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Can You Get a Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription?

Updated: 23. Dec, 2022

Rosetta Stone is one of the popular language learning apps with tons of content for language lovers. The app is the best option for beginners who wishes to build a strong vocabulary and grammar base in their target language. The lessons are well structured and clear, as you can move at your pace. Language lovers who use Rosetta Stone for a few months will be able to speak, write, read and understand essential words and phrases.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t as simple as booking a flight, and landing gigs require commercial photography, design, and coding skills. The same goes for picking up a new language. If you wish to understand your proposed destination’s local language and culture, you have to be ready to dedicate a few months to learn it. Learning a foreign language can help you live comfortably in a new country and interact with the locals. Therefore, a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription offers comprehensive training that ensures your traveling dreams become a reality.

Can I Get a Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription?

Everyone would like to learn a new language or add language certifications to their resume, but it can be difficult finding a spare hour in your busy schedule. However, the best option you can rely on is the Rosetta Stone unlimited lifetime subscription.

The lifetime subscription includes one of the most incredible languages learning systems. As a lifetime subscriber, you also gain access to over 1,000 online language courses, including different career skills. These courses include classes and exercises you can do on your time and according to your skill level.

Rosetta Stone has been a go-to platform for many people who wish to learn a new language. However, with a lifetime subscription, you can now have lifetime access to all 24 languages and begin practicing at your own pace. The exercises on Rosetta Stone mix words and images to keep learners engaged. The speech recognition technology also checks learners’ pronunciation against native speakers.

Getting a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription is possible for language lovers who wish to keep learning for a long time. With the lifetime subscription, language learners on Rosetta Stone have lifetime access to all the incredible features. Therefore, whatever reasons you have for picking a new language, you can learn multiple languages by subscribing to the Rosetta Stone lifetime offer.

How Much is Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription?

Rosetta Stone makes picking a foreign language relatively easy. From the moment you sign up, you are immediately immersed in a different world of language learning. However, additional subscriptions exist to enjoy features and gain access to languages available on Rosetta Stone. So, if you are willing and ready to begin your journey and go international, the Rosetta Stone lifetime offer is the best option. Rosetta Stone offers new members a lifetime deal for $199.99 and a lifetime plus offer for $299.99.

The lifetime deal currently costs $199.99.

Now, you can have full access to all 24 languages and features for as low as $199.99. If you plan to use Rosetta Stone for a long time or wish to study multiple languages, then you should consider upgrading to a lifetime subscription. A monthly subscription to Rosetta Stone costs about $15 for a three-month subscription. On the other hand, you would pay $9.17 for a twelve-month subscription. This pricing plan makes the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription offer the best option for language lovers. The $199.99-lifetime deal is the cheapest. Incredibly, new Rosetta Stone members are eligible for the great offer.

When you subscribe for a 3-month or 12-month plan, you only gain access to one chosen language. However, the lifetime subscription plan gives language lovers access to all the available languages for their entire lifetime. In addition, the lifetime plus subscription also includes 12 months of complete access to Rosetta Stone Live lessons.

Undoubtedly, the Rosetta Stone lifetime unlimited plan is the best deal and greatest value for anyone planning long-term language learning. However, if you wish to test the app out before opting for the lifetime subscription, Rosetta Stone offers a 3-day free trial. The free trial helps you check out the platform and see its features. During the three days trial, learners will have access to all of Rosetta’s features and available languages. Finally, a lifetime membership includes unlimited to all language courses as long as they are available and supported.

What Languages can I learn on Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription?

Several languages are available on Rosetta Stone, and you can learn as many as you want. Learning multiple languages is only possible with a lifetime subscription. However, Rosetta Stone’s other subscription plans limit the number of languages one can learn. Other subscription plans offer only one language per subscription.

Therefore, with a lifetime subscription, you can learn about 25 new languages if you can assimilate all that information. Even though you have a lifetime to learn all 25 languages, it’s best you take one at a time.

As a lifetime subscriber, you can begin with any language of your choice and move to another as you like. Rosetta Stone’s languages include Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, French, Filipino, Greek, German, Hindi, Italian, Hebrew, Irish, Korean, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, and Swedish.

The language learning app also has English courses (British and American) and other language materials for a few unpopular languages. However, Rosetta Stone language courses are designed in a way that you can learn in your native language. This is because you may learn faster when you learn in your native language.

On Rosetta Stone, you can choose what type of vocabulary you wish to build in any language of your choice. The options include work, family, travel, basic words, and handling daily activities. The language courses comprise exercises that start with deductive reasoning. For example, you might hear a word like “dog” about three times while looking at the picture, and then you hear a new word and see photos of both words. Then, you can infer that the new word means something else and click on the image.

The language courses on Rosetta also include many drills. As new words are added to your vocabulary, you must be ready to engage with them immediately. This learning method effectively ensures that new words or phrases stick to memory. The language courses are available for every level, such as beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Benefits of Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription

One of the benefits of the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription is lifetime access to all the available languages. You don’t have to stick to just learning only one language; you can learn as many languages as you want. In addition to the unlimited core lessons and extra content, there are other benefits associated with the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription.

Lifetime Access to Tutoring Sessions and live streaming feature

The tutoring session on Rosetta Stone allows you to practice your language skills with a real live language instructor. These live classes take place through a one-way video, either a solo class or a small group class. The language instructor shares their screen, but the learner cannot be seen. However, the audio feature is one that you can use to respond when the instructor asks you a question.

These tutoring sessions on Rosetta Stone are unlimited for lifetime subscribers. To begin this tutoring session, you must reach a certain level in your learning program. Every tutoring session involves a language lesson, and everything you practice in this session is identical to every lesson you learned earlier. The live classes are abundant, and it’s not difficult to get a slot regardless of your time zone.

As a lifetime subscriber, you also enjoy group classes comprising a handful of fellow learners. In addition, there is lifetime access to a one-on-one class for language lovers who want private tutoring. For private tutoring, the live instructor speaks only in the foreign language, which can sometimes be restrictive. However, if you do not understand something while the class is going on, the instructor can tell from your facial expression that something’s wrong.

A chat box also allows you to communicate with the language instructor when there’s a problem. These lessons are of great value because there’s a difference between listening and responding to a real person versus a computer. Both live tutoring and live streaming are exceptional features to enjoy in any language of your choice for a lifetime.

Lifetime Access to Bonus Content and Games

Another incredible feature you enjoy as a lifetime subscriber is bonus content and several games to help you study. You can either choose to play the games solo or pair with fellow learners or a native speaker. The games might not be perfect, but they definitely utilize a few language skills. For example, a learner may have to speak a few short sentences in some games to win. However, in another example, all you have to do is listen to a story and click on words that are displayed on a bingo card.

Can I Use my Rosetta Stone Account on Multiple Devices?

Are you wondering if you can share your lifetime subscription with loved ones or friends? Well, the answer is no. Rosetta Stone’s lifetime subscription is designed for only one user. Therefore, logging in to several devices with the same account is impossible. Instead, the language learning app tracks your progress to ensure that you can continue from where you left off earlier. In addition, the app also tracks your speech pattern for pronunciation guidance. So, when there are multiple users on the same subscription plan, it can lower the features’ effectiveness.

A learner can always repeat any lesson as many times as they desire. However, you may not be able to gain access to the same account on multiple devices at the same time. Still, if you purchase a single-user account in which you are learning one language, you can use the account at different times. However, the app will only track the progress of a single user per language. In addition, there is a family pack plan that allows about three users, each with a different email.

Rosetta Stone’s language lessons are designed for learners with specific language goals. So, a specific curriculum is designed to fit learners’ schedules and skills with every language goal. Unfortunately, this makes it almost impossible to share an account with anyone.

Is Rosetta Stone’s Lifetime Subscription Worth it?

Thanks to technological advancements, you can do almost anything, including learning, with mobile devices. However, if you are planning to relocate, travel for a short period, or update your resume with language certification, getting the right app for the job is necessary. So, if you are among the number of people learning from home and willing to learn a few languages, then a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription is the best option.

The lifetime subscription is definitely worth trying out for many reasons. Besides lifetime access to all the available languages, you also enjoy lifetime access to live tutoring and streaming. Rosetta Stone is known to be one of the best language learning apps for picking up a new language. The learning method helps learners become conversational quickly. So, opting for a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription ensures you explore other languages and learn as many as you want.

So, if you are ready to kick off your language journey, subscribing to the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription is entirely worth it. However, learning a new language online can sometimes be challenging, so you must be consistent. Although the lessons and exercises on Rosetta Stone can be tough, you will become conversational in your target languages with constant practice. You will also learn some language-specific words and phrases and improve your conversational skills.

The incredible speech recognition technology also ensures you learn to pronounce words appropriately. In addition, there are several language courses and lessons for every skill level. Finally, a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription is one of the most affordable ways to learn a new language. Hence, the lifetime access to all the incredible features and languages makes the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription absolutely worth it.

Alternatives to Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription

Rosetta Stone is well-established with affordable subscription plans, but other options exist. Other language learning apps also offer lifetime subscription plans for their users. Let’s quickly dive into alternatives to the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription.


Mondly offers new members a lifetime subscription and access to all 33 languages for $99.99. The app has excellent features, including speech recognition technology to listen and improve your pronunciation. There is also feedback from professional native speakers to help you speak clearly and become conversational with your target language. In addition, Mondly lifetime subscription gives learners full access to available languages for life. Language lovers also have full access to all the updates and other features that Mondly offers.


Babbel also offers a lifetime subscription for $199. The lifetime subscription includes unlimited access to all 14 languages with other features that Babbel offers. Babbel is one of the top popular language learning apps worldwide that helps thousands of language lovers speak and understand a foreign language quickly. In addition, the app teaches basic grammar and concepts to help handle everyday situations.


This is another language learning app that offers lifetime access to all 22 available language courses for $99.99. the app uses an intuitive and three-step approach to help a learner become conversational in a foreign language. First, the teaching approach helps learners adapt to their preferred learning style by giving the proper challenge.


Rosetta Stone is a polished, great, and technically efficient language learning app. The app is ideal for language beginners who wish to build a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary. Choosing the Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription is the best option for anyone wanting to learn two or more foreign languages. The lessons are well structured with many amazing features and a wide variety of languages to choose from and learn. Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription offers you full access to all the features and languages for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions On Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription

Is Rosetta Stone an excellent option for learning languages?

Yes! Rosetta Stone is a fantastic language app that uses a basic memory technique with many exciting features to help you become conversational in your target language through visual content and total immersion.

Which languages are available on Rosetta Stone?

There are about 25 languages available on Rosetta Stone. These include Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, English (British and American), Arabic, Dutch, and many more.

Is Rosetta Stone Lifetime subscription worth it?

Yes! When you choose the lifetime subscription, you gain access to all 25 languages and other features available on the language app.

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