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Traveling to the Netherland? Easy Language Guide to Getting Around

Updated: 02. Nov, 2022

If you are planning to visit the Netherlands, there are some things you need to do. Many native speakers in the Netherlands speak English, but it is always polite and rewarding to learn Dutch. 

Learning and arming yourself with a few words, phrases, and sentences is always ideal. In this guide, some basic but necessary language guides will be available to ease getting around in the Netherlands. Also, language is a part of their culture, and it will be of great delight for us to see you enjoy your time in the Netherlands. 

Learning the Dutch language gives you an insight into its culture. Dutch is a beautiful language you will enjoy speaking during your stay in the Netherlands. When you pick up the words, you will have a deeper understanding of the culture and communication skills. 

We have compiled some phrases and words to help you get around in the Netherlands and open up beautiful experiences. 

Easy Language Guide to Getting You Around

There are common words that will give you an edge, and it will be a commendable effort to learn some of these words and phrases, which will help you communicate with people during your trip to the Netherlands. 

Let’s get started with basic Dutch words and phrases.

Expressions and greetings

It is important to learn common phrases in Dutch that will help you exchange pleasantries with the natives. For example, a simple ‘good morning’ in Dutch can go a long way to show how polite you are. Here are basic expressions for pleasantries and their translation in Dutch.

Good morningGoedemorgen
Good afternoonGoedemiddag
Good eveningGoedenavond
GoodbyeTot ziens
Good nightGoedenacht
Sweet dreamsSlaap lekker
See you laterTot ziens
Nice to meet youLeuk je te ontmoeten
Have a nice dayFijne dag
Have a good weekendFijn weekend
Best wishesBeste wensen
Thank YouBedankt
Thank you very muchHartelijk dank
You’re welcomeGeen dank
How muchHoeveel
I am sorryHet spijt me
Safe travelsveilige travles
I’m boredIk verveel me
No thank youNee dank je
I am tiredIk ben moe
God bless youGod zegene je
Get well soonBeterschap
I speak EnglishIk spreek Engels
Do you speak EnglishSpreek je Engels?
Enjoy your mealEet smakelijk
What is your nameWat is je naam?
Where are you fromWaar kom je vandaan
What are you doingWat doe je?
How old are you?Hoe oud ben je?
Who are youWie ben je??
How can I help youHoe kan ik je helpen??
Do you know where you are?Weet u waar u bent?
Where is the toiletWaar is het toilet?
How are you doingHoe gaat het??
Where are youWaar ben je??
How was your dayHoe was je dag?
Where are you goingWaar ga je heen??
Are you okayGaat het??
Where do you liveWaar woon je??
Are you hungryHeb je honger??
When Is your birthdayWanneer ben je jarig??
I agreeIk ben het ermee eens
I understandIk begrijp het
I am hungryIk heb honger
I am goodIk ben ok
I hopeDat hoop ik
Same to youHetzelfde
I don’t knowIk weet het niet
I don’t understandIk begrijp het niet
I don’t careHet maakt me niet uit
I go to workIk ga werken

Some social talks that can come in handy

While conversing with Dutch natives, it is necessary to use the right social words and phrases so as to have the best experience.

Happy birthdayGefeliciteerd!
Happy anniversaryGefeliciteerd!
Happy new yearGelukkig nieuwjaar!
Belated happy birthdayVerlate happy birthday!
Happy FridayFijne vrijdag

Relation Phrases in Dutch that are handy 

These words or phrases can be used for introduction purposes. Do you want to introduce your sister or friend? Here are basic relation phrases and translations in Dutch.


Some romance phrases to spice up your trip

You can always switch on your romantic prowess by using these romantic phrases to express your feelings.

I love youIk hou van jou
I miss youIk mis je
I love you tooIk hou ook van jou
I like youIk vind jou leuk
You are beautifulJe bent mooi
I want youIk wil jou
We love youWe houden van je
I love you moreIk hou meer van jou
Good morning, beautifulGoedemorgen mooierd.
Hello, beautifulHallo mooierd.
Very prettyHeel mooi
Will you marry me?Wil je met me trouwen??
I will miss youIk zal je missen
You are very beautifulJe bent erg mooi

Some instruction phrases to help you get around

Here are a few instructions that can help your experiences to enjoy the best services in Netherland.

Good jobGoed gedaan
Be quietWees stil
Hurry upSchiet op
Wake upWakker worden
Follow meVolg me
Go to bedGa naar bed
Play wellGoed spelen
Go awayGa weg
Sit downGa zitten
Leave me aloneLaat me met rust
Go to sleepGa slapen

Some shopping phrases to ease your shopping plan

Going for a vacation is not complete without shopping. So, these few phrases will get you prepared for your shopping spree.

How much does it cost?Hoeveel kost het?
Is it free?Is het gratis?
Is there an ATM?Is er een geldautomaat?
That is expensive!Dat is duur!
I’d like to change my moneyIk wil graag geld wisselen.

Some travel phrases to keep you safe and move quickly

Are you lost? Here are a few travel phrases to help you get around.

Where is the airport?Waar is de luchthaven?
Where is the subway station ?Waar is het metrostation?
Where is the taxi stand?Waar is de taxistandplaats?
How much is a ticket?Hoeveel kost een kaartje?
I would like to change my ticketIk wil graag mijn ticket wijzigen
When does it leave?Wanneer vertrekt deze?
Where is the train station?Waar is het treinstation?
Where is the bus station?Waar is het busstation?
Please call a taxi for meKunt u een taxi voor me bellen.
Where is baggage claim?Waar kan ik de bagage afhalen?
Here is my passportHier is mijn paspoort.

Some lodging phrases to get you settled 

These phrases will help you during lodging and accommodations.

I would like to make a reservationIk wil een reservering maken.
How much is the room?Hoeveel kost de kamer?
Is there a restaurant?Is er een restaurant?
I would like a roomIk wil een kamer boeken.
I would lie to pay my billsIk wil graag de rekening betalen.
Is there room service?Is er roomservice beschikbaar?
My room needs to be cleanedMijn kamer moet worden schoongemaakt.

Some directional phrases

If you get lost in the Netherlands, then you can find your way back with some words here.

Straight aheadRechtdoor
Traffic lightStoplicht
Stop signStopteken

Some emergency phrases you should know 

These phrases can help save a life and also give you an upper hand in communication.

I am sickIk ben ziek.
I need a dentistIk heb een tandarts nodig.
I need to go to the pharmacyIk zoek een apotheek.
I have a feverIk heb koorts.
I have diarrheaIk heb diarree.
I have asthmaIk heb astma.
I need a doctorIk heb een dokter nodig.
I need to go to the hospitalIk moet naar het ziekenhuis.
I am pregnantIk ben zwanger.


These phrases will help you find your way around the Netherlands. There are many valuable promising language learning apps that will teach you Dutch in no time. Some language learning apps include Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, and Memrise. Use these apps to boost your knowledge of the Dutch language.

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