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What Do Reddit Users Think About Duolingo?

Updated: 02. Nov, 2022

When learning something new, everyone does it differently and moves at a different pace. While some people choose the physical class, others prefer online resources. Learning a new language works the same as learning to swim or drive. You have to find which learning style suits your goals better and works for you. More than 3 billion people worldwide are learning a new language daily and doing it online.

Many language learning resources are available to anyone willing to learn. Some of these language apps may not have all the features you need to take your language skills to the next level. However, some other language apps are designed to teach you to become conversational in your target language. Before you decide to subscribe to any of these apps, it is recommended that you find out what other users think about them.

Reddit is an online platform where members curate and promote content through voting. In addition, Reddit members, popularly called Redditors, submit content for discussion. Most Reddit members have used Duolingo and probably have something to say about the app.

Before you begin using Duolingo, you want to know if it is the right app to improve your language skills. You may also want to know what the app offers as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Although you can get this information from the app itself, it is better to hear other users’ reviews. So, here is a review of what Reddit users say about Duolingo.

Does Duolingo Really Works According to Reddit Users?

Many Reddit users have different views on Duolingo as a language learning app. Some Reddit users have dropped their opinion on whether Duolingo really works and if it’s possible to learn a language with Duolingo.

According to most Reddit users, it’s not recommended that one uses Duolingo alone to learn a language. Different and unique skills are required to improve speaking skills to have conversations. To become fluent, you will need to continually practice and keep coming up with sentences in your preferred language to describe what you want to express. However, this is harder when using Duolingo exercises and drills. 

You will need to practice listening to native speakers in your target language who speak more quickly than the Duolingo computerized voices. This is one of the best ways to become fluent in your target language. In addition, Duolingo can also get you to a point where you will decipher simple words and phrases. However, you will still need to look up words in a dictionary because Duolingo won’t teach you every common word or phrase.

Duolingo is a great platform to begin learning your preferred language as long as you use other language resources. Duolingo, as a stand-alone language app, won’t get you fluent but can get you conversational to an extent. However, if your plan is to become fluent or achieve any degree of proficiency in your target language, you will need other resources in addition to Duolingo.

However, there are some downsides to using Duolingo alone to learn a language. It is hard to learn a proper accent on Duolingo. In addition, it is also hard to comprehend as Duolingo does a terrible job at teaching both listening and teaching skills.

Finally, Duolingo shouldn’t be the only resource for learning a language. Although it is a great app for learning all the basics of your preferred language, you will have to look for other resources to continue your learning. You will need more than Duolingo to become fluent in any language you decide to learn.

Is Duolingo Worth It?

Reddit users seem to have more views and opinions about Duolingo as a language learning app. Some Reddit users confirmed that Duolingo is a great platform for learning a new language, especially Italian. Other uses confirm that the vocabulary and shore stories are quite engaging, entertaining, and valuable in the language learning journey.

Duolingo shouldn’t be the main or only source for learning a new language. However, Duolingo is a great asset for learning any language of your choice. Although Duolingo has some disadvantages, it is good to consider its benefits as a learning platform. According to some Reddit users, the Duolingo gamification feature aids motivation for users, while the spaced repetition features also enhance learning. In addition, Duolingo is easily accessed, and it is absolutely free.

These features make Duolingo a powerful language learning tool and effective when used properly. However, all these features combined are not enough to effectively learn a language and achieve proficiency. To become fluent, one needs total immersion and exposure to the target language in a real-life context. Unfortunately, Duolingo doesn’t offer deep immersion and won’t make you fluent as well.

According to some Reddit users who have tried Duolingo, the Norwegian, Italian, and Spanish content is detailed and exciting. The grammar tips on Duolingo are helpful, and the platform works for people who wish to fill in vocabulary gaps with some common new words and phrases. However, once you are done with the beginner course, you might likely want to drop Duolingo because you might end up having repeated lessons.

Some Reddit users also insist that Duolingo might not be the best app for beginners because the courses are not sequenced logically. However, Duolingo is a free language learning resource that teaches basic words and phrases in your target language. Duolingo is a way to build up bits of passive vocabulary and get exposure to the basic structures of your target language.

In addition, even though it is effective to some level, it is important that you do not rely on it completely as your main source of learning. No standalone language learning app will become helpful after the beginner stage aside from the flashcards, which are more efficient for only intermediate and advanced learners. So, depending on your language goals, Duolingo is an excellent app that will get you casually conversational but not fluent.

Is Duolingo Expensive?

Is the language app worth the content it offers? If you are using Duolingo with the plan to learn a language, then the price is somewhat lower compared to other language learning apps. However, there are some features you may not be able to access, except if you subscribe to Duolingo plus.

According to some Reddit users, the benefits of paying the subscription fee are little to non-existent. The exercises are not quite helpful, and the ads are intrusive as well. However, Duolingo plus allows you to download several lessons. It is also helpful to pass the time when moving from place to place. However, some Reddit users seem to think Duolingo plus is quite expensive for its content.

With Duolingo Plus, you get to see fewer ads, and the extra functions are great. Sometimes, users are asked to pay twice, the first time for Duolingo plus. At the same time, the second time is for users who want to test out the version of the language app. Paying for Duolingo plus is supposed to cover and give full access to all the features. The free version of Duolingo provides a gamification feature to which you would still get access when you pay for Duolingo plus.

Paying for Duolingo plus does not guarantee any customization of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you pay for a subscription; you don’t get to choose the kind of exercises and drills you want. You also cannot opt-out of changes you might not like or even get a heads up.

Finally, according to Reddit users, there is not much difference between the free and paid version of Duolingo. So, more Reddit users find the price of Duolingo plus too expensive, especially with the few extra features added to the paid version. However, depending on what you want or what your language goals are, paying for Duolingo plus is completely optional.

What are the Features of Duolingo

Duolingo, like other apps, has incredible features that combine to give its users an incredible learning experience. Some Reddit users have highlighted some of the core features of Duolingo. They include:

Duolingo Price

Duolingo’s price is one of the main features that make it rank as one of the best language learning apps. Duolingo began as a free language app, promising to remain free for its users. Well, the company kept its word, as Duolingo is still a free language app. However, Duolingo also offers a paid membership. This paid membership is called Duolingo Plus. But you still do not need to pay before you access the Duolingo app itself.

You must sign up with a valid email address, create a password, and off you go. With your account set up, you can access and learn as many languages as you want. On the other hand, Duolingo plus costs about $12.99 per month. However, language-lovers have a discount if they pay for 12 months upfront. Subscribing for a year costs $83.88. In addition, there is also a great family plan that can take about six members, costing $9.99 monthly and $119.99 for a year.

Duolingo plus removes all ads, and you can enjoy unlimited app use. Duolingo Plus members can also practice their errors as the app keeps track of their progress. There are also unlimited test outs, quizzes, and other features that will give you an excellent learning experience. It doesn’t matter if you choose paid membership or not; once you create an account, you can begin your learning journey. 

Duolingo Organized Structure

Most people often take a language app’s structure for granted. They don’t notice when it’s present, but learning becomes aimless and stressful when it’s missing. You would wonder what lesson to click next or what exercises to do next. You would be confused about reviewing earlier lessons or learning new words.

Well, Duolingo is a highly organized and structured language learning app. The home screen displays all the modules in order, with every module having a topic. Every module consists of different lessons. However, you must pass a specific number of lessons to unlock the next module successfully. In addition, every lesson takes about four minutes to complete.

Furthermore, you also learn in chronological order, although you can always return to a lesson you completed earlier. As you move on, the words and phrases you learned earlier re-appear, and new words are highlighted.

Every module has different levels; you must pass these levels to unlock new content. However, the number of levels and lessons depends on the language you are learning. Some languages have less content than others.

Duolingo Placement Test

Duolingo placement test lets you skip some modules you do not need. Depending on the language you are learning, you can take a test to be exempted from the current module if you think it’s easy. Reviewing the basic concepts and vocabulary is always good because it will allow you time to get familiar with how Duolingo works.

The placement test is designed to test your language skills and place them in the right module that you are supposed to be in. However, you can choose to explore the content regardless of your placement test result.

Great Learning Experience

Duolingo is an excellent language app that helps you develop a solid knowledge base for different languages. You might want to strengthen your language skills depending on your goals and prior experience. The language skills include speaking, writing, reading, and listening. You may also want to learn to generate words or develop ideas to help you express yourself better in your target language. 

With Duolingo, you learn to translate, which is more of reading and writing. Basically, you translate any word, phrase, or sentence from your target language to your native language or vice versa. Through these exercises, you will learn vocabulary, get used to the structures of sentences in your target language and see verbs in different forms. In addition, learning by translating helps you practice grammatical skills and agreement.

Another method through which language lovers learn their target language is by listening and reading. This method has been greatly improved since the launch of Duolingo’s podcasts. The podcasts are phenomenal. In the 25-minute episode of the podcast, you listen to native speakers in your target language tell true stories. An English- speaking host is also available to provide a summary in English. The content is designed for intermediate-level learners or any learner who is not yet at the conversational level.

This podcast helps improve your listening and comprehension skills more than the usual drills. After listening to or reading the interactive stories, you must answer some questions. However, they are available only in some selected languages, such as French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Duolingo Pros

Like every other language learning app, Duolingo has its advantages and disadvantages. According to some Reddit users, here are some of the Duolingo pros.

Duolingo is easily accessible

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy person, a homemaker, a professional, or a student; you can use the language learning app in your comfort. The app’s interface is interactive and easy to navigate. In addition, you do not need to travel a long distance to enroll in the class or have an obligation you must follow a specific schedule.

You can study when and where you want at your own pace. You can always jump to the next lesson or revise any previous lesson. All you need is a smartphone, internet access, and an email account.

Duolingo is Free

Duolingo is free; you can access any language course or exercise you want. This is what makes Duolingo the most popular learning app on earth. Many people want to learn a new language but cannot afford it. Duolingo’s mission is to make learning a language accessible, free and fun for everyone.

Duolingo has multiple languages

If you want to learn to speak different languages, Duolingo is the best option for you. The language app does not restrict the number of languages you can learn. So, you can always switch between languages of your choice whenever you want.

Duolingo Cons

Despite the incredible advantages of learning a language with Duolingo, there are some disadvantages that you have to consider. Although, these cons could be subjective, depending on who is using it and their language goals. Here are some of the disadvantages of Duolingo, according to Reddit users.

Duolingo focuses mainly on English speakers.

English speakers have plenty of language choices on Duolingo. However, for other native speakers, there is little or no opportunity for you to learn a new language in your native tongue. For example, it’s almost impossible if you are a Hindi or Japanese speaker who wants to learn French. Therefore, Duolingo focuses on English speakers wanting to learn a new language.

Duolingo is basically for beginners and not Advanced learners

Duolingo is an excellent language app that will enable you to learn any language with just a few lessons quickly. However, you cannot become fluent in learning with just Duolingo. Sometimes, achieving an intermediate level on Duolingo is almost impossible. This is one of the problems of language learning apps. These apps don’t teach you to achieve fluency; everything begins and ends at the basic level.

Duolingo is a game

Most Reddit users seem to think that learning a language isn’t just playing a game. Duolingo employs a gamification strategy. There is some educational value but not enough actually to learn a language. Duolingo doesn’t teach you to become conversational or communicate in your target language. Although, it incorporates some phrases and vocabulary, which is not really sufficient. In the end, it’s all about winning the game.

Duolingo serves Kids and not Adults

These days, Duolingo focuses on creating more cartoon animations which means they target children. Adults who want to learn to see no use for the numerous cartoon characters and animations. It also doesn’t explain the fundamental grammar or improve your listening and speaking skills. However, for kids learning with Duolingo, these cartoon animations motivate them to keep learning their target language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Courses on Duolingo Free?

Duolingo is a free app for learning, although you can use the features in a limited capacity. Duolingo’s free version gives you access to all the languages and lessons. However, the difference between the paid and free versions is the ads.

Can I achieve fluency with Duolingo?

Just like any other language learning app, you may not become fluent with Duolingo. However, it is great to begin learning a new language. Duolingo teaches the basics and continues with vocabulary and grammar topics. Although, advanced learners might find the lessons and exercises too easy.

What is the major disadvantage of Duolingo?

Duolingo’s main disadvantage is its repetitive lessons which focus only on translations. In addition, Duolingo’s content focuses on beginners, which is not helpful for intermediate or advanced learners.


Despite the disadvantages listed, Duolingo still has a lot to offer its users. Duolingo is the best free language learning app that you find out there. It might not take from beginner level to become fluent, but it definitely gives you enough exercises to keep practicing. These exercises help you learn a lot about your target language as you practice daily. Duolingo is an excellent language app to supplement another form of learning.

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