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How to Set Up and Use Rosetta Stone on Android

Updated: 03. Nov, 2022

Rosetta Stone is a language learning app created to assist users in learning a second language. It offers education at up to five different levels in various languages.

Many people suggest Rosetta Stone to enthusiastic language learners since it has won multiple honors. This app has been existing since 1992.

It is engaging since it offers well-organized lesson materials you can read through at your leisure. Additionally, if you subscribe to Rosetta Stone, you can instantly access many languages. So, the Rosetta Stone app is helpful for studying Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Tagalog, or even Vietnamese.

How to Set Up Rosetta Stone on your Android Device

A free software demo is available on the Rosetta Stone website. However, you could think about utilizing the app’s Android version if you want to study in your spare time. Furthermore, when you utilize the mobile app, you can take advantage of those additional minutes, whether using public transit or in a waiting room. Fortunately, you can try out the Android version as well.

To use the app, you must first register if you have never used a Rosetta Stone product that needed an account. You can choose the language you wish to showcase after logging in. Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American, British), Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America, Spain), Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese are your available language options.

The following steps will guide you on how to download and install Rosetta Stone on any Android device:

1. Open your device’s App Store.

2. Look up “Rosetta Stone”

3. The app icon has a blue stone with a yellow background.

4. To download the program, click either the “Install” or “Get” option.

After downloading and installing the app on your Android device, you will need to sign in. Follow these steps to sign in:

1. Select the Rosetta Stone Learn Languages app.

2. Use the same password and e-mail address that you use for Rosetta Stone.

3. If you already have a Rosetta Stone account, choose it by clicking “Have an account? Log in”. If not, click Get Started to register for a demo account of the app.

4. Then select “Sign in.”

5. Log in with your account e-mail address, password, or any other mobile device you use to access your program.

You will need to select a language. You would not be forced to use the language you choose. Even though all languages are taught similarly, this feature is helpful if you want to observe how a language is taught.

It is a good idea to configure your audio recognition to get the most out of your demo. The app would listen to your words and syllables and tell you if you pronounced them correctly or not. You can then start the lesson straight away.

Depending on the language, Rosetta Stone splits each language into three to five levels, and each level has four fundamental courses. There could be several sections to one lesson.

The Level 1 Core Lesson 1 exercises are accessible in the demo, which serves as a good illustration of what you should expect. 

How to Reset or Change your Rosetta Stone Password

To reset or change your password, you can either visit Rosetta Stone’s website or use the mobile app.

Follow these steps below to change or reset your password on the web:

1. Go to https://totale.rosettastone.com/sign_in

2. Select “Forgot your password?”

3. Put in the e-mail address associated with your account and press “Submit.”

4. Go to your inbox for an e-mail from noreply@rosettastone.com. It may be in your spam folder if you do not see it.

5. Click on the link provided in the e-mail.

6. Type in the new password and click “Save.”

Follow these steps below to change or reset your password on the mobile:

1. Launch your Rosetta Stone Learn Languages app.

2. Click on “Log In” at the bottom.

3. Click “Personal.”

4. Select the “Forgot password?” link.

5. After entering your account’s e-mail address, choose “Submit” or “Go.”

6. Look for a message from noreply@rosettastone.com in your inbox. It could be in your spam folder if you can’t find it.

7. To use the e-mail’s given link, click it.

8. The new password must be entered, then click “Save.”

How to Change your E-mail Address for Rosetta Stone

Follow these instructions to modify the e-mail address linked to your Rosetta Stone account: 

1. Go to https://totale.rosettastone.com/sign_in and sign in. 

2. Select “Edit Profile” by placing the cursor over your name in the upper right corner.

3. On the left, click “Change E-mail.”

4. Click “Save” after entering your existing e-mail and the new e-mail you want to link to your account.

5. Look for an e-mail from Rosetta Stone in your “new e-mail” inbox.

6. To confirm the change, click the link in the e-mail.

7. To confirm the update, you must enter your password.

8. You can now see that the system has changed your login e-mail. In the future, you will need to log in to Rosetta Stone using this e-mail address. 

How to Use Rosetta Stone Effectively

1. Use the Rosetta Stone app’s modules in the specified sequence. Even if you have rudimentary language skills, the curriculum can be highly challenging since each lesson builds on the one before it, and any missing terminology or ideas can be missed. 

2. Set aside time daily to use the software application a little bit. The benefits of short, frequent sessions will outweigh those of long, occasional marathon sessions by a wide margin. The Rosetta Stone modules are divided into various portions, each lasting just 15 to 30 minutes, giving you a ready-made place to pause.

3. On days when you do not have time to use the Rosetta Stone app, use the audio companion CD instead. Each language solution comes with an audio CD intended to be used in addition to the core curriculum.

4. As you learn the word, note it down. Rosetta Stone does not provide written study materials since it immerses you in a language. With the Rosetta Stone app, you can learn to read the language as you learn to speak it by noting down the vocabulary as you learn it. This is particularly useful for languages that use an alphabet different from yours.

5. While you are learning the language, put a mirror next to you. Doing so will allow you to examine how you put words together and express emotions via your speech. If you have problems pronouncing specific phrases, the mirror will be very useful since, often, all it takes is a little adjustment to how your mouth moves.

6. Before you go too far ahead, go back and review the earlier modules and sessions. Each main session of Rosetta Stone ends with a test that requires you to converse with a small group of people using the words you learned throughout the session. Beyond this test, the app does not provide much of a substantial assessment. You can revisit earlier classes to evaluate what you learned. Since you should be familiar with most of the vocabulary, these sessions will go by more quickly than your typical sessions.

7. Use the Rosetta Stone Verzion 4 TOTALe app, which provides access to a virtual classroom where you can communicate with a tutor and other students. The application allows you to play games in a friendly and secure community atmosphere as you practice the language. Additionally, the software includes a mobile iOS application that you can use to practice pronunciation while you are on the go.

Rosetta Stone’s courses are pretty solid in that they come complete with a core lesson, learning modules, and practice exercises. Therefore, the whole app takes a holistic approach, and you can expect to improve, especially in areas like pronunciation, reading, listening, and grammar.

The app is viewed as a trailblazer (one of the first language platforms ever) and has been in the industry for almost 29 years. Still, it consistently improves its features. The platform created Rosetta Stone TOTALe, a unique TruAccent® speech recognition feature, and an app to adapt to the changing needs.

The Rosetta Stone app has bonus content and built-in games, but some will still need adobe flash installed on your device. So be sure to take note of that before trying it out.

The Platform is simple but can seem repetitive sometimes, so this will work best with learners who enjoy structure. The app is award-winning, meaning it is guaranteed to help you no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn from the Rosetta Stone solution?

The app provides the necessary tools for you to explore a new language. You will learn quickly and effectively as you build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Starting out, you will learn enough to speak in social situations, such as greetings and introductions, dining out, giving and getting directions, shopping, etc. As you progress further, you can go deeper, sharing ideas and opinions, discussing current events, dealing with health issues, and negotiating complex situations in and out of the workplace.

Will my Progress be Synced across Multiple Devices?

Yes. The progress will sync to the servers and between your computer and the Learn Languages Rosetta StoneTM app on your phone when you start to Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone and fill out your learner profile.

How can I get full access to Learning on Rosetta Stone?

An active online subscription is necessary to access the language courses on Rosetta Stone. You enjoy a free 3-month online subscription if you have bought a Language Learning CD-ROM (Version 4) or Language Learning Download. However, it will expire if you do not use this free 3-month online subscription trial within six months after buying the software.

How Can I Claim my 3-month Online Subscription trial?

If you want to extend your online subscription after your trial access has ended, visit My Account and make the necessary purchases. You may also buy the Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone application for a one-time permanent access charge. With this, one user will always have access to the mobile application. However, note that purchases made on Apple devices will not transfer to Android devices, and vice versa. 

Can I become fluent with Rosetta Stone?

Unquestionably, one of the most well-known language-learning applications is Rosetta Stone. Of course, Rosetta Stone will not make you fully fluent, but it will assist you with laying a strong foundation.

Is Rosetta Stone Free for Students?

Rosetta Stone is making an effort. Any student from kindergarten to college is entitled to a free trial of their language learning software for three months. It is an immersive curriculum that will aid in your student’s language learning.

How long is Rosetta Stone’s Free Trial?

Rosetta Stone provides the ideal offer for you if you have been itching to learn a new tongue. The language learning firm offers a free three-day trial of up to 25 languages. You can continue your membership once your expired trial with language plans starts at $35.97.

How Long Should I do Rosetta Stone Each Day?

Rosetta Stone advises using the app for 30 minutes daily to maintain your memory of all you’ve learned current. This will make it easier for you to remember to spend those 30 minutes using Rosetta Stone and guarantee that it becomes a regular habit. You can use this to practice your new vocabulary.

How Long does it take to Master a Language Level on Rosetta Stone?

According to Rosetta Stone, it typically takes twenty weeks (or thirty minutes a day, five days a week) for a student to master a level. For instance, there are five levels of Spanish in Latin America. Accordingly, the typical student might finish all levels in less than two years.

Is Rosetta Stone a one-time Purchase?

If you want to extend your online subscription after your trial access has ended, visit My Account and make the necessary purchases. You can also buy the Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone application for a one-time permanent access charge. With this, one user will always have access to our mobile application.

What is Rosetta Stone Speech-recognition Technology?

The software’s advanced speech-recognition engine was created by a team of specialists. The speech-recognition system assesses your pronunciation by comparing it to native speakers and giving you quick feedback. When speech-recognition software detects your voice, it responds with a flawless native speaker.

In this manner, you will have a realistic example on which to base your accent. When you use your new language while traveling, native speakers will find it much simpler to understand you. You may assess and enhance your speech patterns using speech-analysis tools, such as choices for recording and playing back. 

How does the Online Tutor Session on Rosetta Stone Work?

You can participate in a live online tutoring session every week. You can practice your new language in real-world settings with live tutoring. These 25-minute live classes are facilitated by a tutor who is a native speaker. The whole session will be conducted in your new language, and your tutor will fully know your progress. A maximum of four people can attend a tutoring session. 


Rosetta Stone is still the top paid program for laying a foundation in a foreign language. It is great for beginners and offers a ton of extra material for more experienced students.

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