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How to Set Up and Use Rosetta Stone On Windows

Updated: 03. Nov, 2022

Meta Descriptions: Do you want to learn how to set up and use Rosetta Stone on windows? This step-by-step guide shows how to set up and use Rosetta Stone on windows.

Setting up Rosetta Stone on windows requires specific steps.  If you want to know how to set up and use Rosetta Stone on Windows, this article will help.  It contains a step-by-step guide on downloading, installing, and using Rosetta Stone. 

Let’s get started. 

Why Should You Use Rosetta Stone on Windows?

The Rosetta Stone software works for PlayStore, iOS, and Windows. However, using Rosetta Stone on Windows comes with specific benefits. Let’s take a look. 

Manage Multiple Accounts 

The best part about using Rosetta Stone on Windows is that you can manage multiple accounts from one place. For example, if you are using Rosetta Stone for personal or business purposes, you can switch between each app in one click as you learn. This allows you to use the same account simultaneously, enabling multitasking.

Organize Apps Into Collections 

Using Rosetta Stone on Windows allows you to organize other applications you use effectively. For example, you can use web catalog spaces to organize your apps, allowing you to access them conveniently. 

Increase Your Productivity 

It’s easier to be productive when using Rosetta Stone on Windows. You can use Rosetta Stone in distraction-free Windows. Also, you can harness keyboard shortcuts, protocol handlers, menu bar or tray integration, etc., to boost your efficiency while learning on Rosetta Stone.  

How Many Languages Can You Learn on Rosetta Stone Windows?

Rosetta Stone offers 25 languages to learners. They include Chinese, Arabic, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, and Latin. Additionally, it consists of Dutch, Irish, Italian, Filipino, Hindi, Polish, Russian, and Persian. Finally, it includes other languages like Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, and Vietnamese. 

How to Set up Rosetta Stone on Windows 

Several processes are involved in installing and using the Rosetta Stone app on windows. In this section, we will walk you through the process, step by step. 

Step 1 

The first step to using Rosetta Stone on windows is to place an order on Rosetta stone’s official website. After placing your order, a link and an activation code are sent to your email. 

Step 2

Click on the download link in the confirmation email. Afterward, click on “download for PC.”

Step 3 

After the download, double-click on the setup exe file to extract the files. 

Step 4 

Follow the installation steps through the guide provided. 

Step 5 

The language (s) you subscribed for will install after the software installation process. 

Step 6

Click “update now” to update the program if necessary. 

Step 7 

Click “OK’’  and click on the Rosetta Stone icon on your computer to start using it. 

How to Add Multiple People to Rosetta Stone On Windows

Rosetta Stone offers two versions on windows: personal and classroom edition. Although the personal version is designed for individuals, it can be used by up to five people. Also, the classroom edition lets you add several people who can use it on different computers. 

Here’s how to add multiple people on Rosetta Stone using the personal version. 

 Step 1

Download Rosetta Stone on Windows. Note that although you can add multiple people, you can only use the personal version on one computer. 

 Step 2

Organize different accounts for each learner. The maximum number of people you can add is 5. 

Step 3

Inform other members to log into their personal accounts before starting lessons. Doing this will enable the system to monitor the progress of every user. 

How to Add Multiple on Rosetta Stone Using the Classroom Version 

If you have more than five people to add to Rosetta Stone windows, you can opt for the classroom edition. Here’s how to add people to the classroom version. 

Step 1

Download the classroom version of Rosetta Stone. Installing this version will let you add more than five people to Rosetta Stone windows. 

Step 2

If you have more than five people who want to learn a language, you can use the personal version of Rosetta Stone in a group setting. Install a large screen monitor or connect your computer to your television. Afterward, each user answers the questions on the screen or as a group. 

System Requirement for Rosetta Stone: Personal Version

There are minimum system requirements to access Rosetta Stone on windows as an individual. They include:

  • The minimum browser requirements are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • Windows requirements include SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

System Requirement for Rosetta Stone: Enterprise and Education

Rosetta Stone offers similar tools and features to many online learning platforms. This means you can use the Rosetta Stone features within your network. However, you may need to adjust the proxy server or end-user computer settings if you want to use Rosetta Stone for business and education.

How Long Does It Take to Learn on Rosetta Stone Using Windows?

The duration your learning takes is entirely up to the users. While some people learn daily, others learn a few days a week, based on their schedule. However, completing a course across every level takes about 40-50 hours.

Rosetta Stone Windows Features 

There are specific features to enjoy when using Rosetta Stone on windows. Let’s take a look:


You can choose from over 25 languages. However, since it offers several language options, you will likely find an unpopular language to learn. For example, you can learn Greek, Vietnamese, Polish, Portuguese, etc.

 Live Tutoring 

The Rosetta Stone live tutoring feature is available as a premium option. It provides a native coach who walks you through the activities available on the platform. The live tutoring option lets you communicate effectively and improves your language speaking skills. 

The coaching sessions on Rosetta Stone windows are divided into three. They include: 

  • Live lessons 
  • Live coaching sessions 
  • On-demand videos 

All coaching sessions are structured to boost your speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. In addition, the live coaching sessions offer private virtual lessons or small group classes. So, you can study privately with a live coach or participate in group discussions in small group classes.

 Speech Recognition 

You can explore the speech recognition feature on Rosetta Stone. This tool improves your listening and speaking skills in a foreign language. It asks you to repeat specific phrases and explain what you hear in different languages. 

Then, while you describe the meaning of the phrases you listen to, TruAccent technology provides feedback on your performance. That way, you can make corrections and improve where necessary.

On-demand Video

You can access on-demand videos when you use Rosetta Stone on windows. These demands contain lessons that introduce you to the language’s culture. In addition, you’ll learn through natural conversations that occur during daily activities. 

Short Stories

Using Rosetta Stone on windows enables you to learn a new language with short stories. It exposes you to the language’s vocabulary and immerses you in the language. 

For example, you may find a phrase in different contexts, providing different perspectives and allowing you to learn a language in-depth. Every unit offers several stories to help you learn a new language effectively. You can choose from the stories available and learn the language in different contexts. 


Rosetta Stone on windows allows you to explore the different phrases available in a new language. It improves your pronunciation and lets you learn independently. You can choose your category of interest and flip through the phrases as you learn.

Audio Companion

The Audio Companion feature lets you download lessons and listen offline and on the go. It contains lessons that explain different aspects of a language, including vocabulary, grammar, conversations, and more. 

How Much Does Rosetta Stone Cost on Windows?

Rosetta Stone Subscription Plans

Rosetta Stone offers different subscription plans, including:

A Lifetime Subscription

Rosetta Stone’s lifetime subscription allows you to access the Rosetta Stone product and services for as long as they are offered. You will pay a flat rate of $179 and gain unlimited access to all Rosetta Stone features when you subscribe to the lifetime subscription.

Annual Plan

The annual plan is a flat rate of $95.88 per year. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to commit to the Rosetta Stone application for a lifetime. In addition, you can learn more than one language effectively with this plan. 

3-month Subscription

This subscription plan goes for $35.97 for three months. It’s ideal for users who don’t want to commit for up to a year. It also offers unlimited access to Rosetta Stone features and resources.

Free Trial

If you want to try out Rosetta Stone to see how it works, you can opt for its three-day free trial. You will have access to its essential features, including the four basic French, German and Spanish levels. Learning on the app for three days will help you decide the language you want to learn long term. You’ll also explore its features and functions to see if the Rosetta Stone software is right for you.


Rosetta Stone offers discount programs to different groups of people. This includes a 10% discount for students and military members.  Student discount is available for students who enroll in colleges and schools, while military discounts are open to active military members.

What Does Rosetta Stone Subscription Offer?

 Every subscription plan on Rosetta Stone entails the following:

  • Full access to the Rosetta Stone product
  • Online classes and live sessions organized by native speakers
  • A supportive online community
  • Audio companion for CD and MP3 player
  •  Customer success agent for motivation and guidance

How to Get the Best of Rosetta Stone on Windows

Using Rosetta Stone on windows offers an excellent learning experience when it is fully maximized. Here are simple habits to get the best results while learning on Rosetta Stone windows.

Select a Schedule That Suits Your Lifestyle

Improving your language skills requires consistency. So, find courses with learning schedules that suit your lifestyle. This way, you can learn consistently and stay committed to your learning goals. However, while you think about your convenience, focus on learning immensely in less time to get quicker results. For example, you can take three sessions in an hour and space them throughout the week.

Repeat Lessons 

Revisiting lessons is an excellent way to retain what you’ve learned on Rosetta Stone. It also lets you gauge your understanding of what you’ve learned and know how much you remember. So, save the lessons and courses you’ve studied for later. Then, revisit and retake exercises on topics discussed to measure your performance.

Learn by speaking out loud 

Pronouncing new terms and phrases out loud is an effective way to learn a new language on Rosetta Stone. So, optimize its TruAccent technology to pronounce new words and retain the knowledge. You can do this by repeating phrases you’ve learned aloud always. This means rather than relying on pronunciation exercises only, you make each learning experience an opportunity to read and pronounce new concepts aloud.

Speaking aloud helps you to retain what you’ve learned better. It also helps you to track your pronunciation skills. This way, you can identify your pronunciation errors and improve. Therefore, avoid limiting speaking practice to pronunciation exercises, and repeat every new word you learn aloud. 

Write new vocabulary by hand 

A practical way to maximize your learning experience with Rosetta is to write out new words. Although learning with Rosetta stone eliminates paperwork and allows you to learn completely online, you can become actively invested and engaged when you write out the new phrases or sentences you learn on the platform. 

This is particularly essential if you are learning languages like Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, and Korean, with a different writing format than the Latin alphabet in English. For example, understanding and writing Mandarin and Chinese excellently requires you to learn and practice the etymology of characters, calligraphy, and stroke, which are not enabled on the Rosetta Stone platform. 

Therefore, it’s best to practice writing new terms by hand while learning on Rosetta  Stone. Practice how to write each character repeatedly and try them with different sentences. Doing this will help you better understand and write a new language when learning on Rosetta Stone. 

Adopt language Learning Hacks

You can facilitate your learning experience on Rosetta Stone by introducing specific learning hacks. This could range from flashbacks to sticky notes or speaking directly with native speakers. 

How to Set Up and Use Rosetta Stone on Windows – FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about setting up and using Rosetta Stone on Windows. 

How Can I Open My Microphone Set Up Screen?

You can set up your microphone on Rosetta Stone by following these steps:

  •  Log in to Rosetta Stone
  • Click the “audio” tab
  •  Choose your headset device. It will be shown in grey or blue.
  • Click Microphone Setup

Follow the suggestions to connect your microphone. You will know if your microphone has been set up successfully when you receive a confirmation message.

How Do I Deactivate Rosetta Stone on My Computer? 

Follow these three steps to deactivate Rosetta Stone:

  •   Click on the “preferences” icon
  •   Click on “Add or Remove Languages.”
  •  Click on “Add or Remove Languages.”

Does Rosetta Stone Offer Free Subscription? 

Rosetta Stone offers a three-day free trial that lets you explore the app’s features for free. During the three days free trial, you can learn the language of your choice and access the classes and courses available on Rosetta Stone. 

Final Thoughts

Using Rosetta Stone on Windows facilitates your learning experience in a new language. It helps you to organize your apps, manage multiple accounts, and boosts your productivity. Following the steps discussed in this guide will help you successfully set up Rosetta Stone on windows.

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