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What is Babbel Live? All You Need To Know Of This Online Course Format

Updated: 01. Nov, 2022

Different people have their preferences when learning a new language. For example, while some prefer a writing learning format, others like to learn visually. If you are a visual learner, then the Babbel Live feature is for you. 

Rather than learning with on-demand videos, Babbel Live takes it a notch higher with real-time lessons from authentic native speakers in your chosen language. 

This article discusses everything you need to know about the Babbel Live online course format, including its pricing, learning structure, and the languages you can learn. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Babbel Live? 

Babbel Live’s Home Page

Babbel Live is a feature on Babbel’s learning language app that offers interactive live classes to users. Classes are held in real-time by certified teachers worldwide. It provides 40 hours of live classes at each level, so there are tons of lessons you can learn to take you from beginner to an expert in a new language. 

Every class on Babbel live is structured to help you navigate real-life situations. For example, the lessons cover everyday scenarios like ordering at the Cafe, work-life balance, culture and traditions, historical events, and many more. So, even if you are a beginner, you can have real-life conversations when learning with Babbel Live. 

With live classes, native speakers, and multiple engaging and interactive classes, it’s easier to go beyond learning a language’s vocabulary and grammar to fully immersing yourself in its culture. Babbel Live classes are designed to suit your lifestyle. You can learn at your pace and choose how and when you want to learn. It gives you the classroom learning experience through real-time classes with experienced teachers and a group of students, boosting interaction and engagement. 

Additionally, learning in small groups allows you to practice what you’ve learned with people of similar interests, facilitating your experience. It’s also easy to grasp the language fully, including understanding the pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural context. Babbel Live is equipped with features, tools, and resources required to help you learn a language most efficiently.

Instructors undergo rigorous screening to provide a practical training experience for every learner. They are certified CEFR C2 in the language. So, taking Babbel Live classes guarantees a high-quality learning experience. 

Is Babbel Live free? 

Every subscription on Babbel gives you unlimited access to the Babbel app. It also gives you access to unlimited live classes. Below is a list of Babbel Live subscription plans.

  • 1-month membership- $149/month 
  • 3 months – $103/month- $309 total 
  • 6 months – $92/month – $549 total 
  • 12 months – $75/month – $899 total

You can make payments using the following methods: 

  • Card payment: You can pay for Babbel Live with your credit card, including MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa.
  • Direct debit transfers: You can pay via iDeal as a Dutch customer. You can also pay with Giropay and SOFORT Uberweisung. PayPal payments are accepted. However, users in Brazil and Turkey can’t pay through PayPal.

Note that you can’t purchase the Babbel Live plans through your Android or iOS app. 

How Does Babbel Live Work?

Number of classes you can take per subscription 

Babbel Live comes with an easy-to-use user interface that provides a direct experience. You only have to create an account, choose a learning structure that suits your lifestyle, and start learning at the allocated time. The live classes are restricted to six students.

Additionally, Babbel Live is segregated into three categories to create engaging and bite-sized lessons for every user. As a result, your subscription plan is based on the number of classes you take. For example: 

  • Light – 1 class per week ( takes 12 months) 
  • Focused – 2 classes per week ( takes six months) 
  • Intensive – 4 classes per week ( takes three months)

It’s easy to become fluent on Babbel Live based on its structure and the seamless learning experience it offers. It lets you work on your terms and offers unique learning features that get you immersed in a language in no time. 

Here’s how to start using Babbel:

  • Sign up– Register on Babbel Live to get started. You will be presented with unlimited classes to choose from when you do this.
  • Choose the proper schedule: Babbel Live allows you to learn on your schedule. Select the best plan that suits your lifestyle from the options available.
  • Log into your class: Start listening and interacting with experienced teachers and learners on the platform. 

After signing up, you will receive an email from Babbel with a link where you can view your classes and credits at a glance. You then choose the time and day you would be available to learn while the tutor books it. After a class, you’ll receive an email recommending critical points from a lesson. 

What Languages Can You Learn On Babbel Live? 

German, Spanish, French, and Italian are the languages available on Babbel Live. You can choose from any of these languages and learn from the multiple classes available, whether you are just starting to learn or seeking to improve in a selected language. 

Babbel Live Learning Structure 

Different levels of classes are available on Babbel Live


Babbel Live classes are categorized by class level and topic. Every class aligns with the topic and vice versa. Below are the available levels of Babbel Live. 

  • A1 – Newcomer: You will learn how to make introductions, ask questions and make simple requests. 
  • A2 – Beginner: You will learn how to express yourself better and discuss daily activities. 
  • B1 – Intermediate: You will learn how to discuss your plans, interests, and common topics. 
  • B2-Upper Intermediate: You will learn how to interact effectively and learn complex terms. 
  • C1- Advanced: Learn how to make complex conversations on various topics.

You can attend classes according to your ability and schedule. For example, you can choose one, five, ten, or twenty categories, depending on your preference and the timeline you prefer to work with. 

You can book lessons online and download resources to prepare for classes before they start. You can also download materials for further research and understanding of what you learned during the live lessons. 

Below are highlights of what the Babbel Live learning structure looks like:

Group Lessons 

The live classes involve other users. So, you will be told how many seats are vacant when you are about to sign up for the course. You can also practice various group lessons with other participants to hone your speaking and comprehension skills. 

Live classes mean joining a video call with a language expert and five learners. The group learning feature makes classes highly interactive. It’s also an excellent way to socialize with like-minded people worldwide.

Speaking Skills 

Babbel Live is an excellent platform to improve your speaking skills. Since it’s direct and interactive, you are encouraged to speak. Your tutor asks questions, enabling you to answer in the language. Additionally, you will get to practice with other people, learn from your mistakes and build your confidence to speak the language with strangers and friends. 

Babbel Live uses a didactic methodology to improve the way users speak. In traditional classrooms, tutors teach tons of grammar, vocabulary, and terms with few opportunities for learners to communicate and interact with them. Babbel Live lets users speak a language as they learn. Users talk a lot in the language they know, getting them accustomed to the language quickly. 

As a result, learners gain the confidence to speak through constant interaction in class, allowing them to rapidly apply what they’ve learned in real-life situations. Babbel Live makes users fluent in a language in no time, from random chats with strangers to business discussions and intimate discussions with families and friends. 

Language Immersion 

Babbel Live doesn’t stop at supplying grammar, vocabulary, and phrases resources. It goes beyond that to help learners get immersed in the language. For example, tutors won’t only explain how a language works; they also talk about its culture. This way, learners have insight into the history of the language and understand the lifestyle of native speakers to use the language they’ve learned appropriately.

Babbel Live Experience 

An overview of the Babbel experience

 Babbel Live takes the in-person learning experience to an online learning platform. Like in the traditional classroom, there is a teacher, a student, and classmates. Also, teaching is instantaneous, and so is students’ feedback, promoting active participation. 

Although classes are restricted to Spanish, Italian, French, and German, there are an unlimited number of classes for each language.  Every course is based around practical and interesting topics you can apply in everyday living, including dining, work, travel, etc. 

Few Participants For Better Learning 

Babbel Live courses are bite-sized, and attendance is restricted to six students. Short lessons with a small number of participants make it easy for students to comprehend the language and interact with their peers. Practical conversations enable easier immersion, and instant feedback from teachers lets students learn in real-time. 

Learners also understand the real meanings of what they learn and can connect them to the culture’s history. Learning from native speakers and certified teachers promotes proper communication skills. 

Babbel Live And The Babbel App 

Signing up for Babbel Live gives you complete access to the Babbel app. This means while learning with live classes, you can browse through the lessons available on the Babbel app to expand your learning. In addition, Babbel’s language resources include short stories, podcasts, and games. So, it’s also an excellent way to immerse yourself in the language.

Generally, using the Babbel live classes with the Babble app promotes holistic learning. After your live lessons, you can practice speaking with the speech recognition software on the app. You can also listen to podcasts and chat on the Babbel platform. These combined provide a comprehensive learning experience that helps you quickly understand and speak a new language. 

Flexible And Engaging Classes 

Babbel Live classes are structured to fit any schedule. Rather than learn for prolonged periods at an inconvenient time, Babbel Live classes allow you to select the time that works best for you. So you can learn in the morning while commuting to work, during lunchtime, or in the evenings; the choice of when you learn is ultimately yours. 

Flexible classes make it easy to stay committed to your lessons. You won’t skip classes because you have no other obligations fixed for that time, enabling you to show up conveniently every day. 

Real Conversations 

Live classes enable person-to-person dialogue, allowing you to talk with real people. Rather than canned responses, your tutor gives you instant feedback as you speak. You will know how a language is in actual conversation. You will also learn how to start conversations, react, and continue a discussion in the new language. 

Your tutor listens to you while you speak and gauges your pronunciation, so you sound like a native. In addition, you can learn from your mistakes during live lessons and avoid making mistakes in real-life scenarios. Finally, learning in groups and with tutors committed to helping you achieve your goals can prevent language anxiety and boost your confidence to speak correctly.

Personalized Learning 

Readymade classes are often generalized, but Babbel Live classes are tailored to your needs. The teachers provide specific answers to your questions. They also understand your strengths and weaknesses to structure the live classes to meet your needs. The special attention you receive allows you to reach your desired proficiency level faster. 

Learn By Doing 

Babbel Live lets you understand a new language efficiently by practicing what you learn. Rather than memorize phrases and terms only in readymade materials, it allows you to execute what you’ve learned by speaking out loud and having regular conversations with your classmates and teachers. As a result, you can internalize and retain what you learned better.

Final Thoughts 

Babbel Live is a great place to start learning a new language if you are looking for a direct, interactive, and fun way to understand and speak a chosen language. Group classes create a sense of community, motivating you to stick to your goals. Experienced teachers show you how to speak a language correctly while engaging courses make learning fun. 

Also, if you want a flexible, low-pressure way to learn a language, we suggest you try Babbel Live classes. You can pick the time and the number of lessons you want to learn, giving you complete control over your learning experience. So, register for Babbel Live classes if you wish for the best learning pace, direct feedback from certified tutors, and the opportunity to communicate with other learners with similar goals. 

Babbel Live Classes —FAQs 

How Many Live Classes Do You Get With Babbel? 

There are hundreds of classes on Babbel live weekly, with various topics and levels. The number of classes you can take depends on the length of your subscription. For example, a 12 monthly subscription features one class per week, six months plan features two classes per week, and three months classes consist of 4 classes per week. Currently, you can take courses in Spanish, German, French, and Italian and can take up to 60-minute live classes with expert tutors. 

Is Babbel Live Unlimited? 

Babbel Live classes are limited and unlimited, depending on your subscription plan. Limited subscription plans mean you must choose between monthly classes of 1, 5, 10, or 20. However, you can upgrade to an unlimited subscription where you get an unlimited number of classes during your subscription period. 

Is Babbel Live Good? 

Based on the features and perks the Babbel Live format offers, it’s an excellent platform for you to learn the language of your choice. You can watch native speakers speak your chosen language and learn from it. You will also receive immediate feedback and speak with other learners. These features allow you to immerse yourself deeply in the language and achieve your goals quickly. 

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