Then, the instructor says the words again but with pauses in between so that you can repeat them. The pause indicates that it’s your turn to say it out loud, and that’s how you learn new words.

As you go ahead with the lessons, it gets a bit complicated, but the basic setup remains unchanged. However, words and phrases you learned in the previous lessons pop up again, allowing you to relearn everything you learned earlier. The app slowly takes you through the words, sounds, and phrases, which gets you to master the correct basic words and sounds.

Screnshots of Pimsleur’s lessons.

What are the Features of Pimsleur?

Pimsleur has many exciting features but primarily focuses on audio lessons. The extra games and activities reinforce everything you have learned in the core lessons. Likewise, the additional games and exercises help you remember everything you have learned. Here are some of the app’s features.

Audio Lessons

Pimsleur audio lessons make up the fundamentals of all its language lessons. The courses are about 30 minutes long and help learners study real-life situations. The language courses break everyday conversation into smaller chunks and allow you to practice listening and repeating what the native instructor says.

After completing the lessons, you receive badges that will help you track everything you have learned. The badges display which language skills you practice, such as understanding, polite phrases, and survival skills. Although the badges do not add much value to the language lessons, they are useful since they show you what you have learned.

Driving Mode and Offline Learning

This is another exciting feature you will enjoy on Pimsleur. With this feature, you can download every single language lesson you take to complete offline. This feature is convenient if you plan to study while traveling or do not have access to the internet.

In addition to the offline classes, you can have your lessons while you drive. Moreover, the app has a feature that allows studying while you are moving. Many language apps only provide interactive courses that make you sit and focus on your phone. However, Pimsleur offers users the flexibility of enjoying audio-only classes and interactive games.


Every lesson on Pimsleur is designed with flashcards to help you review the word and phrases you learned earlier. The flashcards include a native speaker in your choice of language pronouncing the words so that you can save and practice the difficult ones later.

With every card you tap, you get the word’s definition and can be sure if you guessed it correctly or incorrectly. At the end of every lesson, you can review all the cards you guessed incorrectly. This feature is a pretty straightforward and useful one. These flashcards help you remember more language vocabulary as you continue the lessons.

Speed Rounds

This is a game-like feature where you need to identify the language vocabulary you learn in the previous lessons. The words drop from the top of the screen, and you must choose their translation before they touch the bottom. The speed rounds help you remember the words quickly as you continue the lessons. Although this feature is similar to flashcards, they are more fun and a good way to practice.

Speak Easy Challenges

This feature helps you review every conversation you learned during your lessons. It involves a role-playing exercise where you listen to and repeat every conversation. These conversations are quite easy to follow and a good way to handle real-life situations. This feature has limitations as the conversations can sometimes be relatively slow. However, speakeasy challenges are a good way for beginners to learn the basics of conversation in a new language.

Lightbulb Moments

Although this may not be groundbreaking, it certainly adds interesting cultural treats while learning a new language. Lightbulb moments are quick explanations about the history and culture of any language you are learning. For example, in a Korean course, there is a lightbulb moment that explains how Koreans get their last names. This is because Korean names are quite different from other countries’ names.

A screnshot of the Pimsleur learning experience.

What are the Languages Available on Pimsleur?

You only get access to one language course when you are on a monthly subscription on the Pimsleur app. However, if you wish to learn more languages, you will have to opt for a lifetime subscription. Every Pimsleur language course differs, but the conversations you hear are quite similar. However, the depth and features of these languages are different. Here is a better view of some of the languages available on the Pimsleur app.


Spanish is on the top list of the most popular languages that many people love to learn. It is also on the top list of Pimsleur best language courses. Pimsleur gives its users full access to all of the app’s features like the driving mode, speakeasy, speed round games, and flashcards. Combining the primary audio lessons and additional features helps learners learn Spanish quickly. Although it lacks writing practice and grammar, a Spanish course is still the best option to learn to speak Spanish quickly.

On Pimsleur, you can also choose between Castilian Spanish from Spain and Latin America. The Latin American Spanish course on Pimsleur has five levels and will take you from beginner to intermediate level. On the other hand, the Castilian Spanish course on Pimsleur has three levels and will teach you conversational Spanish. Both Spanish courses include lightbulb moments that teach you everything about the language, including the culture and history.


The Arabic courses on Pimsleur include Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Eastern Egyptian. From your first lesson on Pimsleur, you learn to listen and pronounce Arabic words and phrases. The audio lessons also include native speakers to ensure you learn how Arabic native speakers actually converse. Although Arabic courses on Pimsleur will help you become conversational, you will still need the help of other tools to improve your reading and writing skills.

The Arabic course on Pimsleur includes three Pimsleur Eastern Arabic courses with premium features. On the other hand, there is one level of audio lessons in the Pimsleur Egyptian Arabic course. Finally, you can also access three Pimsleur Modern Standard Arabic levels with premium features.


The Korean course on Pimsleur has three levels to help you understand the basics of the Korean language. You also access features like games and flashcards to help you remember what you learn in the lessons. Although Pimsleur teaches different language skills, it doesn’t teach how to write in Korean. However, if you plan to speak Korean fluently and naturally, Pimsleur is just the right option for you.

Brazilian Portuguese

The Brazilian Portuguese course on Pimsleur has five levels to help you learn to converse quickly. Pimsleur is one of the best language apps to learn Portuguese since it focuses on listening and pronunciation. In addition, you gain access to native speakers in the audio lessons with additional games and more practice to help you remember what you learned earlier.


The Mandarin Chinese course on Pimsleur has about five whole levels to teach you conversational Mandarin quickly. Also, premium features help you master everything you learn in the audio lessons. Mandarin words are sometimes difficult for English speakers to pronounce since it is a tonal language. However, Pimsleur is the right app to help you improve your Mandarin speaking skills. The audio lessons in the course are top-notch and always voiced by native speakers. This feature makes Pimsleur outstanding from other language learning apps.

Pimsleur Compared to Other Language Apps

Pimsleur is one of the most incredible and effective language resources for learning to understand and speak a new language. Although, the audio-based language app won’t improve your writing or reading skills. Unlike other language apps that are designed with games and exercise, Pimsleur is not designed that way. However, you will learn to speak your preferred language in no time. Pimsleur is just one of many language learning resources available to help you achieve your language goals. Based on this review, you will be able to see how Pimlseur competes with other language apps. Let’s explore some of these competitions. 

Pimsleur Duolingo Lingopie Mondly Lingualift
Price $14.95 – $19.95 per month Free $12.00 $9.99 $19.99
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learning structure Short audio lessons and reading exercises Combination of gamification with learning science Learning through experience – Short and simple lessons with a focus on specific topics Lessons are based on specially designed hybrid innovative language learning
Languages 50 35 6 41 5
Oral learning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avaliable on devices iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Windows, Mac iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Android
Ranking #6 #1 #17 #11 #16
Recommended for People who prefer audio-based content People looking for a free language app to supplement other resources Intermediate and advanced learners prefer watching TV and movies Beginners wanting to achieve low intermediate People looking for a personalized language learning but looking for the freedom to study independently


Pimsleur has been around for some time, and its quality resources make it an excellent language app. It is an effective language app that helps you build a strong foundation in your target language. In addition, the Pimsleur method is the best option to improve your language skills and become conversational with the language of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pimsleur

Is Pimsleur app for beginners only?

Pimsleur language app is a good option for beginners and intermediate learners. This is because each language course begins from zero and gets you speaking even in your first lesson.

Can I become fluent with Pimsleur?

You may not become entirely fluent using the Pimsleur language app. However, you will become more conversational with any language of your choice.

What is the ideal way to use Pimsleur?

The ideal way to use the language app is to listen to the audio lessons daily while using the flashcards to remember what you have learned.

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