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What Do Reddit Users Think About Rosetta Stone?

Updated: 02. Nov, 2022

There are many internet resources for users to take advantage of and learn something new. In addition, the internet is a place to enjoy several applications, update your knowledge, and see the world differently.

Whatever knowledge you want to update, the internet has ensured that learning continues to evolve from what we used to know. One of the many things to learn is a new language. Language lovers who want to learn a new language have various language learning resources at their disposal. However, not all these resources offer quality content or improve your language skills as they promised.

It doesn’t mean in any way that there are no good language learning apps. On the contrary, some apps deliver top-notch content and ensure you become conversational with your target language in no time. One of these language learning apps is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is one of the top names in the language learning world. The language learning app has built a solid foundation in teaching several languages, even for beginners.

You are probably reading through this article because you have decided to learn a new language. You probably want to know what Rosetta Stone users think about the app before investing your money.

Reddit is an independent social media platform allowing users to speak their minds on different topics. Many Reddit users have used Rosetta Stone to learn foreign languages and have given honest reviews about the app. Keep reading to find out everything that Reddit users are saying about Rosetta Stone.

Does Rosetta Stone Really Works According to Reddit Users?

Is it possible to learn a new language using Rosetta Stone? Reddit users often ask this popular question to get more insights about the Rosetta Stone. At the same time, some Reddit users think that the language program provides users with different language learning methods such as visuals, reading, and speaking.

Other Reddit users think Rosetta Stone lacks a critical component that could have separated the language program from the rest. The critical component that Rosetta Stone lacks is Explanations. It’s possible to learn any language using Rosetta Stone; however, if your goal is to become fluent, you will need other language programs to hit that goal.

Some Reddit users think it is possible to learn a new language with Rosetta Stone as long as the language program is one the only tools you intend to use. Unfortunately, there is simply no single language program that can help you achieve your ambitious goals. Learning a language takes more than just using a single app to become fluent. However, if you are willing to do deep research on your own, you can eventually make impressive progress towards learning a new language with Rosetta Stone.

In addition, the quickest way to learn a language with Rosetta Stone is also to have someone guide you through every lesson. Most people might never achieve fluency without practice and total immersion in every language learning program. According to Reddit users, Rosetta Stone offers no explanation or translation. Rosetta Stone expects users to pick up things such as tones, grammar, cases, and conjugation, among others, on their own with no formal explanation.

However, Rosetta Stone provides examples, and you are supposed to speak the sentence correctly or select the right picture. According to some Reddit users, this learning method is more of acquiring rather than learning. Although this feature can come in handy, but it makes it challenging to grasp some grammar concepts. This is why some Reddit users think it’s important you have other means of learning your preferred language alongside Rosetta Stone.

Is Rosetta Stone Worth the Money?

Many Reddit users have the opinion that Rosetta Stone is too expensive for the content it offers. According to Reddit users, Rosetta Stone is flawed and boring, and the subscription is too expensive. On the other hand, Rosetta Stone can help learners get started on their language journey. The app is helpful but can get tiring as you keep going.

Rosetta Stone offers new vocabulary but no speech patterns or updated grammar. Rosetta Stone won’t make you fluent in your target language with no other supplement. The teaching methods get tiring along the way and difficult. Except you are ready to get another learning resource to supplement Rosetta Stone, the price attached to Rosetta Stone is not worth it.

Rosetta Stone is quite pricey, but there is an option where you can get lifetime access for a more affordable price. The app has a lot of exercises, including speaking and visual exercises, which appeal to many language lovers. Rosetta Stone is effective in laying a good foundation as you begin your language journey.

Rosetta Stone Main Features

Like every language learning app, Rosetta Stone takes you through a complete language course to help you learn the new language well. These language courses are obviously the apps’ core feature, but Reddit users have other features to add. Here are some of the features that Rosetta Stone possesses.

Language Courses

Rosetta Stone courses are its main feature. Some languages on the app have more lessons and units than others but have similar topics. The lessons range from language basics to conversational topics such as family and shopping. On the other hand, the units teach users various words and phrases that they can use to handle everyday situations.

In addition, the courses on Rosetta Stone are completely different from other language learning apps. The courses get you completely immersed in the language quickly. You listen to the words or phrases and look at a picture to figure out what the words mean. This method is similar to how little kids learn a language. This methodology helps users to think more about their target language instead of simply memorizing words.

Embedded Translations

The total immersion feature of Rosetta Stone language courses can sometimes be frustrating for language learners. While some Reddit users love it, others find it completely intimidating. However, Rosetta Stone language courses now have embedded translations included to improve and make the course more accommodating.

However, these translations are not easily accessible because Rosetta Stone still wants the learner to figure out the words independently. So, if you are completely stuck, you can press and hold down the image, and the translation will be revealed.

Seek and Speak

This exercise feature on the Rosetta stone is another way to keep practicing your target language. With this feature, you select a topic, such as going to a grocery store or packing a bag. Then you can use your phone camera and take photos of some items around your house. Rosetta Stone uses these pictures to start a conversation, and then you practice by discussing the photographed items. This interactive method keeps you practicing, which helps you remember the words you learned earlier.


Phrasebook is another interesting feature of Rosetta Stone which is pretty straightforward. The phrasebook displays common words and phrases and allows you to listen to native speakers’ pronunciation of the words.

You should always review and practice your vocabulary and pronunciation when learning a foreign language. This feature is somewhat limited but quite helpful for learning and practicing vocabulary.

Rosetta Stone Stories

The famous Rosetta Stone Stories is probably one of the language learning app’s most exciting and useful features. Rosetta Stone has short stories in your target language that you can listen to, read and even record yourself while reading. Most Reddit users find the feature quite useful because reading aloud is another way to improve your fluency in your target language. The short and straightforward stories become complex as you go further in your course.

One aspect of Rosetta Stone stories that most Reddit users dislike is that they use the Latin alphabet for courses with non-Latin writing systems. In addition, the app doesn’t teach you how to write or read the languages in the language courses.

Rosetta Stone Live Sessions

Another feature that Rosetta Stone offers is live tutoring. The live tutoring and group coaching let you learn and practice with expert language instructors. There are also free language lessons weekly that cover grammar, pronunciation, and conversations. In addition, you can take private or group classes with a Rosetta Stone online instructor.

Rosetta live classes follow a specific curriculum the company has developed, while the instructors are professionals. Some Reddit users find the live classes in various languages and really enjoy them. The lesson plans are straightforward, and the instructors are engaging.

Rosetta Stone Pros

According to Reddit users, Rosetta Stone offers the following benefits:

The courses are flexible to your needs with options

One of the benefits of Rosetta Stone that makes it outstanding among other apps is its adaptability to your language goals. When you learn with Rosetta Stone, you can choose your learning goals, your proficiency, and a great scope of language resources and content. Visual and audio content is also available to supplement your learning.

Rich and Quality Content

Besides giving you immersive and refined lessons, Rosetta Stone also offers users rich and quality lessons. In addition, Rosetta Stone offers optional out-of-lesson resources, which aid your learning. These out-of-lessons help you explore a new language in a way that suits your goals and interests. For example, you can listen to podcasts, read stories, and watch videos in your target language.

In-depth reports of your progress

For most Reddit users, one of Rosetta Stone’s standout features is the in-depth reports that track your progress. These reports show you how well you understand your target language and list areas for improvement.

Designed for both personal and business needs

With Rosetta Stone, you can select your learning goals and proficiency. This means that the app customized your lesson plans to meet your language needs. In addition, Rosetta Stone also offers business packages for anyone that wants to use the app in a professional setting. In addition, you can be sure that whatever your learning needs are, Rosetta Stone has something to offer you.

Rosetta Stone Cons

Reddit users believe Rosetta Stone has the following limitations:

Language lessons can time out most times

Although Rosetta Stone has some incredible features, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Sometimes, Rosetta Stone times out halfway through a lesson or makes you retake a lesson by mistake. The app can also be restrictive when it comes to navigating lesson plans. Eventually, it becomes tiring when you have to revise a lesson multiple times. However, Rosetta Stone is one of the most advanced language apps.

Overly simple exercises

Some Reddit users find Rosetta Stone’s exercises to be very simple most times. Especially the picture-matching drills, which can be really basic for adult learning. Although the exercise uses new words to reinforce learning, it gets boring and repetitive. While this might be exciting for some Rosetta users, it definitely makes language learning more accessible. However, if you are finding the exercises too simple, it is a sign that your proficiency level has greatly improved.

Less Grammar Explanation

Most Rosetta users find picking up the grammar on Rosetta Stone quite difficult. The app introduces many new words and concepts without explaining how the language works. As a result, people without prior knowledge of the language will find it challenging to understand the lessons and become confused. In addition, while the audio is clear, there are no explanations or advice on how to make the words sound correct.

Is Rosetta Stone Really Worth It?

Before you decide to subscribe to Rosetta Stone, you might want to know if Rosetta Stone is worth your money. According to some Reddit users, Rosetta Stone as a language learning program is not worth your time and money. On the other hand, some Reddit users find learning some languages with Rosetta Stone successful. So, why do some users find Rosetta Stone not very useful?

According to some users, Rosetta Stone is only useful when you need an introduction to learning a new language. Other users complained that Rosetta Stone is a boring way to learn a new language because it is a straight drill. Rosetta Stone forces your brain to learn words and phrases again and again.

However, other users find Rosetta Stone impressive. With Rosetta Stone, you do not need to translate anything; you simply understand the meaning of the words based on the grammatical changes or picture changes over time. This method of learning seems to work a some Reddit users.

Rosetta Stone works like Duolingo with several texts, visuals, and audio combinations. However, while Duolingo makes you repeat the same exercise, Rosetta Stone has no repetition feature. Therefore, you would not be able to repeat any exercises except if you go below the required passing score and have to repeat the entire lesson. Rosetta Stone is also quite pricey for the content it offers. In addition, some Reddit users also find Rosetta Stone ambiguous with context. Therefore, if you plan to become fluent in your desired language, Rosetta Stone is not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rosetta Stone’s methodology?

Rosetta Stone has language lessons and programs tailored to your learning needs. Next, it uses immersion technology to get users to speak and interact with the resources. Rosetta Stone also favors intuitive learning, allowing your brain to learn by making active connections with what you see and hear.

Is there a refund policy on Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone has a 30-day refund policy for all its subscriptions. So, if you don’t wish to continue with the lessons, you can get your money back. In addition, Rosetta Stone also offers a three-day free trial to try out before you subscribe.

Is Rosetta Stone worth it?

Rosetta Stone is an excellent language app for a beginner who wants to immerse themselves in a new language. The language app teaches vocabulary using images and audio content to help you practice your target language. However, it is not a good option for intermediate and advanced language learners.

Can I become fluent with Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone’s language lesson won’t make you fluent. However, you can learn the basics of any language and learn to have simple conversations.


A detailed list of language learning apps is incomplete without Rosetta Stone. The language courses on the app are designed differently to make learners develop their language skills quickly. Rosetta Stone is the best app to lay a solid foundation in your target language with the help of immersive courses.

Rosetta Stone does not solve every language lover’s problem. The review shows that while some Reddit users love the app, others find it unconventional. In addition, using Rosetta Stone as a means to learn a new language, especially for people who want to become conversational in no time. The Rosetta Stone live sessions, stories, phrasebooks, and exercises all make Rosetta Stone an excellent app for learning a new language. 

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