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10 Best Apps To Learn the German Language (Quick and Easy)

Updated: 09. Jan, 2023

Learning new things seems daunting at first. However, the right tools and tips can transform you into a pro in a short while. Choosing to learn the German language sounds cool because it is the second most widely spoken language in the world. 

About fifteen countries in Europe communicate in German either as their official language or recognized as a minority/national language! However, it has the reputation of being difficult to learn as a foreign language. 

Technology comes to the rescue again with the building of apps to serve as tools for learning the German language with ease. Whether you intend to study, relocate, or go on vacation in a German-speaking country, these free and premium online applications possess the ability to equip you with the language skills you need. 

They provide easy, organized, fun, interactive, goal-oriented, self-paced, self-teaching experiences to new and old students of German. 

10 Best Apps To Learn the German Language 

Many language apps have been built to help individuals learn German seamlessly. These applications provide various features that make learning easy and fun while retaining effectiveness.

We took our time to review some mobile apps. And we compiled a list of the best apps out there for learning the German language. In no particular order, the best ten apps include:

1. Busuu
Cover image
Languages available: 12
Oral learning: Yes, mock conversation
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes, 30 day free trial
Social learning: No

Busuu’s best features include its layout and interactive social network feature, which allow users to give and receive feedback from other users. The app is suitable for beginners or first-time and intermediate learners. Its courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.

Busuu is a fun and interactive way to learn German. With the social learning platform, you can practice your new language with real-world German speakers, as well as read and listen to useful language learning content and take part in fun conversations.

A user learns all the communications skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) on the Busuu app. Their user-friendly interface and community feature are favorites among users.

The exercises are based on real-life conversations, and you can practice speaking with other native German speakers.

Busuu also offers private live German classes; however, the app does not provide comprehensive grammar explanations. Busuu offers both free and premium versions with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Visit busuu to learn more about its features
2. Babbel
Cover image
Languages available: 14
Oral learning: Yes
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App bassed lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: No

Babbel contains a complete curriculum-based German course that takes off from beginner to conversational levels. It covers all the aspects of language acquisition (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) at the same time.

This app possesses high-quality German content with ten to fifteen minutes-long lessons that are ubiquitous, engaging, and interactive. The lessons’ design focuses on writing, grammar, and pronunciation to help beginners reach a conversational level as soon as possible.

It also provides intermediate and advanced learners with quality training to gain mastery in diverse aspects of the German language, such as business and professional lingo.

The app also introduces students to German traditions. The comprehensive grammar explanations provided in the course make this possible. The lessons get repetitive after a while; however, they are intended to help you remember newly and previously learned vocabulary and phrases.

Babbel also provides course materials and offers live classes that can be assessed after subscription. The subscription costs $6.95 per month or $ per year. However, without a subscription, you can access the first lesson of each topic for free. Babbel also has a 20-day money-back guarantee.

Visit babbel to learn more about its features
3. Rosetta stone
Cover image
Languages available: 25
Oral learning: Yes, speech recognition technology
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes, 3 days
Social learning: No

Rosetta Stone is an exceptional tool for learning German. It employs step-by-step instruction and interactive activities that make it simple to master the language’s fundamentals rapidly. Rosetta Stone emphasizes gaining confidence through the use of images and a less formal learning style than standard textbooks. In addition to receiving systematic teaching on grammar, users hear native speakers, view video clips, and read text. The application includes hundreds of activities that can be repeated till the end of the user’s learning experience.

It stresses creating confidence through the use of images and a less formal learning method than typical textbooks. Users receive systematic training on grammar while listening to native speakers, viewing video clips, and reading text

It features interactive lessons that employ images and videos to teach users the fundamentals of multiple languages. Rosetta Stone is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market, with more than 100 exercises and a full year of access to their mobile applications and website.

Visit rosetta stone to learn more about its features
4. Duolingo
Cover image
Languages available: 38
Oral learning: Yes, speaking exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Completely free
Social learning: No

Duolingo provides a gamified learning experience with an interface that is attractive and easy to navigate. The German language course provided by the app contains many short, customized lessons reaching up to hundreds.

The app helps its users build their vocabulary through learning streaks, quizzes, challenges, rewards, and other features. It is straightforward, uncomplicated, and most useful for beginners. The app grants users access to peculiar features such as interactive stories, podcasts, and live events, for better speaking, reading, and listening comprehension.

According to the app developers, a university semester load of language courses is built into 34 hours of Duolingo. In addition to these, the app is free, and most of its features can be accessed in the free version.

The paid version of the app, Duolingo Plus, offers ad-free lessons and permits the offline download of course materials. It costs $12.99 per month or $83.99 per year with a 14-day free trial. Although one cannot rely on this app to achieve fluency in the German language, it is the best free app for beginners to learn basic vocabulary.

Visit duolingo to learn more about its features
5. Rocket German
Cover image
Languages available: 1
Oral learning: Yes, audio lessons
Written learning: Yes, writing lessons
Learning method: App based podcast style
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: No

Rocket German is a unique, fun, and motivating way to learn German. Whether you want to learn for fun or use it as a business tool, Rocket German has what you need to give you the best language learning experience possible!

The app provides German lessons using an interactive podcast style. It possesses features such as voice recognition technology, flashcards, and leaderboards that help make learning interactive and engaging.

Rocket German has enough quality content that can cover up to a year or more of learning the German language. It contains a combination of written and audio lessons that are engaging, humorous, and effective. The courses occur in tier arrangements from tier I to tier III.

The app grants users a carefully guided learning process with impressive dialogue sections, gamification features, and leaderboards to motivate them.

Rocket German offers a one-time purchase that starts from $99.95, $249.90 for Tier II, to $259.90 for Tier III. The app also offers a free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you’re getting quality for your money.

Visit rocket german to learn more about its features
6. Fluenz
Cover image
Languages available: 6
Oral learning: Yes, audio listening exercises
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based
Free trial: No
Social learning: No

Fluenz is an app developed in association with Harvard University. The Fluenz app is used to learn German. It has various features like interactive lessons, vocabulary and grammar quizzes, text reading, and audio listening exercises. The app enables you to hear authentic spoken German wherever you are.

Fluenz app possesses a unique traditional classroom-learning style with comprehensive grammar lessons, quizzes, and writing features. The courses provide a detailed analysis of German grammar and vocabulary. It feels as though you were literally in a German classroom with a meticulous instructor or tutor.

The app caters to both beginners and advanced students. Lessons are entirely voice-guided and interactive, so there’s no doubt as to what is being said.

They offer high-quality instructor-led videos and blended content on speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The lessons occur in levels from one to five (Level 1-Level 5) in order of difficulty.

Although users can skip some lessons for more challenging ones, the content is not customizable. The Fluenz app offers ranging prices for their course materials from $187 to $408, depending on the course level.

Visit fluenz to learn more about its features
7. Pimsleur
Cover image
Languages available: 50
Oral learning: Yes, conversations
Written learning: No
Learning method: App based
Free trial: Yes, 7 days
Social learning: No

Pimsleur is the world’s leading language-learning brand. With over 50 interactive audio-based lessons, users can gain the skills required for proficiency in a foreign language.

The Pimsleur app uses a person’s capacity for natural language learning to teach basic vocabulary, pronunciation,, and grammar. It also teaches everyday conversational skills, helping people speak and understand foreign languages quickly and easily.

Pimsleur leverages audio to help beginners develop their speaking and listening skills. It delivers a comprehensive German language course through listening exercises. Users invest 30 minutes a day to learn basic vocabulary and phrases.

As a result of its audio format, it is easy to learn on the app while performing other tasks. More so, the lessons build on what you already know, which makes them easy to follow.

Recent updates on the app contain some visual content and gamified quizzes to incorporate different learning styles. Hence, visual-spatial learners can also benefit from the content of the app.

The Pimsleur app subscription costs between $14.99 and $19.99 per month. They also offer the option of lifetime access to the complete German course. The cost of purchase for lifetime access starts at $150.00.

Visit pimsleur to learn more about its features
8. Memrise
Cover image
Languages available: 23
Oral learning: Yes, video of native speaker
Written learning: No
Learning method: Flashcard app
Free trial: No, free version
Social learning: No

Memrise is designed to be a fun and effective way to learn German. It is a flashcard app that features thousands of German native speaker videos. They use images and mnemonics to help users learn and remember words and phrases.

It combines flashcards with other engaging activities to spice up the learning experience. The app employs a peculiar spaced repetition system that helps students remember the lessons easily.

The app features thousands of German native speaker videos. It also features spaced repetition techniques and mnemonics to help you remember words and phrases easily. You can use Memrise on the go to help you learn while commuting or waiting in line at the store.

The lessons focus on the vocabulary needed for simple conversation in real-life situations. The app also allows you to create your lesson, set language goals, and compete with friends.

However, only beginners benefit greatly from the lessons as they do not focus on grammar or speaking. Memrise offers three plans with both free and premium versions. The premium version includes additional content and other features.

Visit memrise to learn more about its features
9. MosaLingua
Cover image
Languages available: 9
Oral learning: Yes, audio clips
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: Web and app based
Free trial: Yes, 15 days
Social learning: Yes

MosaLingua personalizes the German learning experience with flashcard-based lessons. With this app, a student stands to learn up to six thousand German words and phrases.

The MosaLingua app consists of four different programs, namely, MosaLingua Premium, MosaTraining, MosaSeries, and MosaSpeak. MosaLingua Premium focuses majorly on training your vocabulary, listening, and grammar. MosaSpeak helps students work on speaking German with confidence, while MosaSeries includes multiple episodes of a story that can be addictive but effective in training your vocabulary and grammar.

MosaLingua teaches and allows you to experience German culture in addition to the German language.

In fact, MosaLingua leverages the use of culture to help students learn the language. In addition to flashcards, the app offers learning materials such as videos, music, and complete ebooks.

In addition to the immersive tools and resources made available in the app, users can also create custom vocabulary lists from other websites with MosaDiscovery.

MosaLingua subscription costs $9.49 per month or $59.90 per year. It also provides a 15-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit mosalingua to learn more about its features
10. Mondly
Cover image
Languages available: 33
Oral learning: Yes, real-life dialogues
Written learning: Yes
Learning method: App based lessons
Free trial: Yes
Social learning: Yes

Mondly combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) components that help students practice speaking as they learn. Mondly focuses on helping students gain the ability to engage in actual conversations.

It offers a simple, immersive, intriguing, and comprehensive German course. The Mondly app helps improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills quickly. More so, the app permits you to choose what to learn. It contains grammar notes that teach quick, important concepts but avoid advanced grammar topics.

The app connects with the Alexa Voice Service to give you the feeling that an actual person is speaking to you. It combines audio lessons with interactive activities and exercises.

Hence, the courses benefit beginners more than intermediate or advanced learners. Mondly has a free version, while a monthly subscription on the app costs $9.99 to purchase. A payment of $47.99 per year provides access to the subscribed version for a year.

Visit mondly to learn more about its features

FAQs On Choosing The Best Apps To Learn German

Can I learn German with an app as a beginner?

Yes, many apps contain courses that cater to absolute beginners. The beginner-level lessons on these apps often start from scratch with the user and progress to higher levels of difficulty or proficiency. In fact, some applications only support novices and first-time learners with no prior knowledge of the German language.

How do I know what app to choose?

Choosing an app depends solely on your needs, goals, priorities, and resources. Nevertheless, the three major features to look out for while choosing a German learning app include content quality, ease of use, and pricing affordability. We implore you to also take note of your proficiency level, budget, and the style(s) of learning that work for you.

How can I know whether the features of an app are right for me?

This article reviewed the features of various German learning apps. In addition to this information, conduct your own research. More importantly, several paid apps offer a limited free trial and money-back guarantee period. Take advantage of these options to explore various apps till you find the one that fits your needs.

Can I learn everything in the German language with my app?

Probably not. The German language is broad and deep with its peculiar grammar rules, vocabulary and syntax. German language-learning apps produce the best results when combined with other language-learning services and resources such as German classes, movies, news, etc. So, you shouldn’t just depend on the apps, unless they can help you attain the level of proficiency you need.


Language apps will probably not teach you all you need to know in the German language. However, they are an easy, effective, and fairly cheap way to start learning or supplement other learning methods. These language apps transform German learning into an engaging experience. 

Unlike magic, learning goes beyond the wave of a wand. A person attains fluency in the German language only when they combine motivation, determination, and effort with the right tools. One app lacks the ability to make you an expert in the German language overnight. But, the apps reviewed in this article possess the ability to drive you towards achieving proficiency when used in combination with the right tips and attitude.

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